Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Netbook versus Notebook

As mentioned in a previous post, I have been looking at purchasing an ASUS 'power' notebook and/or a Samsung netbook. Well, it seems that I think the economy is going to be okay and I needed to do my part in contributing to the spurring of the economy. Sounds cooky, huh? I decided to take a chance with my computer purchasing power and I purchased both the ASUS G50Vt-X5 over at Best Buy AND the Samsung N110.

The ASUS I was able to purchase through with a Geek Squad two-year service plan. By purchasing online, I was also able to get a free HDTV tuner. I don't know how good it is since there are no ratings at this time on but it retails for $89.99 and I thought for free cost and free shipping that it would be a good time to try it out. The other benefit of ordering online is I could use my Best Buy number since I don't have the actual card AND I could do pick up at store. The HDTV tuner is shipped but the notebook can be picked up. Which is what I did. I originally picked my store at the Walnut Hill/US 75 location but turns out they were out of stock. I had to call the 1-888-Best-Buy number to get another store put on my order. They had one at the Midway/635 (LBJ Frwy) location which is also where I had to pick up my Aiptek HD mini video recorder some time ago. So far since I've gotten it home (two evenings ago), I have had no issues with updates or the machine itself. I've installed a few of my own programs like Firefox, Revo Uninstaller, and some others. I uninstalled the MS Office 2007 package that was on there because I have my own disk and I can't use the same product key to activate the one it came with. One reason is because it came with the student edition and I have Pro. Not that I know if there is much of a difference since I still use Office XP on my work machine and Office 2003 on my Toshiba laptop. I do know I have to uninstall the previous version to install the new. I've uninstalled but haven't installed my version yet. I don't foresee a problem. I'm still loading, unloading and tinkering but I will soon get to the nitty-gritty of it and comment here and on what I find. I've just been busy with finals coming up and having to deal with the older Toshiba laptop which keeps shutting off randomly (I think because it overheats) and the LCD screen will need to be replace once again (twice before). The LCD problem I think will get me a new machine although it may be one of those 4-times instead of 3-times same problem lemon clause. We'll see.

Now onto the Samsung N110. I purchased it from Although at every other online store (like 10 of them) it was out of stock (except for had it in stock but I called to confirm. They said they would call me back, they never did, and then in the evening it showed out of stock. Newegg didn't say, "in stock" but it also didn't say, "out of stock." I emailed Newegg to see where I find this status and the customer service rep said that if the "add to cart" button is there, then it is in stock in real-time...which means that someone could take the last one right before I click it and it would be out of stock but my view didn't reflect that yet. Confused? Anyway, it was cheaper at eCost ($449.99) compared to Newegg ($469.99) but then there was the in or out of stock issue. Newegg won due to this simple but important factor. I purchased a two-year service plan for $59.99--which is way cheaper than that bend-over-and-take-it Geek Squad plan at $159.99 or something like that--and a neoprene sleeve for it. I added rush order for $2.99 but don't know if it will "rush" or whatever it really means but they said they would try to work my order and get it out the door by noon 4/29 since I purchased on 4/28. We'll see. I'm still leery about if it was actually in stock or not. I have received follow-up emails saying my order has been processed and billed (to Bill Me interest for 3 mos). So, they are giving me hope that all is well but I'm still not completely convinced. Again, I wait and see. I will followup on Newegg and here as to how it all goes and how I like the machine if I actually receive it.

I think with the addition of these two things, I have covered my total unnecessary expenditures for the year. Between the 9mm Beretta, the Savage 308, and now these two computer purchases, I have effectively spent about 2,100 bucks! The wife has knowledge of 3 out of the 4 purchases and has been okay with them but the fourth? We'll see...It will ship to me so she may be home when it arrives. Yikes!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chevy Camaro SS

I've always had a hard on for 2-3 vehicles. I can't remember one of them but the other two that I've always wanted are a Jeep (CJ/Wrangler-type) and a '69 Chevy Camaro SS (convertible preferred but hard top will do).

I've owned a black 1990 Jeep Wrangler. I bought it in 1992 with 4,000 miles on it. I drove the hell out of it and would have continued to do so if I had the money to continue to maintain it but it wasn't a necessary "family" vehicle. Here is a picture of it from back in July of 2005. I sold it about a year ago to a coworker for $2,000 cash.

I still have a stiffy for my classic Camaro but I may just need to look to the future. In an article today (I forget where), it mentioned something about the 2010 Chevy Camaro Coupe. It looks pretty damn good for starting around $24K. The main difference and benefit for me is that the '69 is all metal AND it looks like a unique muscle car. This 2010 version looks sharp but also could be a chopped and revamped Dodge Charger or even a Ford Mustang.

