Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Warm Summer Rain (1989)

Warm Summer Rain (1989). I recently was browsing the "watch instantly" queue in Netflix and saw this movie listed. I saw that it had Kelly Lynch and was curious.

I had a small crush on Kelly Lynch since I saw Road House.

I don't know if her role in this movie was before or after Road House as I didn't do deep research into the two movies. However, the acting or maybe just her role was way worse in this movie than in Road House. So, either she nailed the audition for Road House or she didn't become as famous as she thought she would and took the Warm Summer Rain role to make money.

Either way, I did have hopes that she would be nude either partially or fully because of seeing her role in Road House.

I wasn't disappointed: NSFW pic here.

As far as the story line and overall acting, it's passable. Sometimes I wonder how shit movies actually get made. Even the straight-to-DVD flicks cost money and I'm not sure that cost is ever recouped. Oh well.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How time has flown by...

In a little over a week, it'll be spring break for the undergraduate classes. I'm not for certain but I think this means that basically half the spring semester will be completed.

I briefly attended the graduation fair last week. I really don't need anything other than the cap and gown. Announcements are too damn expensive through the campus or the campus vendor. I'm not having my purchases funded by a rich mother and/or father. I don't need a year book and I don't need a class ring. If the ring wasn't ringing up to the tune of about $800 I wouldn't mind getting one but that's three car payments for me. I'd much rather be three car payments down than owe $800 more to some other business!

Anyway, I was able to go to a website and order by cap and gown. It's interesting how they ask for my height and weight to order my cap and gown. I guess they have some formula that translates to sizes of S, M, L, XL, etc. based on your height/weight combination. We'll have to see when I pick them up on May 5th.

So, here's to two and a half months left of my long, tenuous journey.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Madonna...MIA...Super Bowl Halftime Show

I really don't care about the tiff that Madonna may have now with MIA. It's her own damn fault. Madonna wanted to team up with young, edgy "singers/rappers" to make her feel more popular with today's kids. And this is the kind of thanks and appreciation she gets from them. I'm thinking that MIA wouldn't even have been apart of the show or any Super Bowl entertainment if it wasn't for being a part of Madonna's half-time show.

That being said. I didn't watch any of the game. I didn't watch any of the commercials while the game was playing. I didn't watch the pre-game, half-time or post-game shows. I just don't give a shit about football! However, I did watch some commercials from a website's opinion on the 11 best commercials from the Super Bowl. I'd have to say I only like half of them.

Anyway, my point of this post is to wonder why anyone would consider this as attractive! I know. I know. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Inner beauty is just as attractive as outer beauty (or lack there of). I just don't find her attractive and I don't find her music appealing.

You can click here for the article while it lasts.

Oh well. Ces la vie.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

The Soda Gallery, Dallas, Texas

This is The Soda Gallery in the Bishop Arts District in Dallas, TX. I believe this is my first and only time to ever visit this area. I must say that I was not impressed with anything there whether it be shops, food, or atmosphere. But I can say I've been there and done that.

I took this picture of the store for a project in my Digital Color Photography class last semester. Someone in my class told me that the Bishop Arts District has a lot of colorful buildings. They lied. In the area around The Soda Gallery, there are probably 15-20 buildings and they ARE NOT COLORFUL. Maybe one or two, but nothing spectacular. I photoshopped this one to make it look better and colorful.

Anyway, The Soda Gallery is a highfalutin convenience store. The well-known, named-brand sodas like Coke, Dr Pepper, Pepsi and their variations are WAY overpriced! They wanted something like $3.50 for a 12 oz. aluminum can of "regular" Coke in the shape of a regular soda pop bottle. RIDICULOUS!

They had some "exotic"-type drinks but I have no frame of reference for pricing on those but I am sure they too are overpriced. They also sold candy. I don't know what kind in particular but I recall seeing it. I just didn't pay too much attention to anything in the store once I found out about the exorbitant prices.

The store, or actual retail space, is colorful. They have some comical graphic tees or iron-ons for T-shirts on the walls and the colorful bottles in the main storefront window (you can see them in the photo) help decorate the place with the way the sun shines through from the outside.

Other than that, this store is passable and I have absolutely NO IDEA how it's been around as long as it has. Oh wait, stupid rich people who don't know the TRUE value of money.

As far as the Bishop Arts District...I think I'll have to go back when I have a little more time. I don't know if it was really that bad or I just didn't get to the right areas or what. I just know I will give it one more chance before I wonder what the hell is wrong with the people that think or even told me that the District was cool.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Speaking of advertisements

I am a customer. When they have them, they have some of the best deals. I think most of the prices are pretty good deals but I'm cost-conscious and I compare prices through multiple mediums such as online store, driving to the brick-and-mortar store, eBay, etc. However this is not about that.

I get daily email "deals" from and I always browse through them to see what they are. Today, like other days, the specials on lingerie caught my eye. What, I like women in sexy lingerie. Shoot me! Sadly, sometimes, I think that many women probably look better clothed than not. And I'm talking all sizes of women. I've seen some thin, or skinny, or even athletic bodied women that look 100% better in clothing, whether it be gym clothes, business clothes, or lingerie. Of course, EVERYONE looks great in the dark! Anyway...

Here is the link to the lingerie (and models) that kind of crack me up. They are all stunning but they're like eunuchs with the way some of them have had their nipples airbrushed out of the photo.

It's just weird.