Tuesday, October 26, 2010

In the news 10/26/2010

From cbs11tv headline reads:
Two Boys Shocked During Downpour Saturday

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Read the story. It is a story of awesomeness. It warmed my heart to know there are kids out there like this. Maybe there is hope for the future.

To have one kid try to save his friend and then another kid go to save the two of them is just...awesome! I don't think there is another word for it. It's just awesome!

I did find a chuckle in the story when the 3rd kid's father describes what he did upon arriving at the scene:
"I started getting on James, but before I knew what happened," John Evans said. "I said, 'what are you doing down here? What are you doing playing?' He said, 'no, I was helping I was helping.'"
It reminds me a lot of what my dad would have said and had said many times. He'd jump my ass before he knew the situation. My dad probably would have been proud but at the same time would have said, "If you wouldn't have been there, you wouldn't have gotten in trouble in the first place!"

Anyway, I hope the kids recover. It's a great neighborhood to live in even if the culvert isn't properly maintained for safety by the city.

Neighbors: WIN! City: FAIL!

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