Of course, by the time I can afford my Camaro, there won't be parts for it and it'll be really expensive!

Oh well, I can dream...

Monday, April 27, 2009

Email spam 04/27/2009

This email spam actually came to a general account I check at work on 4/21/09 but I just checked the account so the time stamps will very. Fucking sue me!

I wonder why it has to be your "middle-aged wife" and not just wife. Must be some new technique or drug that only works on women over the age of thirty.

UPDATE: Here are a few more spams that came in my work email that I almost forgot to share.

I'm not interested in the first one as I am male and I hope I don't want to or ever experience a mind-blowing ffemale orgasm! I already know enough about pornstars...way too much. And I already have control of my sex life.

These spams are not going to help me in any way. Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Yahoo advertising

Once again Yahoo has outdone itself with the advertising.

This little hottie showed in the right-hand ad bar in my "free" Yahoo account (I put free because as I understand when I click to hide this ad bar it basically says, "upgrade to never see this again").

I first was caught by the awesome cleavage, smooth belly, belly button and then I saw the words "younger women looking for older men. I was like, "HOLY SEMI-POPPING, BATMAN!"

Is this like online hooker search? Sheesh! Sign me up! The wife won't care...I hope.

Email spam 04/24/2009

I got some interesting spam email at my work. It went to the spam folder in my Outlook as we have pretty decent spam filters on our server. Before deleting, I always like to see what they are and if there is anything of interest. I guess these were pretty interesting but I prefer the 3rd and 5th one as they entail her mostly doing something for me! :-P Plus, I'm really not that into feet.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Toilet blogging

As I sit here in stall #1 doing #2, I began to wonder why the hell it is so freaking hot in here.

I feel like I'm using a port-a-potty during a Saturday afternoon T-ball game at the local park. The only thing that is missing is the hundred other piles of shit at the bottom of the "pot" to make this necessary event more undesirable!

Two things just came to mind: 1) the campus must not have changed the system yet from "winter" mode to "hot-ass spring" mode since it is like 80+ degrees outside and 2) how weird should I feel blogging from the pooper about pooping?

I'm okay with it!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dallas Mavericks' playoff schedule

This is a little late as they have already played two games (1-1) but I couldn't let this go.

I was perusing the website and checked out my local team. Needless to say, I think the official website of the NBA needs to have a better content proof reader for their web pages. I'm available for the job anytime!

In case you are a nimrod, look at the names of the Mavs' opponent. As one commenter on another website said, it seems we are playing a few opponents in the first round. There is San Antoino, San Antonio, Spurs, and San Antiono. It's a good thing there is a day or two of rest in the schedule for the Mavs. ;-P

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Email humor?

So, I get this forwarded email from my uncle which I think is supposed to be humorous mixed with a bit of political satire and racism. I guess it's funny but I'm also one of those that read too much into things sometimes. So here is the simple text of the email:
Interstate 90 will be closed this weekend across South Dakota. They are hauling a 200 ton lump of coal so they can add Obama to Mt Rushmore.
Excluding all other things that come to people's mind, any way I look at this I find this a more of an honor. See to me, it would be an amazing honor to be represented on Mount Rushmore. I mean how cool would that be: to be added to the obviously most respected presidents? Sign me up!

Now, to be true to form, Obama is a "black" man and as such the obvious material would be to carve his image out of coal to remain true to form (color). Secondly, it's not like there is much real estate to carve into up there and I assume it's harder to graft rock onto rock than probably it is to graft coal to rock.

It's not like Bush was EVER joked about being up on Mount Rushmore. I think more of his satire was being bound and gagged like the prisoners of "war" or dumped into the ocean with the likes of lawyers.

Again, don't take this as my political stance or affiliation. I just report the facts without any form of bias. So, you can see it as it is or see as I see it. That's the beauty of freedom of speech.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter 2009!

Just for you folks that need it...I've included a picture from the Peep Show!

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

In the news 04/08/2009

Saw this while randomly surfing...
From Farmers Branch To Pay $470K In Immigration Fight...

Click here for the article as long as it lasts.

I guess it's because I'm not some asshole attorney but I don't understand how asking businesses to verify that they are doing business with legitimate people is unconstitutional.

It is no different than if Microsoft, AT&T, Sprint, JCPenney, or whatever other businesses were approached by someone or some other company wanting to do business with them. I think the mentioned companies and more would do a background check on this entity and make sure they are legit.

