Thursday, December 31, 2009

Instant potatoes

If you need instant potatoes and you go to the Simon David aka Tom Thumb on University Dr and Inwood Road in Dallas, they are halfway down aisle 8 on the very top right-side shelf (if walking from the front of store).

I spent about 20 minutes looking in the entire store and half was on aisle 8 because I knew it had to be there. Easily findable if you are above 6 foot I'm sure.

I finally asked an employee and they said, "On aisle 8. Can I locate it for you?" I said, "Yes, because I've been up and down that aisle and I need you to prove it to me." They did!

So I pass this tidbit of information on to those of you in the near vicinity of that store as it was my first time there.

Happy New Year 2010!

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Hummer H3

Was behind this person at the Whataburger drive thru on Freeport Pkwy and Hwy 114 in North Irving and thought to myself, "Self, this does not look like a Hummer." From this angle it could be any kind of SUV. It makes me wonder if anything has changed other than the girth of the vehicle.

Oh well!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"Dexter" Hello, Dextor Morgan

Just finished watching season 4 episode 11 of Dexter and about 10 minutes in to season 4 episode 12 (The Getaway). Yes, these are fictional shows and, as such, a lot of fictional situations occur. That being said, it pisses me off when they fuck up the realness of a show.

Now, Dexter is a serial killer. He gets away with a lot of things that probably wouldn't happen in the real world. He works in a police station and even though the killing may be over-the-top there should still be a realness to the actual workings of a police station.

My rant is to the part where the Trinity Killer (played by John Lithgow) enters the Miami police station and pretty much has access to the entire facility when he swipes a visitor badge from an old lady's purse strap which I'm sure there is a regulation on where the visitor's badge should be place (if not, the PDs of America should take note.

The second part that was stupidly written is when Dexter is following the Trinity Killer after he leaves the station. Dexter is in a hurry to catch up and stay with the pursuit that he sideswipes a vehicle's driver's side mirror, knocking it off. This vehicle's owner was on his way to the vehicle and saw it happen. Cut to the pursuit again and Dexter comes to a stop and park's his vehicle out front of a bank while the Trinity Killer parks his inside the bank's parking garage. Dexter jumps out and watches the T-Killer walk into the bank. Dexter decides to wait for T-Killer by T-Killer's van. Camera changes to view Dexter's vehicle and we see another vehicle pull up behind it. Turns out it's the owner and vehicle of the sideswiped mirror who just happened to know/find Dexter's vehicle after about ten minutes after the accident. Not to mention that Dexter's vehicle looks like hundreds of others that could have been on the road at that time.

I don't know what else will irritate me because I'm just starting the final episode (12) of season four.

Boobs box

I saw this on a flier for Best Buy's Sunday ad. A quick glance and you got to admit that it looks like boobs.

2.4 ghz V-Tech Cordless Phone

Just a bit of nostalgia.

Again while I was catching up on episodes of Dexter, I saw this phone in the scene.

This was our first V-tech brand cordless phone that we had in our house. That was circa 1995. It's funny how it shows up in an episode of Dexter that was aired in 2009.

I'd have to say that we loved this phone. The product and call quality was very good. The range wasn't that far as it was just a 2.4 ghz signal and they didn't come out with the high frequencies for a few more years at least. We also liked the style of the phone and got a lot of compliments on it.

I'm glad at least our product purchases are famous if we aren't.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Dexter" Dex Takes A Holiday

I'm trying to catch up on my TV show watching since I'm on vacation this week. I just finished watching Dexter episode 4 season 4. It was a pretty good episode as pretty much all of them are.

What caught my eye though was the episode character, Zoey Kruger. She was this pretty hot cop that Dexter was watching to see if she was guilty of killing her husband and child even though someone else was suspected of doing it. Zoey is played by Christina Cox (pictured).

Anyway, she was effing hot and it's a pity Dexter doesn't dabble into having fun with his "victims" (especially the female ones since they are few and far between). He did have her naked on a table but she was bound in plastic wrap and nothing was showing. Dammit!

After Googling the hell out of her name, I did find a video clip here (skip to about 4:35) and here (skip to about 17:15) of a movie she was in called Better Than Chocolate that pervs like myself would rent just to get a flash of her naked boobs. I'm sure there are other scenes as it looks like it's about horny lesbians. Good times!

Live Long and Prosper!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Email humor 12/21/2009

Tiger Woods Holiday Poem

Twas the night of Thanksgiving and out of the house

Tiger Woods came a flyin', chased by his spouse.

She wielded a nine iron and wasn't too merry,

Cause a bimbo’s phone number was in his Blackberry.

He’d been cheatin' on Elin, and the story progressed.

Woman after woman stepped up and confessed.

He’d been cheatin’ with Holly, and Jaimee, and Cori,

With Joselyn, and Kalika. The world had the story.

From the top of the Tour to the basement of blues,

Tiger’s sad sordid tale was all over the news.

With hostesses, waitresses, he had lots of sex,

When not in their pants, he was sendin' them texts.

Despite all his cryin’ and beggin' and pleadin',

Tiger’s wife went investin' -- a new home in Sweden ..

And I heard her exclaim from her white Escalade,

"If you’re gettin' laid then I’m gettin' paid."

She’s not pouting, in fact, she is of jolly good cheer,

Her prenup made Christmas come early this year.

