Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy Anniversary from Sprint

I got a mailing from Sprint a few weeks ago. I just got around to opening the envelope. Apparently they were wishing me a "Happy Anniversary" for something. I'm not sure what this anniversary is. I assume it's something to do with my Sprint membership. It could be for my year with my Blackberry Curve because I've been a member way longer than a year.

Anyway, I opened the mailing and this is the card I was sent. I think you can read it without clicking to zoom but what it says cracks me the hell up!

As mentioned, I've been a part of the Spring network for a long time. They should have a file cabinet of records on me from bills, complaints, rebates, more complaints, more bills, more rebates and just general question emails. So, for them to say they are giving me the gift of ONE ringtone or TWENTY-FIVE bonus minutes is like my boss telling me she pushed to get me a dollar a month raise.

What do they ringtones run if you buy them online...anywhere, not just the Sprint Store? Something like $.99 to $1.99? Woohoo! I make my own ringtones and port them over to my phone.

And twenty-five bonus minutes? I guess overage minutes usually run about $.30/minute. That's a bonus of $7.50 for me if I choose. I have a family simply everything plan that shares 1000 minutes. I rarely use more than 150 minutes a month and the wife probably doubles my usage. The oldest child maybe uses 30 minutes max, if that, because only calls allowed at this time are to mom and dad and those are Sprint-to-Sprint free.

So, Sprint just gave me a choice of bonus savings options of $1.99 or $7.50. Oh yeah, to get my gift I have to buy the ringtone online through the Sprint Store and it could take 3-4 billing cycles to get my "refund." It wasn't quite clear on how to choose the bonus minutes. Which maybe they meant to be confusing on the minutes so people will pick the ringtone hence saving Sprint $5.51.

A big thank you to you too, Sprint (bastards)!

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