Personally, if an apartment, hotel, motel or inn is found to be housing illegal persons, couldn't this be sort of like aiding and abetting a criminal? Knowingly or unknowingly, there should be some consequence because the business should have made the attempt to discover if the occupant was legit or not. Now, I know they can't police everybody and some sort of profiling may occur but c'mon, isn't it always better to be safe than sorry?

I don't know. Maybe I'm just not as informed on the whole illegal immigrant or unconstitutionality thing but I do believe we have to start somewhere to get our cities, states and country back! As a country, we are too lax on a lot of things. I won't get started but if we chop a hand or a penis off, we wouldn't have as many thefts or rapes. We wouldn't be spending so much of my money, your money, all taxpayer's money on housing and feeding criminals. The odds on rehabilitating the BAD criminals is minuscule no matter what other people tell you. Crimes are like anything...if you do something and you like it you'll do it again. It just happens that crimes are illegal and it sucked that you got caught the first (second or more) time.

Let's make these people earn their keep. Give them a rifle, some ammo, some rations, a GPS up the ass, and drop them in Afghanistan or Iraq...tell them they are free as long as they fight the good fight. When it's all said and done, we'll see about their freedom back in the states. It's only fair if you ask me. They were given privileges...they dishonored them with their crime...they fight (in war) to get them back...and just maybe it will be enough to give them some honor and privileges back.

Whoops...didn't mean to rant and rave but that's what I do!

Monday, April 06, 2009

In the news 04/06/2009

I'm not sure this is the way you want the start of your story to read:
From Yahoo News: "NEW YORK – Farrah Fawcett is being treated for anal cancer..."

click here for the article as long as it lasts

Not that I totally care but it sounds insensitive to use that term? I mean couldn't they "politically correct" it with some euphemism?

After Googling anal cancer, it seems to be a genuine term and is different than colon cancer.

It still seems weird to me.

Oh well.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

MSI Wind U100-641US

I've been wanting to purchase a netbook for some time now. I have researched and researched for days, even weeks, on end. I've spent an hour or two walking around my local Best Buy and contemplating and looking which one I like, has the best reviews and a decent price. I've read the many reviews at CNET,, and other laptop reviewing websites. So, I narrowed down my options to the MSI Wind U100-641US, Acer Aspire One, or the Asus EEE 1000HE.

All of them had good options and were overall decently rated on similar and different factors but I went with the...

It just seemed like the better option based on the reviews by the professionals and users. I'm not dogging the Acer or the Asus because they were right there, neck and neck, with the Wind but seeing and handling the products (Asus and MSI, anyway) at the local Best Buy store helped make my decision. I didn't physically handle an Acer but the reviews were a tad lower compared to the Asus and MSI so I figured it wouldn't be one I would look into getting.

I got this puppy on Sunday, April 5th. It started up right out of the box. I didn't read any manuals or such before turning it on. It might have helped as when you turn it on it gives you a couple of options. I'm doing this from memory but I think the two options said something like "hit [some F key] to reload" and "hit [some F key] for boot options." I just glanced and hit the key to reload which I think wasn't the thing to do. It booted up and gave me the step-by-steps for XP after what I assumed was the installing of Windows XP Home.

After all the initial formalities of setting up user name, not registering with Microsoft at this time, etc., I was able to see the desktop and get things rolling. It found my wireless network while I was in the garage (I was sitting on a new patio chair I had just gotten from Home Depot) because I unloaded the chair in the garage but couldn't wait to get going and playing with the computer. Anyway, the point of that is that my wireless is up on the second floor and I was in the garage at the back of the backyard. I would say it's about 100-150 feet...not sure as I'm not good with sight distance...but it didn't have any connection issues.

After connecting to the web, I downloaded all the available Windows updates. I uninstalled the trial version of Office 2007 and installed my own version. It didn't come with virus protection so I installed Microsoft Forefront and ran updates for it. I installed Firefox as I am semi-biased to it even though some web things STILL don't work with it. I'm sure there will be more updates needed for things like Java, Flash, etc., and I will install them as the need arises.

My main concern with the MSI Wind was whether or not the windows for whatever programs would lag in open time. So far the only issue I've noticed is when I first open IE7 after reboot. When I click on the IE icon, it takes a few seconds for my home page (which is just Google). I can close the browser after this initial opening and then reopen and the home page shows pretty close to immediately. I don't know why this occurs but, as we all know, it could be just IE more than the computer itself. When using Firefox, I don't recall any issues at all with the same default home page of Google.

