Friday, April 30, 2010

It's all in the de-"tails"

So this is a little weird...okay, a lot weird...but that's just how my demented mind works.

A couple of months ago I took the kids and some of their friends to see The Mustangs of Las Colinas. It was a nice day, albeit very windy, and we were all feeling kind a bit of cabin fever because it had rained for a few days previously. The ground was still wet around the house and neighborhood so it wasn't ideal for them to play there. So, a short road trip was decided.

I initially wanted to take the friends to The Mustangs and then the Fort Worth Water Gardens because they'd never been to either but we ended up just going to The Mustangs because one of the friends had to be back home by a certain time to turn around and go to a sleep-over at a friends. Maybe next time.

Anyway, while at The Mustangs, I took a lot of pictures...of the kids, the 'Stangs, the buildings. I noticed something interesting, odd, and disturbing about the detail in some of the Mustang statues.

I won't go into the details but you can basically see what I would be typing about if I typed about it.

I know it's sick, just down right sick! :-)

The Mustangs of Las Colinas

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quote: "I was only inside for a few minutes..."

This is a few days late but I'm okay with that...

From the Star-Telegram
Arlington woman’s parking mistake costs her $640

Click here while the link lasts

All I have to say to this woman is, "Shut the wholly fuck up, stupid ass bitch!"

Pardon my French but stupid, ignorant people like this make me want to hit them with a bat multiple times. I'll tell them to stand up and then proceed to beat them down again. They'll continue to stand and I'll continue to beat them. That's how stupid they are!

Parking illegally is illegal no matter how long you are doing it. Would you stop your car in the fast lane of the highway because you wanted to make a quick call on your cell phone? Hell no! I mean it's thoughtful but it's dumb and ILLEGAL!

So, now this stupid woman is probably putting out more money to fight the ticket. That shows even more how smart this dumb woman is! Oh, and the article says that she was just going inside to see how long it would take to pay her daughter's fine. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

I guess one thing is good about her hiring an attorney to fight the fine. She wants to "raise awareness." Good, people should know how much they are going to pay when they get busted for doing something illegal even if it's not seemingly as bad as "driving drunk or speeding in a school zone."

Geez, the rationale of this woman! I'd be embarrassed if she were my parent!

Rusty Taco - 2nd visit

(From left to right: Beef Fajita, Rusty, Fried Fish.)

The wife and I decided to hit the Rusty Taco for lunch today. I've previously posted about my first visit hence this is my second.

The beef fajita taco touted "with grilled onions." You can see them a little bit but I wouldn't say it was "onions." More like some-nions. Or very small ground worms you find in your lawn. The meat was okay tasting but I wasn't overly impressed and wowed. I could have gotten (and have) a better fajita taste from a fajita item at Taco Bell for around the same price.

The rusty taco touted "made with pineapple." Can you find the pineapple in the picture? It looks like a chunk of potato but that's to be expected with it being cooked with the meat and sauce. The problem with saying "made with pineapple" is where is the combination of meat and pineapple? To me, it would have been better made if a larger pineapple piece was sliced into many smaller pieces and spread on top of the meat. The menu description wasn't stated as "with a piece of pineapple garnish." As far as overall taste, I'd have to put it at the bottom of my faves list with the pork (2nd to worst), beef (1st to worst) and now rusty (worst).

The fried fish was actually pretty good. It was flavorful with whatever sauce they put on it. The problem for me was it really didn't remind me of fish or even something close to fish (like Vandekamp's fish sticks). If you look at them in the picture, they look like potato wedges. Now they don't taste like potato but they also didn't scream fish. They were flavorful but I think because of the sauce and not their own flavor. If I visit a 3rd time, I may have to try them again and eat it without the sauce to get a good read on the taste.

The chips and salsa are very good. They give you generous amount of both chips and salsa for $1 + tax. We also had water to drink.

I guess my last remaining thought is something I mentioned to the wife while we were dining inside. I can go to Taco Bell and get the three taco supremes value meal for about $5 in all. I'm never hungry after eating the three Taco Bell taco supremes plus I get a soda to quench my thirst and wash down the food. The flavor of the taco supremes is good for ground beef plus I get lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese and sour creme. After I spent about $6.50 for only tacos at Rusty Taco, I was still a little hungry. Add a $0.55 for half of chips and salsa since we shared and now I spent a little over $7 and I was still hungry. I'm not sure if that's a good investment for my money. That's kind of why I go to North Main BBQ for $12 all-u-can-eat instead of some other BBQ place that charges me $10-$12 for a non-refillable plate meal. I don't dislike Rusty Taco. I just think my money goes farther for more filling items at some other places, not just Taco Bell.

