Thursday, February 26, 2015

Dermatology Is a Lucrative Career

Went to a dermatologist appointment today. The office was in a building I've passed many times. I've been in it once — to eat and use the restroom. This was during a time that I took my kids and some of their friends to enjoy a little bit of Easy Slider Truck. They were parked outside this building.

Anyway, the elevators have a wall-to-ceiling glass window wall at the back of the elevators. I don't recall if the sides did too because I was too busy looking out and down through the back glass. Three of four sides of the building are offices and the fourth is all glass windows to the outside world.

Once I got to the dermo's office level, the 13th floor, this was the view...and the dermo office takes up almost all of the 13th floor. Daughters or sons, find a dermatologist to marry. :-)

Monday, February 16, 2015

Burger Island Dallas

I read about Burger Island about a month or two or more ago. I initially saw it when I first downloaded the GrubHub app. It was one of the few places that delivered and interested me as far as a new place to try. Unfortunately, I wasn't brave enough to try it with my first time using GrubHub—instead I went with Bangkok City for my initial GrubHub order.

Recently, I was talking with a coworker about it and she was game to accompany me to try it during lunch today.

When we arrived, it basically felt like a hole in the wall but one that is on a bustling street of a bazillion other restaurants serving all kinds of food. In fact, it's in a sort of strip shopping center type of location.

Walking inside, there isn't much to brag about in regards to the interior. It's very basic. Olden-type of dining tables and chairs like you'd find in a Waffle House back in the 80s or some diner off a farm-to-market road. There's a sitting area separated from the order line and kitchen area. So, like I said, pretty basic.

The cashier was very familiar with the menu offerings and called back to the kitchen our order as quickly as we ordered. We paid and sat down. About 7-10 minutes later, we had our burgers.

What you see in the photo is the Guacamole Cheeseburger with Curly Fries (her order) and the Hawaiian Cheeseburger with Seasoned Fries (my order). I believe we both had sodas too.

The curly fries ($2.49) were good but probably tasted just like any other place that sells similar ones like at Jack in the Box or Arby's but not as seasoned, if at all, as those places.

The seasoned fries ($1.99) were okay. I think seasoned meant garlic salt and pepper. They weren't very crispy and not as tasty as McDonald's french fries. For me they were passable. If we go back, I'll just share the curly fries or stick with just a burger and soda.

I didn't taste the guacamole cheeseburger ($7.99) but my coworker said it was good. Not better or worse than anywhere else, but it was good. It did seem to come with a good slather or guacamole. As described on the menu, "Loaded with guacamole, American cheese, Provolne cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions."

The Hawaiian cheeseburger ($7.99) was good. It wasn't what I was expecting being called 'Hawaiian' but it tasted good. As described on the menu, "Pineapple, ham, Provolone cheese, American cheese, mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickles, onions."

The main problem I had with the Hawaiian burger is the pineapple was not consistent throughout the burger. They use pineapple chunks like you would find on a pizza a Cici's versus pineapple slices. I think slice(s) would allow a piece of pineapple with every bite of the burger whereas the chunks were sporadic. Most of them fell out of the burger if you took bites of it vertically versus keeping it horizontal. Overall the flavor was good especially when I got a pineapple in my bite. If you don't get the pineapple, you don't get what they are calling 'Hawaiian' which means you are basically just eating a regular old cheeseburger with MLTPO.

Again, I liked the burger. However, the location is not as convenient as other places for me that have just as good or better burgers are closer to me. Some even have better prices for the same sized entree. I would recommend this place if you are in the area and what a burger different than a McDonald's, Wendy's or Jack in the Box. Otherwise, it's not worth the drive to dine in and, in my opinion, the delivery fee is overpriced on the GrubHub app.

Friday, February 06, 2015

Netgear Wireless Range Extender

I purchased this WN1000RP Netgear Wireless Range Extender from Fry's Electronics. It was on sale for like $15 so I thought it would be worth the investment if it did what I needed it to and what it's supposed to do.

So, let's start off by me trying to be a little more fancy with this one and do an unboxing video. Below is the quick unboxing video just to show what's in the box...Exciting to say the least.

The set up was pretty easy for this device. I think even your 70-yr-old grandmother could do it. Simple, I like it. However, after that, it basically went down hill.

If you look at the above image, the labeled signals of "wireless router" and "range extender _ex" are within my home and are the home wireless router and the WN1000RP range extender. What do you see? Five bars on the router and four bars on the extender? Not a big deal right? Except for the fact that I was sitting about two feet from the extender and the router is about fifteen feet up and thirty feet back on the second floor. If anything, the range extender should be showing a minimum five bars! Oh yeah, all those other signals are the various signals outside of my home and of my surrounding neighbors.

So, in my real-life non-scientific test, the range extender already fails for the purpose I purchased it — to extend my wireless range. Okay, it does extend it but it doesn't provide the same signal strength or more of the wireless router itself.

About two weeks later, I tried to connect to it, which I did, but it was no longer connected to my wireless network. I reset it and reinstalled it to no avail with connecting to my network and the Internet. So, I effectively had a plasticky 2 1/2" by 2 1/2" square brick plugged into a wall outlet. You ask why I don't return it. Well, I bought this and didn't get around to using it until about fifteen days after purchase. It then failed which was about thirty days after purchase. The Fry's return time period had passed. It has since been recycled to some electronic graveyard.

If I can save anyone time, effort and money, you should avoid the WN1000RP Netgear Wireless Range Extender no matter how cheaply priced you find it. The $15-$30 you may have saved ends up being wasted if it doesn't work for a longer period of time.