I've opened Word and Excel without issue. I have practice typing and all within these two programs without issue. I'm not familiar with Office 2007 as I'm using Office XP at work and I have Office 2003 on my Toshiba laptop. Things seem to run and work fine.

I haven't had too many issues with the keyboard. It's not so much the keyboard itself as it is that I work on a particular layout with my Toshiba and a desktop. The Toshiba key layout is very similar to the MSI Wind except for a few exceptions and a glaring one. The comma, period and ramp keys are smaller on the Wind because I guess someone decided that those keys are the least likely to be missed, the least used, or the most reasonable to be resized. I don't know the reasons why but I think some other accommodations could have been considered. It's not a huge deal and will take some getting used to but what keyboard doesn't these days...I'm typing on a "wave"-type keyboard right now at work and it took some getting used to when first got it. In fact, I screw up typing sometimes when I go home and use my "straight" keyboard because the keys are place slight different especially buttons like PageUp, PageDown, Delete, Home and End.

The glaring issue with the keyboard is the placement of the left Ctrl key and the Fn key. I have these keys on my Toshiba laptop and the Ctrl key is the last key on the bottom row of keys with the Fn key directly to the right of it. On the Wind, the Fn key is the outermost key with the Ctrl key to the right of it. If the designers would have thought about it more, they would have realized that the Ctrl key is used more (well in my case and my wife's case) way more than the Fn key is used, especially in touch-typing situations. Most of the time that I use the Fn key I am using one figure on one hand to hit it and then one finger on another hand to hit the corresponding key. I used the Ctrl key all the time with touch-typing for things like Ctrl+Shift+Left or Right arrow to highlight and delete or format selected text. I also use Ctrl+Home or End to go to the top or bottom of Word or Excel files. I just don't see where they thought the Fn on the outer rim would be better especially on a keyboard that isn't 100% but more like 93% (I think).

Another issue (although not a biggie) is that I am a touch pad scroller. I love the fact that I don't have to click and hold the scroll bars on a document, web page or whatever to go from top to bottom and occasionally left to right. My wife doesn't see this as an issue as she has never used this functionality. This can be easily overcome by using a mini mouse that has a scroll wheel. Not ideal but it does make it easier for me to scroll.

The mouse buttons are a little tricky to get used to for someone who has been using a larger laptop with larger mouse buttons. The are tiny comparatively, as they should be, sometimes I hit the middle of the uni-button or the wrong side of it or miss them entirely but again, I believe that's just because I've never used anything smaller than a 13.3" laptop before and the buttons on that were still fairly good sized. I think the placement of mouse buttons are still better than on the HP Mini 1000 (although it wasn't in my top three). If I recall, the HP Mini 1000 has the left mouse button on the left of the touch pad and the right mouse on the right. It wouldn't be a deal breaker for me but the placement is still a little the Ctrl and Fn keys on the Wind. We all can deal with little things when we have to. The mouse buttons seem more sturdy than those on the Asus which seemed like they were made from a recycled aluminum can and easily breakable or bendable.

The screen is pretty good. It's smaller than my Toshiba but functions and looks just as good. I was able to compare this to the Asus at Best Buy and found that I liked the Wind much better. I didn't play with it too much but I think the Asus had the same resolution but the icons seemed bigger than the Wind.

That's about my extent of using this little guy as my wife has taken it over. My initial thoughts about purchasing this were to have a very portable "laptop" for me while I kept the powerhouse laptop at home, at my desk, or in my backpack. I was getting tired of lugging my Toshiba to class along with my no-reason-for-being-so-thick class books. It cause so much weight and stress on my bag that I have to use a paper clip to hold the zipper shut. Partly this is because the backpack is very used and is like fifteen years old but mostly because the books, laptop and essentials are bulky and stretch the zipper to its limit. So, that was my initial reasoning...ME!

Then I started thinking about the wife. She has a Toshiba too but hardly takes it anywhere. Why, I don't know because what else is the point of getting a laptop? Women, go figure! So, I thought maybe this little bugger would be small enough and yet functional enough for her to be a little more portable with her work and such. It would also make buying this an easier sell if I got her on board versus her thinking I just wanted another "toy."

She then came up with the idea of her using it for a bit and seeing how it works. If she liked it, then we would get one each for our two kids. WTF? I went from buying one for me to making this a possible family affair! It did sound like a reasonable idea even with the economy in the shitter but I was still a little hesitant. Portability for my wife to do email, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, and Internet would be acceptable on this but what if the kids didn't find it powerful enough to handle what they wanted it for...which what that is I really didn't know.