Anyway, there is some food for thought. Enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Are you serious, another Robin Hood movie?

How many times can Robin Hood be made? Apparently at least one more time.

You have got to be shitting me! I don't think Russell Crowe is going to give it any more justice than Kevin Costner did.

I guess this is what Hollywood does when it has put out so much crap...they remake stuff that was halfway decent.

I think this one was the best...who could deny liking such a cute, little red fox?

Monday, April 26, 2010

One more week of class

Today is a "working day" for my B&W photography class. What does that me?  A get to go home early day!

I start work at 8am and work through my lunch so I can take my two classes during the day (office hours). Do I feel bad that I'm actually going home? Fuck no! The job bitches can kiss my ass. I put in my "make-up" time, I'm damn sure going to take the time off!

Amen, brahda! Speak the truth!

Anyway, I have about a week left of the spring term. I then have about a month before the summer one term begins. Summer one will be 27 straight days - excluding weekends - of class. Good times ahead!

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Best Buy is stalking me!

I was looking to buy some things at the other day because I have two rewards coupons worth $55 to put towards my purchase. I was adding things to my cart to see the price + shipping (if applicable) - the coupons to see what my overall cost would be. I thought about getting another PS3, the 250GB version, or an iPod Touch 64GB. I don't really need either but I figured with $55 off it makes it more enticing to purchase.

Anyway, about a day later, I get an email with the statement shown in the screen capture. I thought it was kind of funny and intrusive. Maybe they have a lot of people that thought they submitted their order when in reality they didn't. I don't know but it didn't make me want to rush over and do it.

Instead, it kind of made me think they were questioning my intelligence. Saying to me, "Hey dumb ass customer! You forgot to complete your order. Get your stupid ass back to our web site and complete it correctly!"

Ha! I know it wasn't anything like that. I was just kind of surprised how they emailed me about having items left in my cart. I wonder how this would pan out in an actual brick and mortar store. Fill my cart while walking around the store and then I just leave it in an aisle somewhere because I decided not to purchase anything after all. I bet one of the sales associates would chase my ass down like I stole something. LOL!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Kandoo wipes

I was taking a leak in a neighbor friend's bathroom and saw these on the tank of the toilet.

I thought it was kind of funny that the brand name of these ended in "doo." That made me chuckle. You know like, "Doo Doo!" Ha!

It's also kind of funny to see how they have the frog wiping its ass with a wipe on the side of the container.

Crazy weird!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rusty Taco - corner of Greenville Ave and University Blvd

The wife and I visited the new Rusty Taco over at the corner of Greenville Avenue and University Boulevard on Thursday, April 22nd. I think it's been open for a week or so. We just happened to be out and about and decided to give it a try.

After we pulled into the parking lot, got out of the car, and walked towards the entrance (facing University Blvd), we see that some child has blown chunks, a lot and huge ones, on the ground right in front of the doorway. An interesting way to start our experimentation.

Luckily, there is another entrance which many people were glad to use even though many others didn't seem to notice or care that there was puke in front of the other door because they just walked right in it and through the door. This further proves to me that the people in this area don't pay the fuck attention or just really don't give a shit. I'm sure it's half and half.

Anyway, we get into line to order after perusing the menu. As we are about to walk towards the register, some old fat fucking woman cuts in front of us. She wasn't in line. She was more to the side of the line thinking she was in fucking line. She caught me at a good time because I was thoroughly amused at the puke. Otherwise, this dip-shit-line-cutter would have gotten a piece of my mind! The cashier was aware of this old fucks mistake and although the wife said she mouthed the words, "I'm sorry," to her, she should have told Lil' Miss Numb Nuts to get the fuck in the back of the line!

We were patient and not in a hurry so it didn't totally bother us (it does more now than it did then for me). We ordered something like 2 brisket, 2 fish (1 grilled, 1 fried), 2 pork, 1 beef and 1 shrimp (breaded/fried) tacos. They are $2 a taco so our bill was something like $16 + tax. After something around 5-10 minutes of wait time, they got kind of busy, our to-go order was ready and we headed home.

