Tuesday, December 01, 2009

OMG! More more in the news 12/01/2009

From Dallas Morning News:
University Park to vote tonight on smoking ban

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Just thought I'd let you know that I commented on the article. My handle was JustAnOpinion007.

Or you can just read it here:

Not smoking is a natural, innate process. Smoking is a chosen, learned habit. When a smoker and non-smoker stand beside each other and the smoker lights up, the smoker's habit infringes upon the non-smoker's environment and affects their choice.

Telling a non-smoker to just go somewhere else is ignorant. If smokers boycott a place for not allowing them to smoke, so be it. Same with non-smokers. I personally don't understand why a smoke is needed while enjoying a dining-out meal. I don't see that one could properly and thoroughly enjoy the taste and flavor. But I won't pass judgment at this time.

The part that smokers don't get is that their habit affects other people. Plain and simple, it's downright disrespectful to smoke without asking if it would bother anyone. It's rude but the smoker's don't get it for some reason. It's like smacking while eating, picking your nose at the table or sneezing without covering your mouth. Would you really fart loudly in a room of strangers just because you can? Highly doubtful! It's called common courtesy but most smokers (yes I generalize because it's true) believe that it's their given right to smoke wherever and whenever they please. If anyone tells them no, then they feel like someone's questioning their entitlement to do so.

If it takes government to step in and show people the courteous way, then I'm for it because the smokers aren't leading by example. I agree that the owners should be able to pass/fail the option but it's about money and they don't want to be the ones holding the blame. I'm sure many feel this is a good measure to pass but don't want to openly say it for fear of customer backlash. Like it or not, that's business. If the businesses were smart, they would have better ventilation, have smoking only in the bar area or have an air-tight separation between bar and restaurant with smoking only in the bar area. It's simple, really.

I make a conscious choice to enter a bar (90% of revenue is from alcohol) and I fully expect there to be smoking.

I choose to enter a restaurant even though it has a bar and I expect not to smell the smoke.

Common courtesy is all it takes but our society as a whole currently lacks.
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