Monday, October 11, 2010

Speaking of annoying singers

I am listening to some Internet radio via WinAmp. They are currently playing Justin Bieber's U Smile here.

I hate to say it but the song is catchy. It's repetitive but not to the extreme noticeable extent of his song Baby.

He still sounds like his balls need to drop and I can't stand his "act." I know it's a marketing tool but why White singers are told to portray this ghetto image. No, it's not a hip-hop image. It's ghetto! The baggy pants. The too-big sneakers usually untied. Next he'll have a gold chain dangling that has a "J.B." or "Bieber" pendant hanging from it.

Anyway, good for this kid to come (or go) as far as he has. Apparently he and his team are doing something right no matter how much I dislike him overall.

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