Monday, October 18, 2010

In the news 10/18/2010

More injuries on the Katy Trail.

From Park Cities People:
Another Katy Trail Collision Just Occurred

Click here for article while it lasts.
I just commented a few days ago on an article about the Katy Trail advocates and Dallas officials meeting to increase safety on the trail (article here while it lasts).

Without copying the whole comment I will post the relevance.
" how those Katy Trail occupants think they can just walk right into the cross traffic at Knox or Harvard when the Trail has the stop sign. The law is 'stop to peds IN the crosswalk' not those about to enter or enter as the car is there..."

I don't know the "hows" about the accident but my assumption is either (1) the cyclist didn't stop at the stop sign because it would impede his pace (2) the automobile driver didn't yield to the cyclist IN the crosswalk or (3) a combination of both where the driver and cyclist decided they were the right-of-way and the cyclist was too stupid to know his bike would lose out in a collision with a car.

As I also commented:
"...You gotta look out for numero uno because no one else will!"

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