Wednesday, September 30, 2009

In the news 09/30/2009

I'm a little behind on this news article but I have been busy and just saw it. I briefly heard about it before but the article I read to day is at NBC DFW.

Headline reads: SUV Slams Into Overloaded Day Car Van, Injures 16.
Link to article as long as it lasts.

Apparently this went wrong when unlicensed dipshit driver Karissa Acosta tried to run a red light. It's not just that she was running a red light. We all try and do it but she was toting 20 kids, risking everyone of their lives. If my kid was on that van, Acosta would not have to worry about paying her fines or going to trial. The dumbass bitch would be fighting for her life because I would have beaten her to the extent of her life hanging by a thread! You don't fuck with my children's life and well-being. That's my job!

To top it off, SUV driver Aracel Torres, is also an unlicensed driver. Now, granted he didn't do anything stupid to cause the accident but he wasn't legally driving. So there could be a distinct possibility that an accident could have been avoided if he wasn't out driving...illegally.

I guess a final point without getting too pissed off is that we should take into consideration the last names of these two offenders: Acosta and Torres. Do you see where I'm going?

I may just be me but should we lay off the city of Irving for supposedly "profiling" Mexican drivers!? Can we see that they obviously had good reason?

Sometimes I want to pop peoples' heads like a zit!

And just for fun since I had to Google 'zit' to get the above link, this one looks way better - Pop That Zit.

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