Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is what "dumbass" looks like

Below is a picture of a GMAT score. If you don't know what a GMAT is, you can Google it. Essentially though, it is a test to show what kind of graduate student you could/should be (typically for the MBA—Master's in Business Administration) like the SAT/ACT/GRE/LSAT/MCAT tests and etc. do for their particular field in which they apply.

The GMAT has a maximum score of 800. The GMAT score captured below is a 200. Now if you look at it in the most simplistic of terms...a 100% would be 800, 75% would be 600, 50% would be 400 and 25% would be 200. There are other scores besides these but remember this is for simplistic reasons. So, of all the percentages listed, which do you think is (obviously) passing? What's amazing is that people will ask why their 600 isn't competitive. What's doubly amazing is that people will ask why their 550, 500, 400, 300, and yes, even 200 isn't competitive. They also say that a 200 doesn't reflect the real person they are. That they don't test well. What a lame excuse!

Let me put it into perspective some more. You basically can get a 200 on the GMAT just for showing up and signing your name to the paper. I've never seen a published score below 200 and I've work with an MBA program for 10+ years. I am led to believe that's because 200 is the lowest as seen in the percentile given for the related 200, which is 0%. You know what that means? It means that you did better than 0% of other test takers. If a 200 is 0% then I'm on par with saying that a score below 200 is not given. Therefore, showing up and putting your name down gets you an automatic 200 points.

Next best question from a 200-point test taker is, can I get scholarship? Yeah buddy. We'll invest in you as a future business leader...NOT!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the news 05/25/2011

As I've said many, many times before, I am not politically motivated. I don't give a shit about politics because no matter what you may think of the politicians or the politicians think of themselves, 99% of them are corrupt in some form or fashion. It's the way of politics and nobody that has been involved in politics for a long period of time can deny it. Those that got out because of the corruption, here's a high-five. Those that are still in it are just good at hiding it...for now.

So, today there is an article in the Star Telegram about Gov. Perry signing the "sonogram bill" for the state of Texas.

Let me say that I am not pro-abortion or anti-abortion. I am pro-choice...a choice made by the individual and not by the government. So...

Here's a quote to show how stupid Perry and his followers/supporters are:
"Every life lost to abortion is a tragedy we all must work together to prevent," said Perry, who had designated the measure an "emergency" item this session. "This important bill will ensure that every Texas woman seeking an abortion has all the facts about the life she is carrying and understands the devastating impact of such a life-changing decision."
What this bill to me tries to do is push their agenda onto the patient and, down the road, to taxpayers. I feel like the pro-life people think that if the abortionee hears and sees the "baby" that they will miraculously change their minds. I don't know about you but anyone I've ever talked to that has had an abortion did not say, "If I had known all the facts beforehand, I never would have done it." They all knew the facts. They researched it because it's a medical procedure and they wanted to know every step of how it would occur, what would it do to the fetus, what would it do to them personally health and safety wise, etc. These stupid politicians think that every female getting an abortion is just some ignorant person not knowing the decision they are making. Now they are ignorant in that fact that they were not thinking of the consequences of having sex but it always seems people are more "informed" after the fact when it comes to dealing with those consequences.

This affects the taxpayer down the road because what if someone doesn't have insurance. Who pays for the sonogram? Not the pregnant one.

Also, how many behind-closed-garage-door abortions are going to occur now because people don't want to have the sonogram pushed on them? How many more stupid teens that got knocked up are not going to tell their parents because now the parents have to pay for one extra medical visit/service? Most stupid kids are willing to handle this problem on their own so their parents never know about it. That's smart to me although some people may feel differently. It's human nature...how many mistakes did you make that you tried to fix before having to tell your parents? Why is this any different?

Before I stay on my soap box, there is one more stupid point I'd like to mention from the article:
"The law, which takes effect Sept. 1, requires doctors to make the image of the fetus, and the fetal heartbeat, available to a woman, although she may decline to see or hear it."
To this I say, what is the reasoning behind this again? You can force the sonogram onto the person but you can't force them to see or hear it? Really? I would think you shouldn't be able to force either but that's just me.

