Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Glee GQ photos

There is apparently some controversy a-brewing about the photos of the Glee cast. I'm not sure why the PTC (Parents Television Council) is up in arms about the photos because all the participants are WAY legal. Okay, I do know why but c'mon, really?

Personally, I thought the photos were pretty racy but I like that. The girls are smoking hot even if they just wear what they do in the show. The cheerleaders outfits could do it for a lot of guys, um people!

The only thing I wonder is do you think Lea Michele would have done these photos during season one when she wasn't quite so "fit?" I thought she was pretty in a not-eye-popping way but still fine. By no means was she not fit but she wasn't as, how do you say, svelte as she is this season.

Anyway, I haven't actually watched all of season one and haven't even seen any of season two. I just see an episode here and there when the wife is watching at home or my boss mentions one to me that "I just gotta see!"

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