Monday, September 14, 2009

Roger Federer versus Juan Martin del Potro


Juan Martin del Potro defeats Roger Federer in pretty much ass-kicking form. I'm shocked that Federer didn't adjust his game to make it harder for Del Potro. If he'd hear me yelling at him through the tellie, he probably would have won it in 3-4 sets instead of losing in 5 sets. It's nice to see a new face as champion though.

Congrats Juan Martin del Potro!

And not to leave out the women's champion...Congrats Kim Clijsters! You both fought well and the championship trophies are well-deserved.

I'm watching the speeches and...oh wait...the let him speak in Spanish. I was about to go pissy on Dick Enberg if he didn't let him speak in his native language. I mean for fuck's sake, he's played for two weeks and a day so he deserves whatever accolades he wants!

Okay I'm done, now!

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