Two interesting quotes in the article from opponents of the bill (and then I'll let you read the damn thing yourselves):
From Bebe Anderson, senior counsel for the Center for Reproductive Rights in New York: "One of the big problems is the way it forces women to hear or see information when they have chosen not to do that...It gets the government in between the doctor and the patient in a totally inappropriate way."

From Sara Cleveland, executive director of the NARAL Pro-Choice Texas group: "Once again, Rick Perry has chosen to put the health of his political career ahead of the health of Texas women...Our state is facing a record budget shortfall...yet interfering in women's health is what Perry has chosen to declare an 'emergency' and focus his time and resources on. He should be embarrassed and deeply ashamed of his actions."

[Absent-Minded Jay steps off soap box]

Click here for the article while it lasts.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

House of 9 (2005)

House of 9 (2005). This movie is a lot like the movie Exam (previously written about here). I think I read a description about how it was like Saw but it really isn't. There are no death traps that are accidentally triggered or have time limits. I'd say it is 95% more like Exam.

I don't recall how I came across this movie and put it on my Netflix watch instantly queue. I think it may have had something to do with Kelly Brook being in it. I'm sure I followed some filmography or suggested viewings from somewhere. Dennis Hopper was in it too but let's get back to Kelly Brook. She actually wasn't as annoying in this movie as she is in some others I've seen with her in them. She didn't have that consistent annoying, whining voice she normally has. I guess it's because she's usually playing a victimized woman or something, I don't know. I think she looked younger in this one too and not as heavy as in others. Don't get me wrong. She's by no means fat or heavy but she was much thinner in this one than I've seen in others...but still not fat. Know what I mean?

Anyway, the movie plays out like any other of the same genre before it. "There can be only one" (that's from The Highlander movies) survivor and in the end she just happens to be it based on pure luck and predictable scripting. Just about every stereotypical thing was written in this movie...
  • Cop is one of the captives and he assumes "leadership" without any actual voting/electing and everyone is okay with it (I wouldn't have been)
  • Black man is a rapper, gets blamed for everything (although he did accidentally kill someone), cop rules him a threat and locks him in a room without any discussion and no one disagrees with the "due process"
  • Priest (Dennis Hopper) is faced with protecting himself and others or taking a life. Chooses the latter. Has regrets but meets his maker later at the hands of another house mate
  • Hot, pretty girl (Brook) ends up winning
  • Winner is given the prize but instead of actual release looks to have been let out of one house into another house of previous winners. There is not continuation but one is led to believe that the "winners" can now become bigger winners by killing previous winners and taking their money
In the end, the movie was laughable, annoying, predictable and could have been much better with the addition of some boobies being shown. I mean come on, there were like 3-4 attractive females and not a one of them even so much had a nipple slip! FAIL!

This movie is passable. It's not even worth snagging from a friend. If you have Netflix already, then it might be one of those "just had to check it out" viewings but otherwise pass on it.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at GameStop

I get an email from GameStop since I'm a PowerUp Rewards member stating I am privy to a "deal" for COD:MW3. I click on the link and the screen capture below is the landing page I am directed to.

It's a rockin' poster but really? I don't know about you but this is not a "deal" to me. You get an exclusive poster? Really? That's their big selling point for pre-ordering through GameStop? Oh yeah, "and a chance for future MW3 exclusives." Oooooooooo.

Give me half off the price. Give me $20 off. Give me something respectable but don't insult me by saying I can get an exclusive poster.

I guess they may be mad at me since I haven't purchased anything from them in a while.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Skullcandy 2XL Shakedown Full Suspension Headband

Skullcandy 2XL Shakedown Full Suspension Headband. I purchased these a few weeks or so ago. I saw a link from some "links to deals" web site like Slickdeals. In fact, it could have been Slickdeals. Anyway, there was a really good deal for these over-the-ear headphones that I figured they were worth a try. I think the price was like $5.99/ea + s/h and maybe tax which made the total cost very close to $10. Again, worth it in my eyes because I could always eBay them for the exact amount I paid and possibly break even. Not to mention that I wasn't expecting or looking for them to be this fantastically sounding headphones. I was looking for decent, good sound cheaply priced. They would be put through a lot by me and my kids (I actually got three sets) so they would need to be somewhat sturdy and again costs low. But without some sense of quality sound, what's the point. Yeah?

