Sunday, September 06, 2009

Community Energy Assistance Contribution

Why the fuck is everyone trying to get me to help the helpless?

I received my gas bill from Atmos Energy on Saturday. I was going to write a check to make payment when I remembered I had already signed up to manage my account online previously and could save my checks for those times I really need them.

So, I log into my account. I go through a few steps to make payment and on the last-chance-to-make-changes page this little option is placed above the SUBMIT button...

Now, I don't mean to sound completely heartless but why the hell would I want to contribute to a fund that helps those people that can't pay their gas bill? If they can't afford it, then they need to make changes to their lifestyle. Yes, granted, we all run into hard times. Trust me, I know, I've been there and could return there at any moment.

But, seriously, this is what has become of the U.S. of A. We take care of those that get themselves into trouble or difficult times for whatever reason time and time again instead of making them realize their mistakes and learn from them. When someone knows they have someone to fall back on, they will never learn. Again, I know this on a personal level. I have many deadbeat family and friends who just never learn. I am guilty of not being totally conscious of my spending or whatever and it has gotten me into tough times. Times are better but I still should be more aware of random spending (I am but still do it) because tough times could be just around the corner. The difference between me and others is that I have never asked for help or expected to be helped for MY stupid choices. If anyone has ever outright offered without prompting from me, I have accepted but I have ALWAYS returned what was given or given back some other way for payment or thanks.

That's the other problem with this. These people aren't usually thankful because they are repeat offenders. A lot of times they will buy unnecessary things and the utilities are an afterthought or dinner for their kids is not as much of a priority as that new gold chain or tattoo. Yes, I'm generalizing but that's because the majority of the people I've known, seen or heard of doing this are ingrates.

Anyway, I found it amusing, angering, offensive, and retarded that Atmos Energy would put something like this in their online billing process. It's like the IRS asking if you would like to contribute to whatever it is that ask on the tax form. Fuck them. Fuck them all. You show me consistently that you are truly trying to make an honest buck AND you have responsibility and morals then maybe, just maybe, I'll give you a buck. Until then, stay the hell out of my face and off my utility bills. It's just a way for the utility-thieves to make the general public think they are caring and giving while they rape us that try to make a living and make our payments on their absorbent fees!

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