Live Long and Prosper!

If you see her...

A few weeks or so ago, this person pulls in front of me to go around another car. Not a huge deal, except for the fact that I'm in the fast lane trotting at about 67 mph when she pulls basically right in front of me where I almost tapped her into next year! She was in the middle lane behind a car going 55 mph while she was going about 58 mph. She couldn't wait until I flew by her or slowed by 3 mph for a bit.

I hate asshole drivers like this. Needless to say, I had my digital camera with me and snapped a photo of her ass for all the blogosphere to know she's "estupida."

So, if you see her, don't physically harm but do mentally anguish by driving by her while honking and flipping the bird.

For point of reference, this is heading west on Highway 183 aka Airport Freeway in Bedford, Texas. The overpass you see is the Euless Westpark Way/Murphy Drive and the exit to the right is the 183 to Hwy 121 ramp. See map.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Email humor 12/19/2009

Hundreds gather to protest global warming

Live Long and Prosper!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

21 Jump Street

Do you remember 21 Jump Street? You know the show that basically brought Johnny Depp, aka Officer Tom Hanson, into the public eye. It was so long ago, like 22 years ago, I know but sometimes I can remember it like it was just yesterday. Ah...Anyway, I just happened to be searching for something else that led me to this topic (see below) but what caught my eye was a quote/statement:

[Johnny] found the teen-idol status irritating, noting that he felt "forced into the role of product" and that it was "a very uncomfortable situation and I didn't get a handle on it and it wasn't on my terms at all." Depp promised himself that after his contract on the series expired, he would only appear in films that he felt were right for him.
Now, what did he expect the possibility of fame and notoriety would bring if he became a well-liked actor? When you want to act and make money, sometimes you have to take whatever pays you. Luckily for Johnny, this show did well, he became popular and for this he eventually could pick films he wanted versus taking any role just to earn a paycheck.

It could be me just taking it wrong but it sort of sounded like he was a little ungrateful which seems to be the going rumor about him over the many years. If you really hate Hollywood and "dumb" America (you know the two entities that allow you to earn so much money to have 2-3 or more houses in different countries), then just go the fuck away! Ingrate!

Again, I could just be having my woman-side show and am on my period, blowing this way out of proportion but then I see more quotes. Yes, I just posted about how Wikipedia isn't "credible enough" but I've seen these statements in other articles but just didn't give much notice to it before.

Sometimes I'm amused at the ignorance of people who hate the country (USA) and entity (Hollywood) that has given them the opportunity to afford all their luxuries.

And.....fade to black...end scene.

So, how did I get to the rant about Mr. Depp?

A coworker was returning his Netflix movies through the office mail pickup. I asked what he was returning and one of the movies was The Conversation.

I've never heard of it so I Googled and found it on IMDB. Turns out it's a damn old movie made in 1974 starring Gene Hackman, Cindy Williams, Harrison Ford and Teri Garr to name a few of the well-known-by-name actors. One of the actors that is probably more well-known by face than name (at least for me anyway) is Frederick Forrest. I was curious to see who he was and from what role I might recognize him. I did recognize his mug shot and after looking at his filmography, that's when I saw that he was Capt. Jenko on 21 Jump Street until he was replaced (for some reason, I didn't research that part) by Capt. Fuller aka Steven Williams.

So, that took me to the reason and title of this post.

Wikimedia Foundation

I was Googled something and it gave me a link, among many, to Wikipedia. After clicking on the link I get this banner. Click the pic to see where it goes.

I don't mean to sound like a prick but I can't donate to something that I can't use as a verified, respected reference in my class essays and papers. I have used Wikipedia many, many times for general information searches about many topics but I have to find professor-authorized sources to actually quote or reference the material that may have been in the Wiki article. It's just the way it is in classes because Wikipedia is update-able by anyone and everyone so the resources can't always actually be reliable or credible.
Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet has free access to the sum of all human knowledge.
- Jimmy Wales
That's a bold and exciting statement by Mr. Wales. I think Wikipedia is a valuable, every day resource for finding information...Oh snap! Maybe that's why I should donate. I hate when I do that — find reason when I saw no reason before. Damn me!

I'll have to ponder this more and see if I decide to donate. Because then I should donate to other free, valuable resources, huh? Damn, damn, damn me!

Ways to apply for an MBA program

This is going to be simple and brief. I may do an additional post to be a little more in depth and helpful but right now this is all I'm giving you. And yes, I am somewhat of an authority on this as I work for a well-respected, local and widely-known MBA program as the first person to see your application, put it into our administration system, and occasionally am on the receiving end of rants, complaints and general comments by the admissions directors of our various programs. So, in no particular order:
  • If available online, fill out the "Request for Information" form AND/OR the MBA application (or any freaking form any where) by using proper upper and lower case form.

    This isn't your general web page fill-in-the-blanks-for-additional-information form. You wouldn't fill in a job application using all upper or all lower case letters, would you? So why would you do so and look like a complete and utter moron on your MBA application? We take note of this and if it was up to me, these stupid fucks would have to resubmit the application. It's especially retarded for domestic applicants. If you were born or have lived/worked in this country for a year or more, there is no excuse for you not knowing how the fuck to us proper upper and lower case!

  • If you are applying to a program that has entering classes for August and January (Fall and Spring, respectively - typically a part-time/professional program for those that want to work full-time while going to school), apply for the January/Spring term.