So, here are a few things I can share about these little babies:
  • They don't exactly feel like the sturdiest headphones but they seem to be durable enough so far. I didn't expect top-quality but the plastic feels frail like a plastic water gun but also durable like that of the smaller Nerf guns.
  • The cord is a little shorter than most headphones cords. I would guess it's like three feet versus the typical six feet. Do you really need that extra three feet? Sometimes. I mean if you are using the MP3 player pocket in your backpack while listening with these headphones, there may be an occasional pulling or tugging on the phones. I guess it entirely depends on how far down the MP3 player pocket is or how low you let your backpack hang down your ass. Either way, I wouldn't think three feet is very accommodating. At the same time, I had some earphones that had the six foot cord and at times I felt like it was too long.
  • These are definiley on-ear headphones. They may be over-the-ear for some people with smaller heads/ears, like my kids, but they are on-ear for me. No a big deal, but don't expect them to be long-term comfortable.
  • Speaking of comfortability. These are mildly comfortable after wearing for some time but sometimes get uncomfortable after much longer. The ear muffs are not the softest but I expected as much. I've worn them for an entire movie with mild irritation after 1 1/2 to 2 hours. Again, the muffs do not contain the most padding and the plastic/pleather covering tends to cause slight perspiration. I think I've experienced the perspiration with high-end headphones as well...it's just what happens when you cover your ear with no air circulation so I don't blame it on these. The headband securely holds the muffs on my ears but because of the lack of softness, my ears have gotten irritated a few times after extended use.
  • The sound seems to be pretty good. I'm no audio expert but for what I've used them for, they have performed well. Decent bass and treble with enough seal on the ears to block out background noises...to an extent. I haven't reached that extent but I'm sure there is an "extent."
  • These aren't ear buds. They are a little more cumbersome than ear buds...okay, a lot. These are not the type to fit snuggly and take up little space in a backpack or purse or whatever. Again, I didn't plan on walking around town with them...very often if at all...but I do like to be able to use headphones over ear buds on occasion.

I guess that's about all I can say about these so far. I use them on occasion like I said. The kids have started using them a little more than their ear buds but it turns out it's because they often misplace their buds and they have the headphones as back up. I think thye still sell these on their eBay listing for about the same price. It might be a decent gift for a teenager or a non-audiophile snob.

Just a shot of one of my headphones in the package before opening.

Products I've used by Altec Lansing

This is a picture of the Octiv Duo M202 iPod Speakers by Altec Lansing. I purchased a couple of these for my kids because they had a great deal on them at my time of purchase. I think the regular price on these is $99 but I got each of them for $59 because I'm a member of the CNET community. Of course, I had to create an extra membership because I wanted two but I still purchased each for $59 plus s/h. Again, this was one of those "If it doesn't work out, I can eBay it purchases." So far though, all has worked well.

There are a few things that worth noting (good and bad) about this item:
  • Two apps are available for free. One is a Altec mix app that allows this speaker to play two separate iPods at the same time or mixing the tracks from two separate iPods. I haven't used this function yet but it looks interesting enough...although I have all my songs on one iPod Touch and my kids have a selected few from mine on their Touches so I'm not sure I have a need for this app. The second app is Altec's alarm app. You download this to use the speaker as an alarm clock. Two issues with this app is that you have to have the app active and the alarm ON for it to work and you also have to make sure you have the corect source activated for the iPod and speaker to work together as an alarm. It's taken a few times but my kids have occasionally forgotten to make sure the iPod is the selected source. So come morning, they wake up late and in a tizzy wondering why the alarm didn't go off. I think it teaches them a little bit more about responsibility but I can see where it is frustrating to them as well. Other than that, the alarm app works perfectly...allowing you to wake to whatever music/song you have selected.
  • The speaker system does not have a battery-powered only option. For an original price of $99, I would think this would be a no-brainer. This option missing isn't a total deal breaker but it does make it inconvenient for this to be portable since you'll need to have access to a power outlet.
  • The sound produced from this speaker system seems pretty good for my non-audio expert ears. It produces sounds rich and loud enough to fill a 20' x 20' room without distortion. It does get loud enough to cause some distortion but it is not necessary to get that loud for my kids' use. If you need something that loud without distortion, this wouldn't be an option anyway. You might as well connect this to some kind of sound system or boom box that is made for "booming" sound.
  • This thing is basically an external or add-on speaker for your iPod. It has no functionality built within other than switching ON/OFF or sources. For this reason, I would not recommend purchasing this for $99 but I would say that I got a pretty good deal at $59. That would be what I'd look for is a good deal on this that makes it about half price of what it's going for right now.
  • The remote control is nice and very functional. It is a bit small, like the size of the silver dollars of old, so it could be easily misplaced. At the same time, the size is nice enough to put in your pocket without being bulky. It has a decent range on it but I haven't tested the quoted versus actual distance and probably never will until the moment when I get pissed because I'm too far for the signal to work. The remote has forward, reverse, pause, play, stop, volume up, volume down, mute, on, off and source select. I think it works nicely with the simple system.
I guess that's about all I have on the Altec Octiv Duo M202.

