Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dallas Farmer's Market

Monday or Tuesday of last week (I forget which), I went to the Farmer's Market in downtown Dallas for the first time...ever. Yes, I have lived in DFW, Texas 99% of my life and in North Dallas for the past 9-10 years. I've just never been interested in going to the Market, especially on a not-my-standard-of-a-comfortable day to walk around a bunch of fruit and vegetables...and BUGS! I'm not picky or caring about whether my fruits and veggies are organic, straight-off-the-garden, or super market "fresh." I don't buy enough of either to justify the slight cost difference of going to a farmer's market versus a grocery store. Besides, when Kroger and Tom Thumb are a two-minute drive why would I drive 10-15 and then have to find parking and walk to shop.

Anyway, it was my coworker and friend's idea. She wanted to go eat at the Market. I didn't know there were restaurants. I figured they were more like the roach coaches but I was game for something different. We first had to stop at some garden place that she was buying some pot/planter that she wanted when she previously visited this place. I forget the name of it and I don't remember the street it was on because I don't frequent the place and I'll probably not go back for some time.

I snapped this picture from my HTC Evo Shift (yep, got to put the product placement in). I think I was facing south on whatever street this is. I recognized this building although I probably haven't been in it for about 15 or so years and that was also probably the last time I've driven in front of the building. I thought I'd snap a picture for memorabilia's sake. In case you didn't know, that's Dallas City Hall.

On the same street but to the left (east) and directly across from the gardening place, was this interesting business. It's like all things pottery and freaky. This place had a lot of product but not a lot of customers browsing the "aisles." It could have been because it was during lunch time at the first of the week but it didn't seem to me like it moved a lot of product. Still a cool looking place in a way.

We finally made it to a parking place "near" the Farmer's Market. We had to walk about a block to the actual Market but it was a pleasant day out and well worth taking walk to enjoy it. The Market reminds me a lot of Trader's Village or a similar type of flea market atmosphere. There are tents, buildings, spots or whatever they are called of similar products being sold by different people. I guess their deals are different and maybe regulars trust one "farmer" over another. It all looks shady and the "sales" people are annoying as shit. They gave me the used car salesman feeling. We would just walk by a booth and not even look at it or the person working it and they would ask, "Can I help you? Do you see something you like?" For fuck's sake, leave me alone and let ME ask you about something when I'm damn good and ready! I was just browsing and soon I became annoyed. Why would anyone WANT to subject themselves to this?

We ate at some Mexican restaurant (go figure in this part of town) and I can't remember the name of it. It was a decent place and we sat on the patio to continue to enjoy the great weather. We chatted, chowed, observed and commented on the many types of people that we saw...there should be a "People of Dallas Farmer's Market." The food was good and the price was reasonable.

After lunch, we walked through a few more booths and then headed back to the car and finally to work. Needless to say, it was an experience that I can now say that I've done and I have no desire to do again. I'm not saying it was not worth doing and I won't join someone on a future visit if the mood strikes. I'm just saying, "Been There...Done That!"

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