    Particularly if you sucked it hard on the GMAT. The January/Spring term is usually a shorter recruiting period (about three months) versus the August/Fall recruiting period (about 8 months). Especially in harder economic times such as the present, the admissions office usually makes a few concessions to fill a class because it's better to have many butts in the seats than a high-GMAT class of 10-20 people. I've seen some low-GMAT people get in a program and do just fine. They end up doing just as well and sometimes better than higher-GMATs but it's also a nice thing to give people a long as they don't squander it!

  • Study for the GMAT!

    It's quite plain and simple. You studied for tests in high school and undergrad college. You studied for the SAT. You studied the business practices of the job you applied to after receiving your bachelor's degree. So, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU NOT STUDY FOR THE GMAT?!

    It makes you look like a complete and utter dumb ass when you turn in a GMAT score of 450 or below. I mean I think you get 200 just for signing your freaking name! I have seen people turn in a score of 290-400 (with studying, supposedly) and when they do that we just laugh. Yes, it's mean but what else can you do when someone expresses their ignorance in such a way.

    Sidenote: I haven't taken the GMAT so yes, I make fun of people from afar but I can assure you that I can get at least a 50% without thinking too much which is what a 400 is (a perfect score is 800) but in no way would I submit that score to a reputable school thinking that I have a chance in hell to get in. Anyway, I'll move on.

  • If you weren't born in the United States of America or are not a Permanent Resident (of America), you do not select a diversity.

    Sorry internationals. You don't mean anything to the school in the diversity category. You are "international" and that's all you are. No matter where you are, Europe or Asia or the netherworld, you are not considered White, Asian, Hispanic, or Black unless you were born in the good ol' U.S. of A. or are a permanent resident. So save the application processors some time and don't mark it on the application!

  • Do some serious research before requesting a TOEFL waiver (internationals only).

    Stating, "I have finished my undergrad degree and all classes were taught in English" does not justify a waiver unless you were taking classes in those countries where English is the primary language or a very widely-used second. I know there are few countries that were under British rule and such but times have changed. For example, applicant from India asks for a waiver with the statement I quoted but what he/she doesn't realize is that most of these India schools have these English-speaking teachers speak chopped or broken English. So what you get is sort-of-speakers-of-English teaching in what they call English but not technically being taught in English according to the U.S. of A. (although some domestics could be better taught to speak English for sure, see 'ask' versus 'axe').

    Usually, a waiver is given after the admissions department has had a chance to review the application (GMAT and other things are considered) to help in the proficiency check. Sometimes the AWA of the GMAT is not a good judgment factor so the best way is IF an interview (phone/Skype/face-to-face) is granted, then the admissions person can make a more definite decision.

I guess that's enough for now. I did say, "brief" but I may have gone a little overboard. It's just I see this shit everyday in my job and it amuses and irritates me at the same time to see such ignorance.

I'm sure I'll continue with more later.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rock'em Sock'em

Rock'em Sock'em. I remember this little game when I was a kid. It was pretty fun and I remember getting into many fights with my older brother just above me (I have 4 and he's 3 yrs older).

I think I've actually seen this game in the stores when it made a sort of resurgence. The difference is the game/ring was actually much bigger than the ones I've seen recently. I've seen them at say 6"-8" square but we had one that was more like 12" square.

Pretty cool!

Anyway, what brought this up was I saw the game in the movie, Four Christmases, while I was watching it at work (yes, I was at work watching as it's kind of slow right now since we'll be closed for the holiday ALL next week).

Since I mentioned the movie I'll add a quick review. The movie started out with the typical bar scene where the boyfriend hits on the girlfriend but pretending like they don't know each other. She takes his shaky attempts in stride then mocks him and walks away. He follows her and is a little more was aggressive this time and they end up having sex in the bar's men's room. Move on to the first Christmas with his family. Freakin' hilarious. Loved it. The movie went slightly downhill from there as it turned more to a serious overtone as the movie progressed. The movie is still worth seeing but the first Christmas will leave a lasting impression (Jon Favreau goes up and down in the fitness realm and Tim McGraw doesn't say much but was funny just with his expressions and all. Robert Duvall funny as the father) and then the Christmas at Reese's character's mother's is pretty funny as well. After that, it is just an okay movie.

I do have to say that Reese Witherspoon is still hot. Kristin Chenoweth(sp?) is hot and sports cleavage the entire time she's on screen. Vince Vaughn plays very close to his standard rambling, fast-speaking character he plays in almost all of his movies so he's not quite as typical (and annoying) as in some of his movies after his first few that he introduced the "Vince character."

So, overall it was a pretty good movie. It's not a chick flick but more of a (semi-)romantic comedy. I wouldn't have been happy to pay $10 at the theater but not many movies would I. I got this from my coworker who got it from her Blockbuster Total Access membership. Free for me means always good for me.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The New Bachelor

You knew the skits, spoofs, emails and all would be coming soon. This one is worth the last minute pitch.

Live Long and Prosper!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Mislabeled rating for DVD

I got an email from Amazon today with the subject line: "Last Chance For Free Super Saver Shipping" or something like that. In the body of the email it had a table of categories with a picture of one item that fell into that category.

This was one of them and I found it amusing in the sense that I would classify this movie more of a teenager/early-adult movie. That's Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix if you can't tell.