Muzx XX or XY Passive Noise-Cancelling Ear Buds by Altec Lansing.

These ear buds came as a "gift" with the M202. Actually, the M202 came with two sets of these buds. I haven't had the chance or a need, yet, to use them so I can't share my experience. I can say that they come in a variety of colors. I was able to select the colors I wanted during my M202 order. I think these run like $19.99 last I looked so to get two sets for free is a damn good deal in my eyes. Again, I can't testify to the sound quality but two save $40 (which I wouldn't spend in the first place) is well worth the chance to test these out...when I get a chance. I could open them and use them once but why because I already have fully functioning/working ear buds that I'm happy with. Until they break, I won't be opening these XX/XY buds.

So, in conclusion, the M202 is working fantastically so far since March 2011. My kids have had no complaints and they use the speakers for more than just the iPod. My oldest uses it to hook up to the laptop and watch Netflix or listen to YouTube videos. If you can get them for a good deal as I did, I don't think you'll be disappointed as long as you know what you want out of them and the limits to them.

Targus Sport II Laptop Backpack from Walmart

Targus Sport II Laptop Backpack. I picked this up at Walmart.com a few weeks or so ago. It was another one of those deals from Slickdeals.net. This one was, in my opinion, too good to pass up for a test drive. It was $10 plus s/h ($.97) & tax which totaled out to $11.75 for me. I figured $12 was a much better investment than the regular price of $70+.

First, the shipping on this was fast! I selected the standard shipping which said something like 5-7 days. I could have saved on the shipping and did site-to-store but the estimated availability at the store was like two days after the anticipated standard shipping. Now, it could have gotten to the store in a matter of days but I wasn't in a hurry and I really didn't feel like driving to my local Walmart just to pick up this item. I'm lazy. I know it. I ordered two PS3 games a few months or so ago that I almost didn't get to pickup in time before they "returned" them because I was too lazy to make a special trip. Anyway, I ordered this on a Thursday afternoon around 2-3pm. It was dropped on my door step sometime between 11-1pm on the following Saturday. That's pretty damn good for $.97 standard shipping that says 5-7 days but did it in barely two days. I was shocked by the shipping time as well as the fact that this time Walmart did not ship my item in a "box of obviousness"...you know, those boxes that let anyone that happened upon my doorstep know exactly what it was. Anyway, kudos to Walmart on price, shipping and boxing.

After I took the box inside the house, I put it in a closet and forgot/ignored it for a few days. I needed a new backpack, a bigger backpack, than the one I had. That's why I purchased this one. I just started thinking about changing all the stuff from one bag to the other and it made me sad...sort of. I've had this other backpack (Jansport, I think) for a very long time and my wife had it before me. This bag is like 20 years old! I'm not saying that I have this huge emotional attachment to it (just a little one) but I think it was more of the fact that I'm used to the backpack I have. It's convenient. I know how it feels when I wear it. It's quirks like lose thread, frayed fabric, and zippers that aren't strong enough to stay closed that I am used to dealing with. These are also the reason why I looked forward to a new backpack.

So, a few more days (about a week total) after I received the Targus backpack, I made the official transition. I still have the Jansport because it's still fully functional for something but I knew the move had to be done.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Repo Games on Spike TV

While channel surfing, I saw a show advertised the other day called Repo Games on Spike TV. You can read the wiki here.

