Thursday, October 14, 2010

Good news versus bad news

I had my Benefits class today after our fall break and I got some bad news and some good news today.

The good news is, I passed my second test with a 72.

The bad news is, I passed my second test with a 72.

I decided that if I were to fail this test (below the 67 I made on the first exam70) that I was going to more than likely drop the class. The teacher's syllabus says he will have three tests and one final exam. Of the three tests, he will drop the lowest grade. If test 1 and 2 would have been below 70 but above a 60, I would have looked into dropping even though 67-69 (I didn't think I'd get below the previous exam grade) would have been a D+ average. I'm okay with that. I know I've said it before but I'm not an overachiever.

There's something visually wrong to be about a C- compared to a D+. Minus just has a negative connotation to it. Besides, the grades are very close like a 69 is a D+ but a 70 is a C-. Is there really a difference between those two...I mean really?

Anyway, now that I actually got a 72 it puts the class into a better possibility for me. It says that I might be able to pull off a C- or above. Dammit, I'm not an overachiever. Why am I thinking like that? Why do I really care!? Because C is better than D and finishing this class would mean I'd have three less hours to complete.

Do you see why this was good but bad news?

Not to mention that if I dropped, I wouldn't have to prepare my presentation for next Tuesday that I'm scheduled to give. Now, I have to complete it, practice it and practice it some more. I created a a couple of slides the other day but started thinking, "Why put out this effort if I might be dropping the class?" Now that I'm mister awesome with a 72, I have to get back to business and complete the presentation. Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

Have I mentioned how much I hate taking classes? Well, hate IS a strong word but it's fucking perfect for what I feel!

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