Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I heart boobies

I really, really...REALLY do. But this isn't about me loving boobies, although in case I haven't mentioned it, I really do!

There's controversy brewing in the school districts. Apparently this is the slogan of The Keep A Breast Foundation.

It's a great slogan. But I think I should sue them for copyright infringement because I believe I coined this first a long, long time ago.

You can Google the slogan and you will find any number of stories about the controversies the bracelets and T-shirts with the slogan have stirred.

I don't have a problem with the slogan. I don't have a problem with the purpose. I don't have a problem with the college students wearing them to school.

I do think it's inappropriate for high school students and younger to promote the slogan visibly while in and around school grounds.

The many parents that are complaining about the office visit their kids have had to make are just ignorant fucks...pardon my French.

It's not about the cause the items are promoting. Most children (at least 18 and under) are not capable of handling the slogan in a proper context. Hell, I'm way over 18 and I joked about the slogan with my wife and some friends when I saw it in the paper. It's what "boys" do. You mention anything close to humanly parts or bodily noises and we lose any cool demeanor we may have had. Blame genetics.

It's great to get the word out about breast cancer or cancer awareness in general but there are places for certain forms of support. Having clothing or wrist bands that say "Save the Ta Tas" or "I [heart] boobies" is not the slogan our adolescent and younger children need to be flashing at school. If it said "Support breast cancer," I think that's different because it references something specific or a specific type of cancer. I too would complain to the school if they sent my kid to the office for that slogan. But slangs on slogans are not worth the fight. Time, money and effort is better fought on the actual issue...and that's [breast] cancer!

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