Friday, October 22, 2010

Christina Aguilera - attractive or not so attractive?

One of the big stories in the news these days is celebrity divorces. I really don't care which celeb marries the other or who they marry period. I don't care if "the seemingly happy couple" had their issues and are now separating or any of that shit. Sometimes I do wonder about things like "How the hell David Arquette got someone like Courtney Cox" but that's my extent of celeb-relationship-caring.

After the whole Arquette/Cox break-up notification, I saw an article about Christina Aguilera. It had this picture. It got me thinking: Is she pretty, really?

Upon further examination this photo and many others, she's got a shitload of makeup on. You can see all the base she uses. It changes her complexion. Maybe she wants it to but still, it's slightly disgusting in my opinion.

Add the heavy eyeliner, the thick, bright red lipstick, the overly blond hair and it gets me to to thinking, "Does she take it all off when she goes to bed?" If she does, "What does she look like in the morning?"

Now, I'm not so superficial to think that she doesn't have some sort of prettiness (hopefully) under all that makeup but if she did, why does she have to cover it up so much?

She's not the only celebrity...hell, every-day people...that does this. I think it's stupid. Some people I have seen around town that changed their color from their face to their neck. It's weird.

Anyway, I just thought I'd let out some verbal diarrhea about it.

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