Saturday, October 02, 2010

Iron Man 2, a sort of review

I walked into my local Blockbuster to exchange my mail-order movie for an in-store movie last Thursday. I was intent on getting Iron Man 2. All of their copies were rented out. So, now I had a dilemma on my hands: what to watch instead.

I narrowed it down quickly as my kid and her friend were waiting for me in the car. I decided on either Robin Hood(2010) or Get Him to the Greek. There wasn't any other new releases that were "jumping out" at me to say, "Pick me! Pick me!"

I was having difficulty in choosing between the two because I figured "Greek" was more of a stupid humor movie while I felt "Robin Hood" was another telling of an all-too familiar story line.

I walked to the check out counter and said, "So, since you guys don't have Iron Man 2 in stock..." The BB guy said, "You mean this," while holding up a copy of Iron Man 2. I was like, "Dude, I love you man!"

While checking out, I told him I was going to ask him which movie to pick between Robin Hood and Get Him to the Greek. He said that Robin Hood was a better quality movie although Greek was funny. I mentioned that I thought the Robin Hood story was overplayed. He said this was actually a prequel to before he became "Robin Hood." I was like, "Oh." Anyway, I got Iron Man 2 to watch and I'm sure I'll get the others sometime in the near future.

I must say that I'm a little disappointed in the movie. I expected a little more than I was given. It was a decent movie...mayb 3.5 to 4 out of 5 stars. If I recall, I think the first Iron Man had a bit more overall action and better story line. I could be wrong because it has been a while since I saw the first movie.

I'm going to type about things that didn't follow suit for me because that's what I do.
  • Howard Stark was so far forward in his genius that he created the schematic for a new element but he just didn't have the technology at the time to create it? But he knew the future enough to share what Tony needed to do to make it?
  • Ivan Vanko built an arc reactor-based weapon from his father's notes. When he's on the Grand Prix track in Monaco, he walks down the middle of the track and the driver's are able to avoid him while seemingly driving at least 80-100mph. Why? Plow the guy. He's obviously illegally on the track so MOW...HIM...DOWN.
  • Also, Happy plows the Rolls Royce into Vanko and pins him quite harshly to the Grand Prix track perimeter wall. Why didn't Vanko get broken legs or suffer badly before dying? He wasn't wearing super, specialize armor like Iron Man. I hate it when movies make people who have a "gift" invincible...of course, I guess I need to read the comics to realize Vanko's character. Oh well!
  • Scarlett Johansson's character, I forget her name because that's how important it was to me, is way hot but c'mon really? I don't think ANY woman could punch me in the face and knock me out or make me lose a fight! Okay, I know it's a movie but still. Now, I'm not saying I'd win a fight against a highly-skilled female fighter. I'm just saying it would take a little more than a punch and kick to the head for me to cry, "Uncle!"
  • Samuel L. Jackson is overrated! That's right. I'll say it again, "OVERRATED!" He acts the same in just about every one of his movies (almost like Ashton Kutcher, Steve Carrell, Jack Black, and that dude from Knocked Up. The yelling or loud-volume conversation Nick Fury has with Tony Stark in the restaurant made me think of him in Pulp Fiction and a couple of other roles he's had.
Um, I had more to bitch about but it's been a day or two since I started writing this. So, I'm done. I've lost train of thought. I had to study for a test, develop some film and make some prints. I've got a life besides blogging. Dammit!

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