Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Stupid people at work...again

I find some of the best random blogging material by just sitting at my office desk listening or seeing what goes on around me.

I've posted about the stupid people at work and specifically the stupidest girl at work.

So, Monday she called in sick to our boss who has been out of town on recruiting trips for almost a month straight. The boss often has been sickly on the various trips and when she got back in town, she still came into the office. I'm not promoting it. I'm just saying for reference/comparison.

So stupid girl left boss a message saying she wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be in until may be later after lunch time...approximately 1pm.

No big deal, right? Wrong! Stupid girl just happened to take off Friday for a three-day weekend where she apparently ventured to Austin, Texas for Austin City Limits. That's like three days of mindless drinking, partying and music listening. I'm sure the boss knew this was where she was going and then stupid girl calls in "sick."

Do you see where and why stupid girl gets her moniker?

Again, I don't care what the fuck stupid girl does. I care that her stupidity will somehow affect me somewhere down the road. What if I want to call in sick on a Monday? Now the boss will think, "Hm, [stupid girl] had a party weekend and called in. I wanted if [Jay] is 'playing' sick." See? It sets a trend for others that really isn't there but because of stupid girl, it's now in the thoughts of the boss.

By the way, I've told a couple of people or they were privy to the information the same time I was but they all say, "Isn't [stupid girl] too old to be doing this shit now?" She's 30...31 in a month or so. I take a more stand-offish approach and say, "30 is really just a number. Yes, maturity-wise you would think she'd be out of the going-somewhere-to-party-and-get-drunk phase but I guess everyone is different."

At the same time, stupid girl seems somewhat immature (mentally) at times. I think she spent more time acting like a frat boy in college than a sorority girl. Nothing wrong with that, but I would think the maturity eventually kind of just naturally occurs. I could be wrong since I purchase my evolutionist degree online.

So, what do you think? Is there an age that people should stop "partying"? I know partying is a very broad idea. For me a few years ago, playing Medal of Honor: Spearhead on my home LAN of seven computers was a party. Should I have grown out of that? Of course, part of your decision could be how much community partying is done (i.e. dance clubs, concerts, bars) versus in-house partying (i.e. LAN parties, house parties with close friends).

I'm a little skewed in my opinion because I don't drink or believe in completely wasting my hard-earned money. If I did drink, I don't see how economically smart it is to pay $5 for a bottle beer at some venue when I can buy a 6-12pk for the same or slightly more. I like listening to music but I don't need to see the band in person, especially from within the mosh pit or the you-got-charged-way-too-much-dumb-ass seats up front. I'm happy with just jamming to the music on my computer or MP3 player.

I'm just easy like that...easy like a Sunday morning!

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