Friday, August 16, 2013

Sushi on McKinney

Had lunch at Sushi on McKinney today.

It was good sushi. I went with a coworker who actually was the one to suggest it. We first thought of Blue Fish and then Deep Sushi but Blue is a bit more pricey than we wanted and Deep is a longer drive from our work. Sushi on McKinney wasn't our third choice so much as it was the third place that we thought of when we tried to think of sushi places at which to go eat.

I've outlined where we sat in the pic below thanks to Google street (or really-inside-the-business) view.

I'm not a huge quality comparer so I can't say that one place has better eel, salmon or yellow tail than the other. I do notice what I like and flavors that appeal to me. So, I can say that one wasn't any worse than the other. Make sense?

Our actual rolls ordered were the Negihama [yellow tail and green onion] (6ct), Eel Avocado Roll (8ct), Smoked Salmon Roll (6ct), and 2 Shrimp Tempura sticks. My coworker liked the yellow tail best and then salmon but thought the eel was 'greasy'. I thought all tasted just fine but the sweet sauce on the eel was very tasty.

I would be careful ordering a carbonated beverage. I ordered a Diet Coke and it came out tasting too carbonated. My second glass tasted a little better but I don't know if that was because I got used to it or it really was different. Who knows if all other carbonated beverages they serve would be the same but just something to think about.

Our meal totaled up to be $28.xx. The pricing was about the same as I've paid at Sushi Kyoto II. Even though our meal was $28, we only tipped $2. I know it sounds like we gyped them and I felt kind of bad because I'm a good tipper—starts at 20% and goes down from there but usually no lower than 15%. The more I thought about it though the more I realized that they really didn't do shit for us. They took our drink order and brought it out. I filled out the card to order the rolls. They took it and brought our food. They refilled my drink once. Do they deserve a 15-20% tip just because their pricing is so high? We didn't think so.

Sushi on McKinney was a quaint little place. It was much more quiet than I expected on a Friday around noon but I guess not everyone likes sushi for lunch. It's also on a strip of McKinney Ave and backs up to a strip of the service road of North Central Expressway (US Hwy 75) that are populated with many other restaurants of varying cuisines. Because of this, parking is pretty crowded depending on the time and you may run into no parking or parking with dumb douche bags that take up two spaces with their vehicles because that's how privileged they fucking are.

Anyway, if you like sushi, you'll like Sushi on McKinney.

AT&T Uverse tried to skim $7/mo. off me

Here's something to look out for when you move. This happened with my ATT Uverse account/contract but I'm sure seemingly little things like this occur in all aspects of B2C interactions that people overlook or discard as not that big of deal. Not this consumer!

I recently moved. These days most utilities can be canceled, restarted, and/or relocated from one location to another via an online portal. ATT Uverse is one of them and I used their portal to set up my start date and installation time at my new place.

All was fine and dandy until I received my first bill for the new address. I see this $7/mo charge listed for a receiver. I don't know why as I signed on to a contract for a free wireless receiver with my home base DVR. So, I call Customer Care.

Longer story shorter. I signed on for a one-year commitment contract with a guaranteed price for two years. When I moved, about six months after the start of my contract, the promotion for a free receiver had ended so the new pricing took effect at my new address. They said that because the free-receiver promotion had ended that now I'd be charged a $7 monthly fee for it.

I don't think so! This isn't my first rodeo.

After raising my voice and getting my $7 back for the already billed charge, they gave me a lump sum for the remainder of my two-year pricing to cover the $7/mo. It came to $112 plus some estimated taxes. They had to do this because their system will not allow them to remove the $7 fee since the promotion is no longer going. I never ended my service, I just transferred it to a new location. So, I will be billed $7/mo for the next 16 months because some programmer does not know how to program to keep the original contract valid after a promotion ends.

The Customer Care rep kept telling me I forgot to check a box that said keep my receiver or some idiotic thing she knew nothing about. I had to tell her that when I used the online portal to move my service. I had to input my new address and then it stated something like the following: Congratulations! You are able to move your service "AS IS" to your new location. Press 'Next'. To me, that means service at my new address will be exactly like my service is at my current address. When I pressed 'Next', it took me to a page to pick my appointment date for a technician to come out and set up my service. Nothing else.

Anyway, that's my rant. I've not had any issues with ATT Uverse service since my original DVR was bad after initial installation. However, this kind of action just pisses me off as they are already charging so much for something and now they are trying to milk an extra $7/mo out of me because their stupid system can't keep up with all their promotions.

So, lesson to learn from Absent-Minded Jay?

Always go over your bills with a fine-tooth comb. At the very least, it could save you the cost of a Chipotle burrito/tacos.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Blockbuster really needs help

Blockbuster should seriously reconsider their marketing plan and business model. If they want to survive, Blockbuster is going to have to come up with something WAY better than this!

Why would I want to rent three movies to get ANYTHING at a Blockbuster store for free? The popcorn, candy and/or Coke have usually been around the store for a while that's why they are "giving them away for free." But they already make their money off of you by making you pay $1.99-$3.99 for each of the three rented movies.

I guess that's smart business if you can get the stupid customer to do it. I'm not a stupid customer and no one else should be either!

If you haven't read any of my other Blockbuster rants, I am a Blockbuster Total Access Plan member. So, I don't speak from inexperience or from an outsider looking in. I have a pretty good grandfathered deal with my Total Access Plan but the moment they increase it or get rid of it, I will no longer rent movies from Blockbuster.

I've recently used Red Box a few times and although it has to be watched within 24 hours, I think $1.20 (total with tax) isn't a bad deal—especially back in the day when there was a dollar movie theater. I also got a free movie rental for signing up and after my initial rental. Then I got a free online credit for one movie. Basically I've watched seven movies from Red Box for the price of four. Granted they don't have a lot of new releases and sometimes I have to find the movie I want at different Red Box locations but overall it's not been too bad.