I was anxious to see what the hype was about and to see if it was worth the $2 per taco as I can get a #1 at Taco Bell which includes a burrito supreme, taco supreme and medium drink for like $4.89. I didn't think to take a picture of the other variety of tacos but this is one of the pork (left), I think, and the brisket (right). All came on corn tortillas.

What you see is what you get. Their definition of veggies or garnish is basically a sprinkling of chopped cilantro. The white stuff on the brisket taco I believe is gouda cheese. We both didn't recall seeing any kind of veggie or toppings bar in the place. I could have missed it but if we did, it obviously wasn't something that stuck out or was easily recognizable to us.

At first, we thought, "That's not a lot for $2," but then I began to rationalize it by thinking how most places skimp on the meat part of any item. As you can see from the picture, they didn't skimp much if at all on the meat ingredient which is totally fine by me! Now, I do like me some cheese, diced tomatoes, or even lettuce but I'm not going to complain much with this amount of meat. The beef/chicken/steak tacos at Taco Bell have a very thin layer or slices of the meet and then you have an okay amount of the garnishes on top. That's okay because they aren't too heavily overpriced but at the same time, I'd like to have some sustenance in it.

So, the flavor of the shrimp taco was just okay. I feel like the breading was soggy. It's like they put all the hot breaded shrimp in a container and the moisture that collects in the stainless steel bucket soggied it. The flavor was alright but I found myself thinking about how much better the baja shrimp tacos at Taco Bell were much better.

The beef and pork tacos were okay. The flavor was decent and the meat tender. The overall savoriness was good but it wasn't something that wowed me and made me desire more.

I didn't have any of the fish tacos but the wife said the fried fish taco was very good. She said the grilled fish taco was also very good but the fried one was much better.

The brisket tacos were very good. They had good flavor and tenderness. Just typing about them, makes my mouth water. The gouda cheese added to the flavor and made this my favorite of the bunch I tried.

The only thing I would say as an overall statement is that the tacos are probably best eaten as soon as or shortly after you are called to pick up your order. We have maybe a five minute drive home and by the time we started to eat the tacos, the corn tortillas were too frail and began to tear, rip and subsequently fall apart. This just meant that you'd be eating the meat off your plate (or foil wrapper) with your fingers or fork/spoon.

Again, we were concerned that we weren't getting a good price at $2 but I think if you compare the amount of meat in this taco $2 versus another "fast food" place, then the price seems more reasonable. Now how long they last with the generous fillings who knows. Chipotle used to do the same when they first opened up on Southwestern Blvd and Central Expressway (US 75) but now they skimp on the meat fillings and just about everything else.

I guess my overall rating is a thumbs up. I mean I will go back again and try eating at the restaurant to see if it makes a difference with the durability of the corn tortilla. I also want to try the few variations left that we have not had yet. Rusty Taco may be a decent happy hour and after-work gathering locale because it serves beer but some people may not want/like the combination of alcohol and Tex-Mex.

So, give it a try. It's at least worth that for sure.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Notebooks with number keypad intergrated in the keyboard

I'm so tired of these notebooks with built-on/added-in/integrated number key pads. They are not functional enough.

I can touch-type ten-key. Which is basically the same thing as a number pad on a full-sized keyboard. These are not correctly laid out. So why put them on the notebook if you are going to keep them uniform? Duh!

I don't know the exact model of my "huge" notebook but it's an ASUS. I'm sure I posted about it before/when I got it but it had a built-in number pad. I didn't buy it for that fact but I thought it was an added bonus. I was half right.

I like using the number pad when I am typing a lot of numbers, especially when I'm entering things in Excel for home or even doing work (rarely) at home. On my full-size keyboard number pad, I know where every +, -, /, *, and . is because in my experience all the full-size keyboard number pads have been universally the same.

Not so with the notebook number pad. The period/decimal is in a different place for one. With my checking account register in an Excel file, this is a big disappointment because it really slows me down on multiple-keyed numerical entries from the number pad. It's become a inconvenient convenience.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Could you not wait to get that lawn mower and weed eater?

So, I was on checking our their weekly ad for my local area. Around page 3-4 or 4-5, I forget which but not important, I see this picture.

Look at it. Absorb it. Question it's authenticity.

How many teenage boys do you think would be smiling from ear-to-ear while dear old dad is showing him what "toy" his spring and summer days are going to include.