Not that I give a shit. I just think it's really incorrectly categorized. I think that even the characters in the movie are like 15 years old. Granted in the grand scheme of things, I would consider 15-yr-olds as kids but not when it comes to rating movies. Kids to me would be more like: Up, Ice Age, Never Ending Story and the like.

Oh well, no big deal. Just something that popped into my head.

Gameful at GameStop

Made my visit to GameStop to see about getting my disks for Infamous and Batman:Arkhan Asylum. The guy clerk was pretty friendly about it.

He asked for my receipt stating that he didn't believe me but he wanted to see who the salesperson was.

I jokingly asked, "So, is this a recurring issue lately?"

He said, "Well, we do have a new person that started and I bet it was Emily."

I said while handing my receipt over without looking at it, "You know, it was Emily!" I knew this because I remember making it a point to stare at her name tag which just happened to be very close to her cleavage. I made sure to check her name as she was very nice, enthusiastic and overall helpful in helping me make my game-purchasing decisions.

He chuckled. Apologized profusely and got my game disks.

I said, "It was no problem" and went on my merry way. All was good.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gameless at GameStop

I stopped by my local Game Stop store last night. I purchased three previously-owned games. They are running a special, "Buy 2, Get 1 Free" on previously-owned games. I purchased Infamous, Batman Arkham Asylum and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. I just got a chance to open up the games and it turns out I don't have the disks for Infamous and Arkham Asylum. WTF?

I sure as hell hope there is some way to match my cases with the game disks. Otherwise, I will be quite mad at spending $70 for plastic cases!!

I don't think there should be a problem but who the hell knows with stores these days. We'll find out about 10am.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Dave Chappelle's Block Party

I received Dave Chappelle's Block Party or here DVD in the mail from my Blockbuster Total Access membership.

I don't know how long ago I added it to my queue but I know I expected it to be good. I must say, it wasn't. First, it wasn't what I expected. Second, it just wasn't worth the postage.

I like Dave Chappelle. I thought he was pretty funny with his Chappelle's Show on Comedy Central.

I think this is a case of what many comedian-type actors have experience. It's something like "I'm so popular and funny right now that I can do anything and people will like it." It happened with Mike Myers, Chevy Chase, Eddie Murphy, Rob Schneider, and Larry the Cable Guy. They just don't know when they should stay with what made them famous to begin with. Explore other avenues but don't give up the bread and butter! Chappelle should have stayed with his "millions" show.

Live Long and Prosper!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

In the news 12/10/2009 - Sports Edition

Old story but still going strong. The tagline from Tennis:
Serena Williams, writing a blog for, says she was given a disproportionately large fine for her U.S. Open outburst and is accusing ITF officials of biased treatment.

Article at Globalgrind while it lasts

I left a comment on the article page so I won't rehash it here.

This from the other day at Dallas News but continues. Donnie Nelson, the Mavs GM is quoted:
"What I can tell you is that Tim was not involved,'' he said. "He's 30 years old with a wife and kids. When the situation started to escalate, he left the property immediately. Certainly we're working with authorities and our security folks to get to the bottom of it. But this is something that's way, way, way overblown."

Article here while it lasts

Donnie is a dumb ass. He always has been. I agree that the press has overblown this story but they always do when it involves a pro athlete. See Tiger Woods. Again without going into my rant, I think one of the comments on the article was "What the hell is a guy with a wife and kids doing eating out at 3am in the morning?" I'll add, "With another male and three females AND without his wife and/or kids?" I don't give a shit who you are but I think there should be worse problems for him when he got home...from his wife!! Perception is key. As Donnie said, "Innocent until proven guilty in this country," but not in the wifey's eyes! His wife should Lorena Bobbitt him. LOL!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

In the news 12/09/2009

From CBS11TV:
AT&T Says Usage-Based Data Price Is Coming

Article here as long as it lasts

I'm not an AT&T cellular customer but to me this is just wrong and bad for business. The problem is that customers won't make a stand and will still pay the fees because they don't want to do without their little iPhones and such.

The real simple solution albeit probably expensive for AT&T is to just make sure your equipment can handle the product(s) you are selling before you sell them.

I'm a Sprint customer. Yes their customer service typically sucks ass and charging a one-time fee to add a new phone is utterly ridiculous (especially when AT&T sim cards pop in and out of phones without any charge) but they have a pretty good SIMPLY EVERYTHING plan at a good rate. I don't use the data a whole lot other than email and email attachments through my Blackberry Curve 8330 but I think it still is a decent plan. Maybe if, when, the iPhone moves from AT&T exclusivity or a very comparable phone makes it to the Sprint line of phones, then we'll be able to see how good the EVERYTHING plan really is.

Either way, I just think it's sticking it to your customers to have tiered charges. Do it with Internet because different people have different needs but with cellular I think it should be a one-size-fits-all kind of deal.

Live Long and Prosper!

Christmas Shoes by Newsong

It's shit like this that makes me a blubbering idiot. I'm tempted to see if I can find the TV show to watch but why do I want to punish myself?

Live Long and Prosper!

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Kill or Be Killed

Kill or Be Killed. I remember seeing this when I was a wee little boy. Just like wanting to be Bruce Lee, James Ryan could have been a good second option.

