Monday, October 11, 2010

Parents...get off Miley Cyrus already. Sheesh!

In a story over at Evil Beet Gossip,
Miley Cyrus’s New Video and the Backlash it’s Receiving From - Surprise, Surprise - Parents

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I usually don't give a shit about shit like this but this just goes to show you the ignorance of today's parents.

Miley Cyrus is trying to leave behind that Disney persona. And who wouldn't when it has made you famous, made you millions, and basically run its course? Why would a 17-yr-old want to continue to play some immature role in a Disney kid show? It's not a teen show as much as it is a kid show.

Oh wait, there is one person who would ride this "success" train until its horrible death...Jaleel White aka Steve Urkel.

Anyhow, she's just like any other teeny-bopper artist that is looking to grow, mature and be relevant to a different audience. I didn't hear so much flack about Justin Timberlake becoming more risque from the teeny-bopper band N'sync to singing Sexy Back.Is it a gender thing? Boys can sing, dress "dirty" as young adults but girls can't? Gimme a break!

Oh well. I just had to chime in because I'm a parent and these parents are ridiculous. As a parent, a damn good one, I have kept my kids from listening to and seeing things that I deem unworthy.

I don't particular have a huge interest in Miley Cyrus. She has pretty decent, catchy songs...even the pre-pubescent ones. She's pretty in a weird kind of way but not striking although she's getting a little better the older she's far. And if any marketer is worth their ego, they would tell Miley to continue to accentuate her best asset: her long legs. I mean her voice is pretty decent too but sometimes I find her a little off, more slightly flat than sharp, but it could be the way the song was written and she's supposed to sound like that. I don't know.

So, anyway, parents do your parenting and lay off blaming or pointing the finger at some entertainer.

Move the eff on!

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