Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The understanding of college football rankings eludes me

I don't follow football which means I don't follow college football. But I noticed a few news stories that kind of made me think...yes, the gerbil wheel still runs occasionally.

It seems TCU has gone undefeated (12-0, 8-0). They are the Mountain West Conference Champions.

But this is where my ignorance shows through. They are or are not going to a bowl game? In the article [here], it wasn't clear. It especially was confusing when it said,
"The only chance TCU has to become the first outsider to play in the BCS national championship game is for No. 3 Texas (12-0) to lose to Nebraska (9-3) in the Big 12 title game."
Okay, what? You lost me!

I'll just rant on about what I am not clear. A team goes undefeated, some of those wins by huge margins, and after all that effort they maybe will play in a bowl/championship game? To me, that's like working 12-hour days and still getting 8-hour pay. What's the point? I've heard some people say that those wins came against not-so-great teams. Every team has an off season but that doesn't mean they weren't good at some point in time.

So, let's take a look at TCU's cross-town rival, SMU. After something like 25 losing seasons, SMU goes (7-5, 6-2) and gets the Hawaii Bowl. I don't know if that's a championship or what but they already get a bowl game with a 7-5 season where as TCU goes 12-0 and is iffy? SMU article here as long as it lasts at Dallas Morning News.

Now, I think I understand there are different levels of conference play. Wrong or right, I kind of relate it to NHL, IHL, CHL, etc. because I have a decent grasp and understanding on ice hockey leagues. I also relate it to high school competitions where the break down is something like 3A, 4A, 5A depending on the size of the school and school district.

So as there are different levels of play, why not different levels of bowl games? Again, I don't know college ball so there may be something like this already in place. I just don't see why a team that goes 12-0 for the season is not rewarded in the end for their amazing effort but a team that's sucked for twenty-five years with a barely winning season of 7-5 is in a bowl game.

I am college football ignorant so this may not be as dismal as it seems to me. If I'm sort of right, hooray for me and colleges that continually get shafted should push for change!

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