I remember in this movie that James Ryan would make this noise when he would "flip" over his enemies. It was kind of like Chevy Chase's character, Ty, in Caddyshack when he was putting multiple golf balls on the green for practice while having a conversation with Danny Noonan.

He also had a weird way (to me) of crossing his arms. Instead of overlapping them, he would cross his arms with his hands under his arm pits.

Anyway, as a little kid, it made an impression on me. Good thing they came out with a sequel called Kill and Kill again.

In the news 12/08/209

From the Dallas News:
Fort Worth teen files civil rights complaint, says volleyball coach benched her over pregnancy

Article here while it lasts

I really can't comment on this other than something like is she not only stupid for getting knocked up as a teenager but very ignorant for thinking that she should continue to play volleyball while pregnant. Now, I can see that maybe she could have been the water girl or the girl that towels the floor after some sweaty player hits the deck but an actual ACTIVE player? Get real, stupid!

It's obvious that she has no cares about the child she is carrying. She wants to seem responsible enough to want volleyball scholarships but she wasn't responsible enough to make her baby's daddy wear a freaking condom or just not have sex at all?

Up yours girlie! She should be ridiculed. Not for being pregnant as a teen (that's like normal these days isn't it?) but for being absolutely and completely stupid! Do you think scouts would actually extend any scholarships to you when they would know you are/were pregnant around signing time? They are not going to put their hopes on a single mother [they made no reference to a responsible father figure stepping up] when they could take a back seat to the child's needs, as they should.

Somebody McFly her!

Hello, McFly!

Monday, December 07, 2009

Email humor 12/07/2009

Why NFL quarterbacks need short names

Heroes is really starting to wear thin

I just finished watching an episode (called The Fifth Stage) of Heroes that was TiVoed on 11/30/2009, a week ago. It reminded me of two episodes ago that I wanted to comment on and just didn't get around to it.

The episode was called Brother's Keeper. Anyway, the Haitian was around Peter and Nathan Petrelli which Nathan was actually Sylar who has Nathan's memories and thoughts. Sylar has a shape-shifting power that's what makes him look like Nathan BUT the Haitian's ability disables the powers of "people with abilities". Hence, Sylar's face should revert to his true face instead of Nathan's revealing who he is to the Peter and the Haitian then all hell should break loose.

Now that I'm reminded of the show's shortfalls, I also remember something from another episode(s).

Matt Parkman was the mind-ability guy that put Nathan's thoughts into Sylar's head and pushed Sylar's mind into some deep, dark place inside the same body, Sylar's. Forward to the next couple of episodes and we see Parkman is having some inner conflict and turmoil with Sylar's mind inside his (Parkman's) head.

Okay, hold the phone. Parkman didn't take Sylar's mind out of his body or absorb it into his own mind. He basically pushed Sylar's mind to the side and put Nathan's mind in command. End of story. At least that's the way it should have been but the writers didn't see it that way. They wanted to fuck the story line and consistency up!

So without getting too worked up and all and continuing with a recap, let's just say that Heroes is falling short on maintaining a following. It sort of reminds me of all the twists and turns in Lost where if you miss an episode you are pretty much screwed on being able to follow what the hell is going on. It's like come on writers. We know you want to continue the series but going off into so many unscripted tangents is a pain in the ass for writers and viewers alike, except the viewers will decide if the show goes on.

I guess it's not that big of a deal to everyone else as it is to me since Lost continued for so long.

Texas Longhorn versus Nebraska Cornhuskers

I watched the last quarter and a half of the Texas/Nebraska game. Just to restate, I'm not a football fan but a buddy of mine was over and wanted to see how the game was going.

Personally, I was disappointed at the score. I mean for a #3 12-0 team to not score at all in the first quarter against a #23 9-3 team is kind of ridiculous in my book. Now granted, the rankings don't show everything of a team no matter what sport it is but when the best Nebraska could do is score field goals, I would think a supposed powerhouse like Texas would have fair much better.

I think the best part of the game was when the Cornhuskers rushed the field thinking they won. At first it was disbelief, then excitement, then confusion, then utter disappointment. It's best summed up by this quote:
"From one of the best feelings I've ever had to one of the worst feelings I've ever had," Nebraska quarterback Zac Lee said. "I don't really have a way to describe the way I feel right now."

Article from ESPN as long as it lasts

He's right. It sucked ass for them. I found it very amusing. Since I was watching it on television, I could tell that there was at least one second left on the clock. It should have never been that close but dumb ass Colt McCoy apparently was hit and sacked almost too much to think clearly. That right there shows you that he doesn't totally deserve the Heisman.

One of the writers on the article page named Schlabach said something about a "favorable call" helped the Horns win. Bullshit! Anybody who has eyesight worth anything (especially watching TV) would have seen that the ball bounced out of bounds with one second left on the game clock. Obviously not favorable. The kicker still had to make it, which he did, just barely inside the left upright!

Anyway, a win is a win even though this was one of the ugliest I've seen in a long time...oh wait, there was a another. A Cowboys game a couple of weeks ago that was just as ugly against the Redskins.

Tony Hawk Ride for Wii

I bought my kids a Wii for Christmas. Walmart was running a deal that started Saturday, Dec 5th and I think runs until the 12th. You buy the Wii for $199 and they throw in a $50 Walmart gift card. I'd say that's a pretty good promotion.