"Yippee dad, thank you so much for getting me this lawn mower and gas weed-eater. I've been looking forward to this moment since I was a little boy!"


Anyway, thought it was kind of funny.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Food, Inc [The Movie] (2008)

I just got an email from my Corporate Ethics and Social Responsibility class. Yep, the one I just did my presentation in yesterday.

He forwarded a link to a movie that will be playing on KERA Channel 13 (locally for Dallas) from 8-10pm tonight.

It's called Food, Inc (2008)...official web site here. The trailer looks pretty interesting. I think I may have to watch it...for brown-nosing and actual-learning purposes. I'm always inquisitive up until the day/time of actual execution. Things, more interesting ones, come up and I take the better option of the two, three or more.

In the end, after all the boasting and bragging, I'm sure I'll end up watching it just because I truly am curious AND I have no life...tonight!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Presentation DONE!

Put that in the history books, folks!

I think I spoke a little fast (usually done when I'm exited or nervous) and a little long (I did something like 7 1/2 minutes..oops!) but I think it went really well. My presentation partner did a great job too. In fact, I think we had to stay up at the front of the class after our presentation longer afterwards than anyone else. We were questioned and inquired to on various aspects of our topic: corporate (and individual) philanthropy.

Good job, Jay and John (my presentation partner)!

[slaps self on back]

Nerves running high, heart beat pumping, is death next?

Okay, so that's a little dramatic. I know there will be no death. Well, I hope anyway!

In about an hour, I have a class presentation to give with a partner in my corporate ethics in management class. It's got to be less than 12 minutes long -- I don't think we'll go over 10 minutes -- but that's not the hard part. The part I hate is standing up in front of 30 people and doing a presentation based on something I'm not really and truly passionate about. If I were, I wouldn't have issue with spouting off at the mouth.

It's the trying to remember what I want to say for this particular topic and then forgetting it after the presentation that is the "fun" part. I think I'll do okay as long as I don't freeze, crack my voice or piss myself! To avoid the latter, I will most definitely take a wee wee before I get into class.

Anyway, wish me luck on not peeing myself or killing over.

In the news 04/20/2010

From Dallas News, headline reads
Whitewater park for kayakers planned on Trinity River in Dallas despite water quality concerns

Click here for the article while it lasts

Um, I don't know if you are familiar with what's called the Trinity River within the DFW city limits but it's not pretty. It's not a body of water I would willingly get into. I might even take death by execution-style versus getting in and submerging my head into the Trinity. This isn't the Holy Trinity. This is the Holy-Shit-That-Smells-Unsafe Trinity!

Some quotes from the article:
The Trinity River, which often seems like a dirty drainage canal...

The state has long deemed Dallas' stretch of the Trinity unsuitable for activities such as swimming, diving and water-skiing because of elevated bacteria levels that signal the presence of animal waste and human sewage.

And many paddling enthusiasts say they aren't worried.

But it is not those chemicals in the sediment that are likely to pose a hazard to kayakers; it is fecal matter that flows in from storm-water runoff.

It doesn't mean you shouldn't go in, but you should have caution...You should be careful. Don't be drinking a lot of it. When you get out of it, make sure you wash your hands before you start eating.

There is NO amount of justification for getting into the Trinity water. Unlike the mentioned bodies of water compared to, the Trinity has a lot of industrial runoff from many places like manufacturing and even residential.

This "river" has all kinds of shit in it: tires, grocery carts, all kinds of trash, maybe even a few bodies. It is not at all inviting and even if they did make it so, I still would not jump in.

A few years or so back there were talks of amoebas and parasites in the water. Deformed and poisoned fish. Even the article says there are industrial compounds in the water "making fish unsafe to eat." If the fist are tainted (and sea life is pretty resilient) what the hell do you think is going to happen to kayakers, especially after prolonged exposure.

Oh well, you psychos that want to get diseased, you drop right in there. I won't even use the viewing area. Why would I, to have a place to sit and smell the awful aroma from the Bog of Eternal Stench? Blah!

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009)

Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans (2009). This movie blows! No other word for it. It was slow, boring, and not much to keep a viewer interested.

Cage's performance (to me) is likened to that in Leaving Las Vegas but way worse. Actually, I guess he didn't do a bad job of portraying an ailing man with back problems shotgunning Vicodin and cocaine. It was just very reminiscent of a drunk like in Leaving Las Vegas.

