Monday, May 23, 2011

Targus Sport II Laptop Backpack from Walmart

Targus Sport II Laptop Backpack. I picked this up at a few weeks or so ago. It was another one of those deals from This one was, in my opinion, too good to pass up for a test drive. It was $10 plus s/h ($.97) & tax which totaled out to $11.75 for me. I figured $12 was a much better investment than the regular price of $70+.

First, the shipping on this was fast! I selected the standard shipping which said something like 5-7 days. I could have saved on the shipping and did site-to-store but the estimated availability at the store was like two days after the anticipated standard shipping. Now, it could have gotten to the store in a matter of days but I wasn't in a hurry and I really didn't feel like driving to my local Walmart just to pick up this item. I'm lazy. I know it. I ordered two PS3 games a few months or so ago that I almost didn't get to pickup in time before they "returned" them because I was too lazy to make a special trip. Anyway, I ordered this on a Thursday afternoon around 2-3pm. It was dropped on my door step sometime between 11-1pm on the following Saturday. That's pretty damn good for $.97 standard shipping that says 5-7 days but did it in barely two days. I was shocked by the shipping time as well as the fact that this time Walmart did not ship my item in a "box of obviousness" know, those boxes that let anyone that happened upon my doorstep know exactly what it was. Anyway, kudos to Walmart on price, shipping and boxing.

After I took the box inside the house, I put it in a closet and forgot/ignored it for a few days. I needed a new backpack, a bigger backpack, than the one I had. That's why I purchased this one. I just started thinking about changing all the stuff from one bag to the other and it made me sad...sort of. I've had this other backpack (Jansport, I think) for a very long time and my wife had it before me. This bag is like 20 years old! I'm not saying that I have this huge emotional attachment to it (just a little one) but I think it was more of the fact that I'm used to the backpack I have. It's convenient. I know how it feels when I wear it. It's quirks like lose thread, frayed fabric, and zippers that aren't strong enough to stay closed that I am used to dealing with. These are also the reason why I looked forward to a new backpack.

So, a few more days (about a week total) after I received the Targus backpack, I made the official transition. I still have the Jansport because it's still fully functional for something but I knew the move had to be done.

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TG said...

totally relate to the comfort level with an old backpack. i had one i loved that broke. i shifted to another but finally sought out its twin on ebay. however, by the time it came, i'd kinda moved on. oh well, now i got it in kind of a shrine...