Now that I have a Wii, I was looking for games to buy that are rated well for the kids (and me)! So, I stopped on over at GameSpot to do some research. On the Wii page, I saw this game, Tony Hawk Ride, and I was shocked. I don't think I've ever seen a Tony Hawk game rated so badly. I thought it was the Tony Hawk golden touch for all his games. But it seems he's lost that touch. I didn't read the review because if it isn't rated at least a 7.5 then it's really not worth my time to even take a look.

I have a PS3 but apparently I have to have more game systems like I did when I was young (Sega Genesis, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast). I would like the Xbox360 next but we'll see.

You can never have too many gaming systems, right?

Sunday, December 06, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

A friend of mine loaned me a movie she rented, My Sister's Keeper. She told me it was a tearjerker. That's all I need. I'm such a blubbering cry-baby. I don't know if posted about this before but I don't watch Extreme Makeover after watching one episode regarding a father who is/was a Marine, a father of two or three who lost one of his legs. I watched many episodes before but after this one, I was done.

Something about a bunch of other blubbering "manly" men a.k.a. other Marines and police officers that makes it worse for me, I guess. I think it's seeing people who have to be strong or at least to be strong and brave and "manly" to help lead or protect other people that need it.

It's like when my dad would get all choked up sometimes for some reason as I was growing up. It didn't happen often but when it did, it was weird, sad, to see my dad vulnerable.

Anyway, before I go somewhere on another random tangent, I'm going to start the movie and see how it goes. I have no tissues and plan no sniffling.

55 inches of manly TV watching

The hockey games look pretty good on the 55" LCD HDTV even without the HD feed.

Friday, December 04, 2009

The World's 18 Strangest Roadways

From a post at the Frontburner to Popular Mechanics?

Dallas' High-Five is 16th. Little do they know that this interchange is still shit. All they did was make congestion, stupid merges, and unrelenting traffic look cooler. It's really cool to drive up the high ramps (the young-uns will find it fascinating) but it didn't really relieve any of the problems that Dallasites thought it was to fix.

Whether you are heading north or south on 75 and you are looking to go East or West (which is worse) on 635, you will still slow down for the stupidest reason: the road goes from two lanes from 75S to two lanes on 75N merging together into two lanes on 635W which then merges into 1-2 lanes on 635W depending on if you are exiting or staying on 635W. The merge from 635E to 75S is almost as bad. I would assume that 635E to 75N is similar but I don't go that way often if I have at all.

Tomb Raider: Underworld

Is it wrong that I am mildly aroused by these screen caps from the game Tomb Raider: Underworld?

Video game programmers are evil to make me out this side of myself. Bastards! :-)

* Screen caps are from NewEgg as they were advertising TR:Underworld on sale.

Email humor 12/04/2009

In lieu of Tiger Woods' transgressions, he has decided to change his nickname from "Tiger."

Keeping it in the cat family...

He will now be known as "Cheetah."

Thursday, December 03, 2009

In the news 12/03/2009

Apparently a "friend" of Tiger Woods is a little miffed about his extracurricular activities [article here while it lasts].

It says this friend and fellow golfer, although no where near a golfer of Tiger's caliber, introduced his nanny [Elin] to Tiger. I can see being a little bitter if it was a good friend, a relative or someone really close but being bitter because your nanny got shat on by a dude you introduced her to? C'mon! Again, I don't condone cheating but it's not like Tiger hasn't provided above and beyond for Elin allowing her to live a very, VERY comfortable lifestyle. Shit happens and yeah it sucks when it does but don't dick on a guy for getting busted. Who the hell knows what you, Jesper Parnevik, has done "on the side."

Jesper, by the looks of your 2009 tournament finishes, you'd be lucky if someone on the street actually knew who you are much less want you to bang them on the back nine! I think Jesper just wants to get famous off of Tiger's name and wanderings. It's a good time to do it!

Yes, I just pointed fingers and name-called but I got pushed. Who the hell does he really think he is saying, "We probably thought [Tiger] was a better guy than he is"!? Sounds like jealousy to me.

What an Ass! LOL!

I'm done!

Live Long and Prosper!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Two black guys do something very stupid...separately

Catchy title, huh? Okay, maybe not so catchy. I have nothing against black people. It just happens that I have watched or read recent occurrences that included two black people.

Why am I explaining myself!? Anyway...

First, I just got around to watching last week's episode of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins on my TiVo. It's a comedic and sometimes frustrating show to watch. I get agitated, aggravated, or some "-ated" when I see how ignorant, cowardly, egotistical, retarded, retardedly inebriated, and whatever other demeaning adjectives some these people are. I would be embarrassed if I was a friend or family member to most of these people.

So, this episode contestant Brad gets shit-faced drunk. For some reason, he starts talking smack at Darrell, not like my brother Darryl but like Duhrail, the only black dude in the house. I'm not sure if it was because he's black since no slangs or slurs were used in his drunken rant or that Darrell just happened to be holding the biggest pot of money ($33,000) and worked a guaranteed trip to the finals with his team.

Brad is so drunk that he can barely stand upright while he's ranting and flexing his muscles at Darrell. The other dudes are trying to keep things cool without redirecting Brad's ire towards them. Darrell is mocking Brad and Brad finally gets to a point where he touches/pushes Darrell on the shoulders from the front while Darrell is sitting on a bed.

