Sunday, May 08, 2011

Victoria's Secret, Shantel VanSanten, Laura Vandervoort

Nothing really of substance to type. I was catching up on some email and TiVoed shows which made me think about writing about what I've read/seen. So...

The following is an ad that I got in my Yahoo email. I don't subscribe to Victoria's Secret. I have purchased a gift certificate in the local store in the past. Why I received it, I don't know but I wasn't and am not complaining. The advertising in this image is so fantastically appealing, and arousing, to me that I would love to purchase this lingerie for my wife.

Smallville is on its 10th and final season. I'm a big fan of Superman and this series had a lot of potential. The writers, producers and whoever just wrote too many tangents and never got to Clark Kent's potential of Superman soon enough or at all. I mean I know they wanted to see his growth and shit but to not have Clark know how to fly for ten seasons is just pure stupidity! I kept thinking the friends and fellow super heroes that knew Clark's secret would start chanting, "Think happy tawts! Like budderflies and berfdays!" Anyway, they've had some really hot girls star/guest star on this show. One of them that perked my interest was Kara, Kal-el's cousin and fellow Krypton destruction survivor played by Laura Vandervoort. She's aged somewhat since her first appearance (I think it maybe she lost some weight and looks more sunken in the face) but she's still freaking hot.

I also watch One Tree Hill (it's the teenage girl in me secretly coming out in my male adulthood) but I am tiring of this series too. I find that it has become too much like the lame revamping of 90210. They added a character a couple of seasons ago by the name of Quinn, played by Shantel VanSanten, who is Haley's older sister. They've gone off on some wild stories and stretches of the imagination with the story line but Quinn is still hot.

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