Sunday, September 06, 2009

Stupid people at work, continued...

As I mentioned in an early post a few days ago here, I work with stupid people. This particular stupid person continued her stupidity by showing at a non-required office/campus event yesterday.

Our school's first home game was yesterday. They usually have tailgating before the game and the campus did. Our particular department typically has a decent spread that is donated by some business. Once again, they didn't disappoint which they usually don't on the first home game of the season -- it usually tapers as the season continues and we end up with those cellophane-wrapped sandwiches from 7-11.

Anyway, who did I see at our tailgate but the stupid ass coworker who the day before missed work because she was having severe chest pains? Yep. She was walking with some guy with a beer cup in her hand. How stupid can you be? You can't miss work the day before for some "extreme" reason and then show up for free food and beer the next day. Perceptually that's dumb, plain and simple! The worst part for her (I would think) is that the boss-boss was at the tailgate and I'm sure she saw her. And if anyone else is one-quarter smart as me, they would wonder, "WTF!"

Again, I really don't care what she does or doesn't do as long as it doesn't affect me. If her stupidity not only affects me having to do her work while she as out but also prompts the bosses to make a policy adjustment to calling in to work for "sickness," I think I may have to have a talk with out boss and let her know my two cents on the situation and coworker. I hate to seem like a snitch but if she's going to affect my random excuses to take a personal day cloaked as a sick day, I will have to protect my domain.

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