Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Melrose Place 2009

So, when I heard that they were remaking Melrose Place I was like, "How stupid!"

I wasn't even going to bother watching it but the wife wanted to at least check it out. Like a good husband, I forgot to set the TiVo while she was at work a few weeks ago. I missed the first episode. She recorded the second one. I guess I can see the first one online somewhere but I'm not sure I need to waste the energy. I wasn't impressed with the second episode. It could be that I don't get the initial storyline or whatever since I missed the first episode but it's a little out there already.

They touted that Sydney Andrews and Michael Mancini would be back, not that that was a huge incentive. But from the looks of episode two, Sydney has been killed, which seems to blow the whole excitement anyone may have gotten from her return. She does make recurring appearances in flashbacks by various characters. Michael seems to be some very successful surgeon (heart, I think).

Anyway, so far with what I've seen, the characters are thinner than they were before. The acting is worse than they were before. The actresses are just average pretty AND Ashley Simpson-Wentz can't act for shit! The actors are average handsome/good-looking as well. There is one guy who is a chef that is above the others (I mean that in a straight-guy kind of way).

I heard that Josie Bissett, Daphne Zuniga and, now, Heather Locklear will be returning. Yep, just saw the end of tonight's episode and the previews of upcoming episode(s) with Jane Mancini in them. I always thought Jane was better looking than Jo and Amanda while Alison was very closely ranked to her in my opinion.

So, I have a feeling that this remake isn't going to last very long. I'd be very shocked and surprised if it went past season one.

I'll put my manly panties back on now!

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