Without going into too much detail because you can click on the above links, the show is about two real-life repo men (pictured below) that go to repo vehicles but give the vehicle "owners" a chance to win their car back scott free if they answer 3 out of 5 trivia questions. From the one episode I watched, the questions aren't the hardest but the answers also aren't easily known to the type of dipshits that are getting their vehicles repossessed.

I thought the show looked interesting from the previews but when I watched an actual episode I felt like it was staged...very staged. Maybe the "contestants" truly are surprised, perplexed or whatever but I just got the feeling like I was being duped on the "reality" of it all. It is an interesting idea but I don't think it's going to last very long.

Before typing this, I did a Google for the show and it seems that it's more realistic than I thought or what is portrayed in the episodes (the one I saw anyway). An article here mentions how the cast was shot at while filming but it wasn't from the person whose vehicle they were repossessing.

I doubt that I will watch another episode as my TV-watching is already pretty full these days but I did give it a chance. That's just the way I am.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The 50 Most Amazing College Campuses

Saw this link to an article on a Facebook friend of mine's wall.

These schools truly do have a beautiful campus. It's interesting to see the variety of architecture from all old, all new, and a hybrid of old/new. For me, the old architecture inflicts a nostalgic feeling. Not that I'm "old," it's just that feeling the architecture and environment bring forth of a time gone by.

Anyway, the funny thing is that #17's main photo IS NOT for the University of Virginia. It is in fact the main/original building of a college in the heart of north Dallas. I'd have say that the copy editor or reporter or whoever is in charge of the final print needs to be put on probation.

So, that's all I got for randomness right now.

UPDATE: The main photo has since been changed from this afternoon to what I assume is the proper building for the University of Virginia.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dallas Farmer's Market

Monday or Tuesday of last week (I forget which), I went to the Farmer's Market in downtown Dallas for the first time...ever. Yes, I have lived in DFW, Texas 99% of my life and in North Dallas for the past 9-10 years. I've just never been interested in going to the Market, especially on a not-my-standard-of-a-comfortable day to walk around a bunch of fruit and vegetables...and BUGS! I'm not picky or caring about whether my fruits and veggies are organic, straight-off-the-garden, or super market "fresh." I don't buy enough of either to justify the slight cost difference of going to a farmer's market versus a grocery store. Besides, when Kroger and Tom Thumb are a two-minute drive why would I drive 10-15 and then have to find parking and walk to shop.

Anyway, it was my coworker and friend's idea. She wanted to go eat at the Market. I didn't know there were restaurants. I figured they were more like the roach coaches but I was game for something different. We first had to stop at some garden place that she was buying some pot/planter that she wanted when she previously visited this place. I forget the name of it and I don't remember the street it was on because I don't frequent the place and I'll probably not go back for some time.

I snapped this picture from my HTC Evo Shift (yep, got to put the product placement in). I think I was facing south on whatever street this is. I recognized this building although I probably haven't been in it for about 15 or so years and that was also probably the last time I've driven in front of the building. I thought I'd snap a picture for memorabilia's sake. In case you didn't know, that's Dallas City Hall.

On the same street but to the left (east) and directly across from the gardening place, was this interesting business. It's like all things pottery and freaky. This place had a lot of product but not a lot of customers browsing the "aisles." It could have been because it was during lunch time at the first of the week but it didn't seem to me like it moved a lot of product. Still a cool looking place in a way.

We finally made it to a parking place "near" the Farmer's Market. We had to walk about a block to the actual Market but it was a pleasant day out and well worth taking walk to enjoy it. The Market reminds me a lot of Trader's Village or a similar type of flea market atmosphere. There are tents, buildings, spots or whatever they are called of similar products being sold by different people. I guess their deals are different and maybe regulars trust one "farmer" over another. It all looks shady and the "sales" people are annoying as shit. They gave me the used car salesman feeling. We would just walk by a booth and not even look at it or the person working it and they would ask, "Can I help you? Do you see something you like?" For fuck's sake, leave me alone and let ME ask you about something when I'm damn good and ready! I was just browsing and soon I became annoyed. Why would anyone WANT to subject themselves to this?

We ate at some Mexican restaurant (go figure in this part of town) and I can't remember the name of it. It was a decent place and we sat on the patio to continue to enjoy the great weather. We chatted, chowed, observed and commented on the many types of people that we saw...there should be a "People of Dallas Farmer's Market." The food was good and the price was reasonable.

