Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How time has flown by...

In a little over a week, it'll be spring break for the undergraduate classes. I'm not for certain but I think this means that basically half the spring semester will be completed.

I briefly attended the graduation fair last week. I really don't need anything other than the cap and gown. Announcements are too damn expensive through the campus or the campus vendor. I'm not having my purchases funded by a rich mother and/or father. I don't need a year book and I don't need a class ring. If the ring wasn't ringing up to the tune of about $800 I wouldn't mind getting one but that's three car payments for me. I'd much rather be three car payments down than owe $800 more to some other business!

Anyway, I was able to go to a website and order by cap and gown. It's interesting how they ask for my height and weight to order my cap and gown. I guess they have some formula that translates to sizes of S, M, L, XL, etc. based on your height/weight combination. We'll have to see when I pick them up on May 5th.

So, here's to two and a half months left of my long, tenuous journey.

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