Monday, December 29, 2014

Pluckers - 3rd visit

Went to Pluckers this afternoon for lunch with my kids. We decided to try the all-you-can-eat option which is only available on Mondays and after looking at the website is only every other Monday. Anyway, I decided the all-eat may end up being a better deal. I may have mentioned the "buffet" in my previous post but now the price of 20 wings is like $19.99 and the "buffet" is $18.00 for a many as you can eat which could be ten wings or fifty wings.

After receiving our food and me diving right in (I was starving as I anticipated eating here all morning), I kept a count of all the wings I put away. Turns out that the starting tray for the buffet starts with twenty wings. I ate all twenty and the waitress asked if I wanted her to start on my second flavor tray of wings. I told her that I was going to wait a little bit — I was going to quit like the wimp I was because I figured that I already got my monies worth.

About ten minutes passed and my kids were dying out on their own progress. They had such high hopes at doing some serious damage. However, they didn't do too badly and ended up with putting away like ten wings.

The waitress came by again and asked if I was ready but I said that's I'd probably just pick off their plates instead of wasting the wings. The waitress said that she could get my kids some to-go boxes for their leftover wings. I was like, "WTF!?" If I would've known that I could take them home (which is perfectly logical versing wasting ANY of the wings), I would have put in my second tray order of wings! So my kids got their leftover wings to-go but maybe this bit of knowledge will come in handy if I decide to try the all-you-can-eat wings again. This may be a while since after eating so many wings that even just the thought of a wing made all of our stomachs curdle.

Funny thing is that I just reread my previous Pluckers post and I mentioned something about our odd waiter we had at the time. This guy was still there, still weird and still somewhat clueless. Our table was close to the front near the hostess table so I heard him ask the hostess, "How long has table [so and so] been there because they really need to go?"

Oh and also, the wait was about fifteen minutes. We went around 2 p.m. on a Monday before New Year's Eve/Day and it was busier than I expected and thought it would be.

Just in case you needed all this information.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Digg's Taco Shop's hamburguesa

I had a craving for the hamburger from Digg's Taco Shop. Yes, a hamburger at a taco place. Don't laugh. It's actually pretty tasty. This is at least the fourth or fifth time I've had one. I've probably been accompanied by the same female coworker for three out of five of those burgers. She's got an addiction as she's probably had 8-10 burgers from Digg's over as many trips.

I was pretty hungry and didn't want to still feel so after eating just one burger so I bought two. The one below is the lucky winner to be eaten tonight! I refrigerated the other one because even though I was indeed still hungry, I didn't want to feel bloated by starting the second one and end up eating it all...because that's what I would have done — eaten it all!

In case you're interested, here is an article/review from the Dallas Observer's restaurant blog (while it lasts).

Digg's has actually increased the price of the burger by $1 since my coworker and I first had one about 6-8 months ago. At $5.95, it was a pretty good deal. At $6.95, it's still a good deal if you just get the burger but once you add a drink and maybe a side, you could probably get something bigger (and maybe better) somewhere else.

Friday, December 12, 2014

McDonald's loitering

Stopped by the McDonald's at 5220 N MacArthur, Irving, TX this evening around 8 p.m. There were three female and one male worker. Service was VERY slow. Waited at counter to order for 5-7 mins after the previous customer ordered. Finally took my order and I realized they got it wrong when they called me to say my order was ready — she didn't confirm it (well I didn't either) immediately after taking my order. I ordered a 10 pc McNugget meal with a Diet Coke, a Quarter Pounder (sandwich only), and an iced coffee. The order I picked up was a 10 pc McNugget meal and a Quarter Pounder meal. I don't know if the cost was more or less than it should've been but I wasn't that hungry and was going to share the fries with my child. We basically wasted an order of medium fries.

Some quick thoughts: I feel the value of the quarter pounder meal is not worth it. The hamburger patties were the smallest and thinnest I've had/seen. It's like the disclaimer of "pre-cooked weight" is used to cover the fact that the burger isn't EVEN CLOSE to being a 1/4 lb. I truly believe the slices of cheese could have been as thick as the patties and weighed nearly the same. I probably won't be going back to McDonald's for anything but maybe a $1 menu item or a coffee (the coffee is very good by the way).

The worst and funniest part of our visit was the sign that was just above my head where we sat but also posted throughout the dining area. I don't understand why they'd post such a sign in a restaurant, a fast food restaurant at that, where there is no need for table turnover since there is no waitstaff looking for tip wages.