Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Coast PX25 LED Flashlight from Amazon Unboxing

I broke down and purchased the Coast PX25 LED Flashlight from Amazon.com. I was already ordering something and decided to throw this flashlight in with it. My price comparison found it much cheaper via Amazon than Home Depot—where is the place I originally found it online. Amazon had it for $27.89+tax+S/H. I'm not taking the time to figure the exact tax and S/H but the other product I purchased was $134.95. The total tax on both was $2.54 and total S/H was $10.09. The flashlight price at HomeDepot.com is $41.97 and the preferred vendor of LightsandKnives.com via CoastPortland.com has it for $42.00. So, even with the full price of tax and S/H from Amazon, the total cost would be around $40.00 total.

It didn't take long for the product to arrive after ordering. I took some pictures of the unboxing below. The box is pretty fancy smancy cardboard but it's a nice touch. The box contains the flashlight, three Duracell AAA batteries, a wrist strap, and a manual/Coast catalog.

Taking the flashlight out of the box I could feel it had a good weight to it. It's not too heavy but it also isn't dainty. One thing I did notice is that the push on/off button on the butt of the flashlight will not allow for the flashlight to stand on end. Not a huge deal but it was VERY useful when I used the Coast PX20 in certain situations. As it is, I'll have to lay the PX25 on it's side or rig some kind of removable stand for the light which would kind of suck because I'd have to carry it around or some such making it cumbersome.

The light itself is pretty damn bright. It has a a pretty decent spot with a good flood ring around it. I didn't do an official test for distance but it shines pretty far. At night, I could stand in the street in front of my house and point it down the road. It would reflect off the stop sign, the yield signs, any other signs quite nicely and bright! Actual visibility from flashlight to whatever I would point it at, varied depending on how far away whatever it is was. I think it had at least a visibility of up to 50 feet or even 75 feet. After that, the flashlight still shown but the stuff it lit was not as clearly visible as closer.

Well, that's about it for my "professional" assessment of the Coast PX25 LED Flashlight. Here are a couple of photos of the unboxing.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Looxcie LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder System

Saw an ad on my Google Reader feed for Boing Boing mentioning the Looxcie (look-see) LX1 Wearable Bluetooth Camcorder System. ( linked while it lasts.)

I've seen this camera being advertised and reviewed some time ago and didn't think it was that great. But when I saw this ad for deal on it (now for $70 whereas it was much more before), I thought it might be something to consider. However, I was quickly dissuaded from purchasing after clicking on the link to a video from the Manufacturer and then view other videos on YouTube under the Looxcie member name.

The initial video was informative, instructional, and did a decent job at presenting and selling the product. But...the other videos have me wondering about the actual quality of the video produced from the camera itself.

Click to view the various videos of mountain climbing, paintballing, cycling and others. If you aren't below the IQ of Forrest Gump, you'll notice the same thing I did. The video advertisements show very little actual footage from the camera! There is a 2-5 second clip here and there but most of the video is of the climbers/paintballers/cyclers from an angle not shot from the Looxcie camera on the persons head especially not the the LX1. Out of a 30-second ad, maybe a total of 3-5 very random seconds of video feed from the actual Looxcie camera is shown.

So, what are they selling? The person on the cyclist, the bike, the woods, the paintballer, paintball gun, the paintball course, the mountain, the climber, the camera each of these was actually shot with or the LX1? I don't think they sell the camera as much as they sold the environment it was used in. Beside the Looxcie camera was an helmet mounted one and not the over-the-ear LX1—from what I can tell in the video anyway.

I'll stick with my 2011 Tachyon XC HD Helmet Cam or my anticipated future purchase of the GoPro HD Hero 2. They are just more versatile.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Cobie Smulders in The Avengers

This is Cobie Smulders. She played Nick Fury's second-in-command, Agent Maria Hill, in The Avengers.

I hate to say it but she is way hotter than Scarlett Johansson aka Natasha Romanoff and that's huge praise from "Jay" because I have always thought Scarlett was hot.

It's their natural prettiness and beauty that gets me every time! Colbie's got those piercing blue eyes! Also, I would believe her doing all those moves that Black Widow does in the movie than with Scarlett but who am I to judge.

When Agent Maria Hill got hurt in the ship attack, I was sad because I thought they killed her off! Boy was I ecstatic when she was fine (and I mean FINE) other than the bloody scratch(es) in this screen capture.

I hope to see more of Cobie in other movies and I don't just mean her pretty blue eyes!