Darrell finally gets off the bed and grabs Brad's shoulders and it becomes a sort of wrestling grapple shoving match. It gets a little more out of hand where Brad, already unstable and unbalanced, loses footing and stumbles backwards all the while Darrell is shoving. Brad topples kind of backwards/sidewards to his right and hits hard the wooden floor. While on the ground, Darrell stands over him and swings away with his right arm/fist to the back left-side of Brad's head. The other guys pull him away to see that Brad is gushing blood from his brow.
Interjection: Most would think this injury is from Darrell but I am sure it was from when Brad "falls" over and hits the floor without being able brace for the fall with his hands. Add to this the hitting from behind the head on the left-side by girly Darrell and now Brad's brain was probably bouncing continuously on the floor.
Now, finally, here's the mistake...There is one major rule: no fighting. If someone hits you, protect yourself without hitting back and only the "hitter" goes home. So, Darrell, you dumb ass. You royally f-ed up! You had $33,000. You were secured in going to the finals. Your team would have at least had 3 guys and 1 girl if not 4 guys while the other team was definitely only 1 guy and maybe 3 girls. The odds were 99.9% in your favor of taking home at least $33,000 with whatever the final bounty portioned out would be. I'd have to say that constitutes you being labeled as Senor Dipshit!

Second, and less elaborately describe, Tiger Woods. I haven't followed closely the whole "cheating" story but if any part is true, dude, WTF were you thinking? You NEVER, EVER leave texts or messages from traceable numbers or addresses. If you cheat, especially as a celebrity athlete, you keep it so buried and secretive that it's almost like you aren't having an affair at all!

I don't point fingers at Tiger. We are all human and I sometimes believe that as humans maybe we are not supposed to be "tied" to one person. Procreation would have suffered if we were. Just my opinion but I think it's a testament for us as humans to remain faithful and not stray compared to seeing it as a failure if we do. It's not that things are better on the other side of the fence. It's that there are a lot of "other sides of the fence."

Anyway, I don't fault Tiger for being a celebrity that was found to have cheated on his wife. He's not a role model of life and those that make him as such are foolish. He's not Mrs. C. What he is is an athlete, a very famous and skilled athlete. A role model on how to play golf? Sure! Does that directly correlate to a role model on life? Not just no, but HELL NO!

Anyway, I'm done ranting now. It's time to move on to more productive things like getting ready to go home for the day.

The understanding of college football rankings eludes me

I don't follow football which means I don't follow college football. But I noticed a few news stories that kind of made me think...yes, the gerbil wheel still runs occasionally.

It seems TCU has gone undefeated (12-0, 8-0). They are the Mountain West Conference Champions.

But this is where my ignorance shows through. They are or are not going to a bowl game? In the article [here], it wasn't clear. It especially was confusing when it said,
"The only chance TCU has to become the first outsider to play in the BCS national championship game is for No. 3 Texas (12-0) to lose to Nebraska (9-3) in the Big 12 title game."
Okay, what? You lost me!

I'll just rant on about what I am not clear. A team goes undefeated, some of those wins by huge margins, and after all that effort they maybe will play in a bowl/championship game? To me, that's like working 12-hour days and still getting 8-hour pay. What's the point? I've heard some people say that those wins came against not-so-great teams. Every team has an off season but that doesn't mean they weren't good at some point in time.

So, let's take a look at TCU's cross-town rival, SMU. After something like 25 losing seasons, SMU goes (7-5, 6-2) and gets the Hawaii Bowl. I don't know if that's a championship or what but they already get a bowl game with a 7-5 season where as TCU goes 12-0 and is iffy? SMU article here as long as it lasts at Dallas Morning News.

Now, I think I understand there are different levels of conference play. Wrong or right, I kind of relate it to NHL, IHL, CHL, etc. because I have a decent grasp and understanding on ice hockey leagues. I also relate it to high school competitions where the break down is something like 3A, 4A, 5A depending on the size of the school and school district.

So as there are different levels of play, why not different levels of bowl games? Again, I don't know college ball so there may be something like this already in place. I just don't see why a team that goes 12-0 for the season is not rewarded in the end for their amazing effort but a team that's sucked for twenty-five years with a barely winning season of 7-5 is in a bowl game.

I am college football ignorant so this may not be as dismal as it seems to me. If I'm sort of right, hooray for me and colleges that continually get shafted should push for change!

Vanilla Ice...Ice, ice baby

From a Frontburner post to a New Times article.

It's a good read especially if you grew up during that time as I did for Rob's, Vanilla's, one year of stardom!

At the time of this post, I'm only about halfway through the article as I'm at work. But, so far, one of the funniest things Rob's said is on page 10. And I quote:
"It was a million dollars. I'd lick my mother's asshole for a million dollars."
Now that's funny!

Click to see the Ice, Ice Baby video on YouTube as embedding has been disabled.

By the way, did I mention there's like 6-degrees-of-Kevin-Bacon between me and Ice? I went to high school with one of his dancers. We weren't best of buds but we knew each other. I remember he sort of quit school to go backup dance for Vanilla. Talk about a story to share with your kids.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

OMG! More more in the news 12/01/2009

From Dallas Morning News:
University Park to vote tonight on smoking ban

Click here for article as long as it lasts

Just thought I'd let you know that I commented on the article. My handle was JustAnOpinion007.