Also, Cage's character was very similar to Denzel Washington's in Training Day. Not anywhere as good as a movie or performance, but the gist of character is similar - good cop turned bad cop - but Cage's character fared way better in the end.

Anyway, I would definitely pass on this movie. Cage and Eva Mendes teamed up again (they were in Ghost Rider together, right?). Mendes played an apparent high-dollar prostitute and love interest of Cage. The problem is that she never once showed T&A. Not a huge deal as I don't find her that attractive but c'mon, she's playing a prostitute. T&A should have been a given, DUH! Val Kilmer has a small part and he didn't look so ugly and bloated but definitely not the Iceman we loved him for.

Anyway, FINAL VERDICT: definitely would pass on watching this one.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Bee in the first blooms

Spartacus: Blood and Sand (a Starz original series)

Spartacus: Blood and Sand.

A tennis buddy of mine told me last week that he had seen the first six episodes of this series at a neighbor's house. I've seen it advertised before but I hadn't any desire to watch it nor did I have the direct means since I do not pay for "premium" channels. I don't see any real point in getting HBO, SHO, MAX, or STARZ for the occasional mini-series because the benefit does not even come close to outweighing the cost.

Anyway, my friend mentioned it and said he found it interesting. He said he knows why his neighbor (a female transplant from Canada that reaps the benefits of American business and wages but has no positive thing to say about her current residence country). The show has a lot of full-frontal male nudity. What he didn't mention that the amount of dick-swinging is double or even tripled by the gratuitous female boobs and lady gardens exposed. You gotta love the Romans!

I just finished watching the 12th episode with the 13th and finale for season one coming up in the next day or two. I have to say they did some pretty good graphics and imagery with the sword-slicing, blood-splashing, blood-gurgling, gut-exposing battles. The acting is pretty good too. I hate to see good characters get killed because you like them so much and you want them to stick around longer for the series.

Without getting into it any further, I'll just end by saying, "Give it a chance. Take a look. See how you like it. If you can get it "free or near-free," it's an even better show because you don't have to compare it to the costs. What I hate about getting invested in yet another show is the time between seasons. Season one will end and who the hell knows when season two will be picked up, filmed and shown.

Below is a screen capture of the content warning for this series. I gave me a chuckle. I didn't see it until episode 9 or 10 because I've been watching them on my computer and I assume they weren't all properly cropped or the content warning was edited out for lack of any real need to have it as a viewer. Anyway...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Taxes are done and e-filed

Woohoo! I just finished double-checking our taxes and e-filed them.

What's not so exciting? I had to pay $2,100 + $53 service fee to pay via credit card (that 2.49% of the taxes owed amount).


But hey, I'm done. I can pay the credit card bill off when it comes in...or split it into 2-4 easy monthly installments.

The wife and I don't know where this supposed amount of GI or AGI is because we sort of don't recall ever receiving it. Actually, she doesn't but I do. I know exactly what we buy and where the money goes (sometimes wastedly) because I'm the one that keeps the checking account register balanced. We didn't spend close to as much money last year when the wife didn't have her debit card. I was the only one with a debit card and it made her random fucking purchases much hard to do!

Oh well! We are glad for the money we made. We obviously enjoyed it somehow, somewhere. We are not glad that we had to pay two thousand dollars!

Fucking government!

In the new 04/15/2010

Saw this picture in an article on the Fox 4 web site. I think it's an interesting talent and a good way to "recycle" beer cans.
Click here for the article while it lasts

I bet a neighbor will complain that it's gaudy, ugly, etc. and this man will be forced by the city to take everything down.

Personally, these kind of creations are short-lived. They tend to fade and rust quickly which then makes the whole display really ugly! I liken it to the Western yard decor of the wagon wheel or plow. They are interesting and eye-catching for a bit but then comes the time when they should be removed but people will keep them for years...and come.

It reminds me a lot of the beer can wind spinners of old. They were crafty but they turned into tetanus-wielding death mechanisms in a few short days/weeks.

Oh well! This "beer" man should enjoy his 15 minutes as long as he can. I would!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I lack concentration and focus...DUH!

I just got finished playing tennis against a guy I should beat with ease. He's a nice guy and a recently met "friend" so I don't want to annihilate him but I still should win. Anyhow, I lost (literally I lost it, he didn't win it) 6-0, 6-2, 6-4. Yea! for me losing!