I know my kids like to play flash-based web games online. They type stories for their school work. They create drawings in Paint and flier-type things in Publisher. Sometimes they create videos on their digital cameras and try to make videos in Movie Maker but most of the time it isn't stuff that requires a powerful laptop/computer. I have them an old, old Sony Vaio 14" that they use right now but it's so old that it takes so long for some things to load up that they would much rather just not use it at all. But then they get that it takes patience and they'll wait and will be able to enjoy the laptop and whatever they are doing on it. They don't really load any games from a CD onto it although they did in the past and the most recent is they like Roller Coaster Tycoon which isn't graphic or processor intensive.

As mentioned, my wife has been using it since after I got all the updates and some other software loaded. I've teased her about returning it just to be sure she likes it. She says, "I love it. It's so easy to just put in my purse(bag) and take it with me. So far it works for everything I've needed it." She too hates the placement of the Ctrl and Fn keys as well as a few issues with the shrunken comma, period and slash keys even with her "womanly" fingers.

My oldest kid says, "It's pretty good." While the youngest said, "It's awesome. I want one now!" I told the oldest if it was just "pretty good" then why get one? It was responded by a "No, I want one! I just don't know how much I'd use it." What kind of kid says that about a new 'toy'?

So, the verdict is still out on whether or not I like it completely or not. I assume the more I am able to use it the more I can give my final decision. My main reservation is that I will be giving up power for ultraportability. That's not so much of a bad thing because I will always have my desktop and maybe even a newer laptop (my current one is two maybe three years old...I can't remember which for sure). The problem arises for me at the times when I may need or want that higher end power but I will be stuck with the limited strength of the netbook. Again, not a huge occurring problem but the future is cloudy, ever changing it is.

I have been looking at the powerful, well-rated Asus G50Vt-X5 over at Best Buy. It's also gotten good ratings at CNET and other laptop review sites. The cover is a little outlandish and the flashing LEDs may be an occasional nuisance but I think the power and semi-portability could be worth it. It will be way faster than my current Toshiba and it's about the same size. The only thing I don't like is the built-in number pad, while could be useful, pushes the keys slightly to the left so typing on this bad boy would be a little askew. I'm not sure how much I would like or want to deal with that but it seems like a pretty decent computer price and power-wise. We'll wait a little longer and see I guess. A new laptop is not a necessity as I still have my old one and it still is under my service agreement which I've used a few times to get my money's worth. Furthermore, the economy blows donkey dicks and it may not be a good time to spend a grand or two on a couple of new computers (notebook and netbook). Sometimes I like to take a chance but other times not so much. As mentioned, we'll have to see.

Finally, I really do like the idea of ultraportability and will probably eventually get me a netbook. It may or may not be the MSI Wind. I have been looking at the Samsung N110 for many reasons so it may be the netbook purchase for my using. As in all things, we'll have to wait and see. I am getting antsy though...very, very antsy!

Just in case you are wondering, here are pictures of all the netbooks and one notebook I referenced in this post:

Yahoo Advertising

Sometimes I don't get the advertising business. Now I know marketers want to appeal to many an audience but I fail to see what audience they are targeting with this ad...other than the young, adolescent dirty-minded boys or the mind of these "boys" in grown me.

I can tell you that any sales associate (especially male) catering to a "mystery shopper" that looked like this would be working at their best level. If it were me, I wouldn't remember what this woman wanted much less care. It would be such a blur in the hopes that I got to take her purchases home for her and helped her try them on or WHATEVER she wanted me to do! Ha!

But back to purpose of the ad: job advertisement. I don't think I would apply if I were some frumpy woman/man because the ad does not portray that as for what they are looking. Of course, that may be the exact reasoning behind the exclude the non-voluptuous types. Sadly, but also happily, I must concur with the ad. ;-P

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Craigslist posting

Perusing Craigslist again and came across this post.

What's stupid about it is...would you be willing to submit an offer without seeing the merchandise? I mean come on people. If you want to sell something, especially a USED product, you really should give the potential buyer a decent quality picture. It's not like it costs money these days to "develop" a digital picture. Take a digital snapshot...if you don't have a digital camera you shouldn't be allowed to used the Internet...hook the camera to your PC or just use the memory card and upload the picture. Voila! Easy as chocolate pie!

If you can't give your potential buyers/customers this little bit a simplistic courtesy, I hope your posts go unanswered for eternity.

By the way, my offer is $5.00. Take it or leave it!