Or you can just read it here:

Not smoking is a natural, innate process. Smoking is a chosen, learned habit. When a smoker and non-smoker stand beside each other and the smoker lights up, the smoker's habit infringes upon the non-smoker's environment and affects their choice.

Telling a non-smoker to just go somewhere else is ignorant. If smokers boycott a place for not allowing them to smoke, so be it. Same with non-smokers. I personally don't understand why a smoke is needed while enjoying a dining-out meal. I don't see that one could properly and thoroughly enjoy the taste and flavor. But I won't pass judgment at this time.

The part that smokers don't get is that their habit affects other people. Plain and simple, it's downright disrespectful to smoke without asking if it would bother anyone. It's rude but the smoker's don't get it for some reason. It's like smacking while eating, picking your nose at the table or sneezing without covering your mouth. Would you really fart loudly in a room of strangers just because you can? Highly doubtful! It's called common courtesy but most smokers (yes I generalize because it's true) believe that it's their given right to smoke wherever and whenever they please. If anyone tells them no, then they feel like someone's questioning their entitlement to do so.

If it takes government to step in and show people the courteous way, then I'm for it because the smokers aren't leading by example. I agree that the owners should be able to pass/fail the option but it's about money and they don't want to be the ones holding the blame. I'm sure many feel this is a good measure to pass but don't want to openly say it for fear of customer backlash. Like it or not, that's business. If the businesses were smart, they would have better ventilation, have smoking only in the bar area or have an air-tight separation between bar and restaurant with smoking only in the bar area. It's simple, really.

I make a conscious choice to enter a bar (90% of revenue is from alcohol) and I fully expect there to be smoking.

I choose to enter a restaurant even though it has a bar and I expect not to smell the smoke.

Common courtesy is all it takes but our society as a whole currently lacks.
End of Commentary

Free speech flag

I posted here in regards to a site called Badmouth. I had to visit the sight and see what it was about other than the link from MSNBC.

This may be above my intelligence quotient but I'm not sure what this is other than a support for free speech flag. The article ended with "spread the word" so I am. You can click here to help yourself understand what this is for...if it I'm still confused...sort of. Let me know if you can make more sense out of it for me. I'm sure it makes sense. I'm just not getting it while I'm at work. I will have to ponder when I am at home, during my down time.

Visit Badmouth anyway. It looks like a decent site. I'm adding them to my Google Reader and we'll see how it goes.

More in the news 12/01/2009

I guess I'm out of the loop but saw this story on the "Obama party crashers" on MSNBC. I'm not going to waste my time with further comment other than if these people were of different color, I don't think they would waste time pressing criminal trespass charges even if they were black. Just because we have a black president doesn't mean that a black's skin color has made miraculous strides in overall perception. Sorry, that's just society not my personal feelings.

Click to see article while is lasts.

Live Long and Prosper!

In the news 12/01/2009...and apparently more

Holy shit, Batman! Can you believe it is already December 2009? The main thing I always hated about the new year was having to learn to write the new year. I spent probably a month after January 2009 crossing out 2008 because of writing it out of habit. Now that I am used to writing 2009, I'm going to have to get used to writing 2010. Sucks!

So, back on tangent of an "in the news" post.

I saw an article on MSN that linked me to MSNBC that linked me to Badmouth. The headline reads on MSN:
Activist seeks divorce ban in California

Click here for the article as long as it lasts

The dude's got a point. I mean they wanted to preserve the sanctity of traditional marriage (between man and woman) by banning gay marriage why can't they further try to preserve it with a ban (if not at least more difficulty to get) on divorce? I'm happily married for a long time and I'm 99.9% sure I will be forever. I think some people see divorce as an out before even getting married. It's kind of like registering for and taking college classes. I take some classes just to see if I like them because I know that there is a drop date that allows me to withdraw from the class if I don't want to continue attending it anymore. If I knew in advance it's either a take or don't take, then I probably wouldn't take certain courses. Get the analogy?

Anyway, I'm totally for or against marriage. Weird, huh? Again, I'm happily married but I just don't see marriage as a necessary thing. I think society, at least historically, has taught individuals that one dates, gets married, buys a house, has children and lives "happily ever after". They don't tell you that sometimes after the house and children comes foreclosure and divorce. LOL! I lived with my wife for about three years before we got married. The times were (and still are) great but I don't think we needed to get married. I think that's just the then marriage placed upon couples--hetero or homo. I don't think marriage gave me any more of a commitment to her than I already had. I could have professed eternal commitment to her and kept my promise. That's just the kind of honorable person I am, honestly! Marriage didn't miraculously make our relationship more exciting and magical. Our relationship was already all that and more. What marriage did was give us a legal binding contract.

As such, I think the infringing party that breaches the contract should come out with the shit end of the stick. If they want to continue to honestly work to make the marriage work, okay...maybe. Otherwise, fuck them. They broke the contract why should they get ANYTHING from it. Sure there are many reasons for dissolving a marriage and annulment is good for most anything other than cheating, stealing, beating, and the like. If you fault on your house mortgage or auto loan, you don't get something out of it, do you? NOPE! They take your house or your car, end of story.

Anyway, before I get too high up on my podium (which side am I on though, huh?), I truly don't care if "marriage" is man-woman, man-man, woman-woman (umm...:-P). If the people are good people, who the shit cares what their sexual preference is?