Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Piranha 3D

Pretty good subliminal advertising for Piranha 3D.

I don't think I'll rush out and see this movie but I do think they did a good job with the movie poster. It makes the horny little bastard in me go, "Damn! I've gotta see that movie!" But then the mature, parent in me says, "Whatever! It's just a picture and the movie will be a waste of money." They almost suckered me in.

I remember somewhat liking the original Piranha but I'm not so sure how well a remake will do even though 3D makes everything better. NOT!

I also remember that there was an original sequel and maybe even a threequel (I think). I don't recall those doing so well but I think one of them had something to do with flying piranhas which is so totally stupid since they are too heavy and their fins wouldn't be big or strong enough to cause flight. Oh wait, my bad, it was a movie. Why am I getting all ticked about them not holding to some scientific truthfulness? LOL.

All I have to say is that with boobs actresses like Elisabeth Shue, Jessica Szohr, Kelly Brook, Riley Steele and Dina Meyer, there better be some gratuitous nudity!

Either way, when it hits DVD in about 30 days, I'll rent it and watch it. It's just what I movies even if they are barely, completely unwatchable.

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