Saturday, November 26, 2011

Foil flail made at Freebirds

A few coworkers and I had a day-before-Thanksgiving lunch together at Freebirds. I haven't been back to this restaurant in quite a long time. I'd say at least a couple of years. I decided to go for the Carnitas Monster Bird on a spinach tortilla. This was a big bastard but I think I can eventually finish the Super Monster Bird the next time I go back...maybe in another couple of years!

This time around the Monster Bird took like four sheets of aluminum to wrap. It's somewhat customary to make shit out of the foil. I was short on time and short on imagination. I quickly decided to create this...thing. I think it's called a mace but it could also be referred to as a flail.

Anyway, random I know but I obviously put out time and effort to make the damn thing I should be able to share it. Mainly because when I tried to put it on the wall in the restaurant, it fell to the ground and separated into many pieces. End of awesomeness!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Boxbe verification is funny

At work, we sent an email out to a list we purchased. Some people are using Boxbe to combat spam. Normally for me, if I have to do an extra step for an email to get to you, I'm not going to do it. BUT...we did purchase these names so I figured I'd better try all I could to get the message through.

After verifying for a few different email addresses, I clicked on the last one and this is the word verification it gave me: "farters." Now that's funny how the Boxbe system comes up with random letters and random words.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Grabber hand warmers from Dick's Sporting Goods


Got these a couple of weeks ago. My oldest is in the high school band and the football team is now in the playoffs. We bought these for our little band member because the weather is changing, getting colder, and will continue to get colder the further the football team progresses.

Anyway, turns out these little fuckers don't work worth a damn! I'm not sure if it's the brand or its the product in general. I've included the photos to show the brand as well as the simple instructions. In fact the instructions start with "Simply open the outer package and expose the packet to air." There are then some warnings about continuous contact with skin and the dangers of burning. BULLSHIT!

I "simply" exposed this product to the air and it NEVER got any hotter than body temperature. And the only reason it probably got that warm was because I held it between my palms, rubbed it, and even kept it in my pocket after the first hour of initial exposure. Never did I feel I was going to get burned by continuous exposure to my skin.

Again, I don't know if it's this particular brand or what because I play tennis with a guy that swears by them. Now, I've never touched his hand warmers or asked what brand they are so I'm not even sure if his worked like I just assumed they did.

Any thoughts because we bought ten pairs of hand warmers for the 'low' price of $.99 per pair.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wrong Side of Town (2010)

Wrong Side of Town (2010). Watched this movie this morning on my sick day off. I have seen it pop up on my Netflix account a few times as a "new arrival," an "action thriller," or whatever. It sort of captured my interest each time I would read the brief synopsis but I would keep on browsing. I eventually put it in my queue and then I decided to watch it today.

I thought I would at least get to see a decent action movie but I was sorely disappointed. This movie was overall pretty lame. It did have action but it was very piss pour, predictable and horribly filmed. It "starred" Rob Van Dam...he was the main character anyway. What's funny is that the movie cover shows Dave Bautista in the center and larger than anyone else. Which would make one think he is the main character. Funny thing is Bautista's cameo isn't until at least 3/4 of the way into the movie and then he is shown briefly for a few other scenes.

For this movie, it's like the writers/directors/producers tried to take the good action flicks as well as the okay action flicks of previous wrestlers/athletes hoping they could produce an okay flick themselves. It really didn't work because even though the wrestlers act for the WWE they aren't really good actors if they're taken out of their comfort environment. Make sense?

With that in mind, Rob Van Dam sucks as an actor. I don't recall ever seeing him in my random viewings of the WWE program on television but he truly was unable to crossover to the big screen. Unlike the likes of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson..okay maybe even John Cena or Steve Austin..Rob Van Dam's movie just wasn't even worth the time and effort it took to make it.

Not even the gratuitous boob shots of Stormy Daniels and a few other girls could move this movie from a 1/2 star to 1 star. And I give the 1/2 star just because of the boob shots and being able to recognize Stormy Daniels!

You can definitely pass on this movie. You'd probably get more entertainment and value from watching an episode of Teletubbies!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Paranormal Entity (2009), Paranormal Activity 2 (2010), Red State (2011)

Red State

Paranormal Activity 2

Paranormal Entity

What do all these movies have in common?

They sucked! Not just sucked but royally sucked! Out of all three, I'd have to say that Red State was the "best" of them then Paranormal Entity then Paranormal Activity 2.

Red State was directed by Kevin "Silent Bob" Smith, right? So, I expected a little more...I mean not that he's a great director or story writer but I just expected with "experience" comes some sense of quality. It was an interesting concept and it had a few known actors but it was somewhat boring.

The only thing that gave Paranormal Entity any interest was that the movie showed some boobs of the "sister" character in the movie. Other than that, the movie was a complete and utter ripoff of Paranormal Activity. The movie did have a better overall story line even though it generally sucked. Again the only good thing and only difference is that this movie showed boobies. I don't recall boobies in the first Paranormal Activity.

Paranormal Activity 2 was a complete waste of time. For one, I don't even remember how the first one went because it obviously didn't make much of an impression. This one, however, made an of a total waste of my time, the studio's money and the crews' work. If the running time was like 80 minutes, I'd say that there was 65 mins of very boring shit and 15 mins of boring shit.