After lunch, we walked through a few more booths and then headed back to the car and finally to work. Needless to say, it was an experience that I can now say that I've done and I have no desire to do again. I'm not saying it was not worth doing and I won't join someone on a future visit if the mood strikes. I'm just saying, "Been There...Done That!"

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Victoria's Secret, Shantel VanSanten, Laura Vandervoort

Nothing really of substance to type. I was catching up on some email and TiVoed shows which made me think about writing about what I've read/seen. So...

The following is an ad that I got in my Yahoo email. I don't subscribe to Victoria's Secret. I have purchased a gift certificate in the local store in the past. Why I received it, I don't know but I wasn't and am not complaining. The advertising in this image is so fantastically appealing, and arousing, to me that I would love to purchase this lingerie for my wife.

Smallville is on its 10th and final season. I'm a big fan of Superman and this series had a lot of potential. The writers, producers and whoever just wrote too many tangents and never got to Clark Kent's potential of Superman soon enough or at all. I mean I know they wanted to see his growth and shit but to not have Clark know how to fly for ten seasons is just pure stupidity! I kept thinking the friends and fellow super heroes that knew Clark's secret would start chanting, "Think happy tawts! Like budderflies and berfdays!" Anyway, they've had some really hot girls star/guest star on this show. One of them that perked my interest was Kara, Kal-el's cousin and fellow Krypton destruction survivor played by Laura Vandervoort. She's aged somewhat since her first appearance (I think it maybe she lost some weight and looks more sunken in the face) but she's still freaking hot.

I also watch One Tree Hill (it's the teenage girl in me secretly coming out in my male adulthood) but I am tiring of this series too. I find that it has become too much like the lame revamping of 90210. They added a character a couple of seasons ago by the name of Quinn, played by Shantel VanSanten, who is Haley's older sister. They've gone off on some wild stories and stretches of the imagination with the story line but Quinn is still hot.

Saturday, May 07, 2011

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor

My youngest kid changed the password to the only login for their computer and forgot it. It's a Sony Vaio notebook with Windows 7. Funny thing is, my kid saved the password so it wouldn't be forgotten...in a Word document on the computer. The good intentions were there, just not the good smarts.

Luckily, I was able to Google "how to recover Windows 7 password" and a lot of different information was found. I tried a couple of different steps and software but then I found Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. If you Google it, you'll find it just like I did. You'll find a link to download the software. You'll find the instructions on how to burn it to a CD. You'll find out how to use it. I'm not here to explain what is already explained.

What I will tell you is two things:
  1. The software did not change the password for me like it said it would.
  2. The software did clear the password like it said it would.
Since the password was cleared, I was able to log in to the computer and reset the password on the user account. All is well now.

So, if you forgot your Windows 7 password, you need to get Offline NT Password & Registry Editor. It says it works for XP and Vista but I have not used it for those operating systems. It did work on Windows 7.

Friday, May 06, 2011

The Trinity River is still toxic?


It'll always be toxic. It's like the Mississippi River. No one willingly jumps into the Trinity River unless they are evading the law or life.

Read an article the other day in the Dallas Observer about part of the "Trinity River Project" which is basically the stupid city officials of Dallas trying to make a sewage, dumping-ground river pretty.

Here is a portion of a quote from a Trinity River canoeing "specialist":
"...one of the most toxic rivers in the state."

Click here for the article while it lasts.
I've lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth for a very, very long time. I have ALWAYS known that the Trinity is never to be walked in, waded in, and especially not submerged in! It smells of dead fish and animals.

When I first read about the "rapids" project, I thought WTF!? Why? And if someone sold this to the city, I'd like them to sell my sand in my backyard to the Sahara Desert.

Anyway, that's all I've got as I've moved on now and lost my train of though.

There's Jessy from Kyle XY

At least one of the main characters from the show has moved on to something...

Screen cap from the movie Thor.

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Raise Your Hand Texas - Tommy Lee Jones PSA

I'd follow Tommy Lee Jones more than I would Rick Perry!

44th out of 50 states helps to prove the stereotype of Texas...a bunch of gun-toting, tobacco-chewing, cattle-raising, horse-riding, cowboy-hat-wearing bubbas!

Email humor 05/03/2011