The first time we played I didn't know what to expect from his play. I was so jazzed and amped up that I kicked the shit out of him 6-1, 6-2, 6-4. I just kept taking it to him and playing my natural game of "kicking ass" except in the last set. I thought I'd give him a glimmer of hope and snag it away.

The next time we played I didn't feel like I needed to try so hard and lost 6-1, 6-3, 7-7 — we didn't complete the 3rd set because someone had the court next but I started to focus off and on during that set. My thoughts and mind wanted to win but my subconscious and body wouldn't let me. I was missing things just just short, just long. Out of something say like 100 points he actually probably won 15. The other 85 I handed to him on a silver fucking platter.

The third time we played we split sets: 6-4 him and 7-5 me. Our wives were watching a little in the first set so I didn't want to let him cream me. In the second set I was down like 5-3 when a neighbor guy showed up to watch. He's been hitting with the guy I was playing so I couldn't let him see me lose the set. I picked up the pace and accuracy of my serve which then he couldn't return well if at all. I hit my shots with better precision too. Anyway, while the other neighbor guy watched I came back and took that set at the score I said 7-5. Then the wives wanted to hit which was for just a short time because the friend's wife wacked the neighbor guy's youngest in the face while he was riding his Razor on the courts when he wasn't supposed to be. Anyway, that was the end of that day.

I don't know why but if I don't feel like I am pressured then I really don't try hard or care to win. I'm damaged goods. It's those fucking old guys I'm used to playing with. I don't feel like kicking a 65-yr-old's ass so I just jack around. I've done it for so long that now it's just a natural thing for be a fuck up! LOL!

I'm going to have to work on this "I must win" attitude. Maybe I should bring people I want to "impress" which will make me play more seriously. I don't know. Once damaged goods always damaged goods, right?

Oh well! End of random self-deprecating post.

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Email humor 04/14/2010


This is indeed a very exciting program, and I'll explain it by using a Q & A format:

Q. What is an 'Economic Stimulus' payment ?
A. It is money that the federal government will send to taxpayers.

Q. Where will the government get this money ?
A. From taxpayers.

Q. So the government is giving me back my own money?
A. Only a smidgen of it.

Q. What is the purpose of this payment ?
A. The plan is for you to use the money to purchase a high-definition TV set, thus stimulating the economy.

Q. But isn't that stimulating the economy of China ?
A. Shut up.

Below is some helpful advice on how to best help the U.S. economy by spending your stimulus check wisely:

* If you spend the stimulus money at Wal-Mart, the money will go to China or Sri Lanka.

* If you spend it on gasoline, your money will go to the Arabs.

* If you purchase a computer, it will go to India, Taiwan or China.

* If you purchase fruit and vegetables, it will go to Mexico, Honduras and Guatemala.

* If you buy an efficient car, it will go to Japan or Korea.

* If you purchase useless stuff, it will go to Taiwan.

* If you pay your credit cards off, or buy stock, it will go to management bonuses and they will hide it offshore.

Instead, keep the money in America by:

1) Spending it at yard sales, or
2) Going to ball games, or
3) Spending it on prostitutes, or
4) Beer or
5) Tattoos.

(These are the only American businesses still operating in the U.S.)


Go to a ball game with a tattooed prostitute that you met at a yard sale and drink beer all day !

No need to thank me, I'm just glad I could be of help.

Now You Know And Knowing Is Half The Battle!

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mike Modano's final season?

They had a great graphic on the Dallas Stars web page today in honor of Mike Modano. Pretty fucking awesome!

I remember when the Minnesota North Stars moved to Dallas. It was some great times for me, my friends and family. Those were the days of the $8 nose bleed seats in Reunion Arena. I took eight people to watch a game for the price of what one ticket cost nowadays. Good times.

I just finished watching tonight's Stars versus Ducks game. It was a pretty good albeit meaningless for post-season play game. Modano had a fire to him that I hadn't seen in at least a year or two. Flashes of the greatness was grand to see once again if just for a brief moment.

It was a good win and the courtesy and appreciation by the fans and the opponents was what Modano, and Lehtinen, brought to the game.

I must have missed the official announcement but happy retiring Mo. If Lehtinen doesn't resign with the Stars, happy trails Letty. As far as Turco, no disrespect but goodbye and good riddance.

It's weird but I feel like a friend is moving, leaving or died. Weird!