Thursday, October 07, 2010

Paramore's The Only Exception

I like Paramore. I actually like just a few of their songs...maybe more. I can't repeat verbatim the lyrics to the songs I do like. I've said it before, "I'm shallow." So, I don't really pay attention to the words so much as the melody. The exception is when I hear a word or phrase repeatedly and then it grates on my nerves because it's like that old vinyl record that's been scratched and repeats and repeats and repeats.

Paramore's song The Only Exception falls into this category. I liked the song. I want to continue to like the song. I currently dislike most of the song because of the repetitiveness of the words, "You are...the only exception. The only exception..." It's enough to make me want to jab dull pencils into my ears.

It's sad really because the lyrics are pretty decent (in between the repeated phrase) and the beat as well. I think Hayley is kind of hot. It's not enough for me to completely be into the song because of the damn repetitiveness. That damn repetitiveness just kills me. It's like having a broken arm in a cast and not being able to reach the itch under the cast to ease your suffering. Ugh, the repetitiveness. It's just repetitive.

Do you see what I mean?

So, if the RIAA would take a look at similar songs across multiple bands and genres, I think they would realize it's NOT the bootlegging/file-sharing. It's that the songs are good, the get played a lot, the repetitive lyrics get noticed more, and people are like, "I'm not buying this shit" or they have buyer's remorse.

I don't know. I'm done.

Oh yeah, by the way, I do hear the lyrics I just don't completely listen to them initially. I don't have to time to jump in and get invested in liking something without testing it out first because it may suck or it will be canceled like my TV shows.

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