Monday, January 14, 2013

Eva Amurri

I initially saw Eva Amurri in Californication some time ago. I thought she was attractive in a weird kind of way and I felt like I had seen her before. She isn't eye-catching in a double-take kind of way but she has an appeal to her. She was definitely appealing with those mondo boobs.

After seeing her in another movie or two, I decided to Google her and it turns out she looks familiar for a reason. She's the daughter of Susan Sarandon who in her own right is attractive in her own way as well (I think it has something to do with her large breasts as well).

Anyway, here is a screen cap of Evan in a pool from a Californication episode.

Lifetime secret service for Bush, Obama and future presidents

So, it seems the tax payers will continue to pay for Obama and Bush for a long, long time. I find it amusing (and smart) how Obama included former President "W" Bush. It's amazing how the President and/or government can decide to require something that isn't paid out of their own back pocket.

In my opinion, there is no need for lifelong security detail for a former president. Once they are out of office they are no longer making any decisions for the nation so why do we need to protect them for their lifetime? Out of respect, I can see something like 2-5 years but after that...I don't think the former president(s) is relevant anymore.

It's not like any president these days does anything significant like ending slavery or some important shit like that.

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