Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yahoo Advertising

I believe I've posted thoughts on this before but the ads that pop up in my YahooMail account are sometimes ridiculous.

Take today for example. I checked my mail, deleted those that needed it and then I get this advertisement:

I'm curious so I click the ad. I am taken to Urban Dealight. The original landing page has me input some information like, first name, last name, email address, date of birth and zip code. The page refreshes and now the new landing page (due to cookies I'm sure) says, "We are on our way to Dallas!" And I'm like, "What...the...fuck!?"

So, all these wonderful deals the advertisement is promising are not available in Big D just yet. Again, "WTF!?" In the ad it states, "50-95% on Dallas Restaurants, Shops, Concerts & More!" Did you read that part where it said, "DALLAS"!?!?!?! The ad should say something like, "Coming soon" or the like.

This is what I would call false advertisement. They are trying to get existing customers before they even exist in the locale. That pisses me off. So, unless these deals are phenomenal, I will be removing my name for pure disgruntled-precustomer purposes! I'm already on other "deal" lists and websites. I don't need another that I can't trust before I even used it.


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