Monday, October 25, 2010

Get Him to the Greek (2010)

Saturday night I rented and watched Get Him to the Greek (2010). I'm not much of a Russell Brand or Jonah Hill fan. I think they are both one-dimensional actors. Jonah's movies are pretty funny. The self-deprecating roles are his strong suit. The fat-guy-makes-fun-of-self-and-girl-likes-his-honesty-and-thinks-he's-cute roles are not true-to-life because the girl may think he's cute but she IS NOT going to make out with HIS ass. Russell Brand...he's just, well, Russell Brand. Cooky, crazy and he played his part well.

I think I typed about getting either Robin Hood or Get Him to the Greek a few posts or so ago and how the Blockbuster employee said he'd pick Robin Hood. Now, after seeing both, I'd have to say that they were equally enjoyable. I actually think I liked Greek slightly better because it was a better comedy than Hood was an action/drama.

My favorite role was that of Sergio, aka. Sean Combs. I think P.Diddy's lines were written well and his delivery was energetic and hilarious. Sergio's overall lines were nowhere near as much as the two main characters and yet his screen time is more memorable to me. There were times I remember with Russell and Jonah but Sean's just struck me as spot-on for the role with a side of comedy without being too obviously comedic. And just so you know where I'm coming from, I can't stand Puffy! He's grates my nerves with his arrogance and pompousness in his MTV shows and his overall ego he gives off. I don't doubt the guy is genuine and honest but to profess that he's a king of something is way over the top (but at least he's closer to it than that blow hard Kanye West).

Anyway, I thought Greek was a very enjoyable movie. I wasn't expecting it to be with the comments from the BB employee and some online but I think they are mistaken. I expected much more from The Hangover and I feel it wasn't as good as a movie as many professed. I wouldn't pay $10 for it but I would try to bogart it off a friend.

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