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P90X - The Proof, The "Suffering" - Day 3, Week 1 to Day 3 Week 3

It’s been a while but I’m on week 3 day 3 (or day 15 total) of the P90X-perience. You liked that, huh? If you aren’t familiar, the workout is over 6 days with the option for the 7th which is either rest or Stretch X. I didn’t stretch the past two Sundays (my 7th day as I started on a Monday and go, for sure, through Saturday) because I played tennis for 4+ hours on Saturday AND Sunday so I figured that was my “Stretch X” or even a good workout.

So, let me get right to the recap of days 3-10. I don’t think I’ll type for each day as weeks 1-3 are the same set of exercises over the 6 (or 7) days.

  • Day 3, Shoulders and Arms
    As stated previously, I don’t work out and haven’t done so in a very long time when I did. These exercises are new to my muscles therefore I think I’m wimpier during them and more sore after them. That’s not saying that I am a complete and utter pussy. I did the routine. It just was difficult and painful, especially after already being sore from days 1 and 2. I wasn’t that sore after day 1, chest and back. I got a little more sore before day 2 workout of plyometrics. Before day 3, I really didn’t know if I was going to make it. My triceps hurt badly. My biceps hurt badly. My pectorals hurt. My lower body was sore after plyometrics—I contribute this less sore to me being a regularly scheduled tennis player which already works my calves, thighs, and hamstrings although these exercises are different the muscle structure is already somewhat there. That’s my opinion anyway. That means I’m a lower-body strength person and the upper body could use some serious work.

    Shoulders and arms does this. It kind of adds to the already used muscles from chest and back because there are sort of similar bends of the arms. The sitting lifts were loads of fun. Good movement for the upper shoulder and back. Master Tony says, “Everyone does 16.” That’s everyone but me. I did do 12 with 15lbs on the first round but didn’t want to overdo it as there is a repeat. The second round I was able to do 15. Form is important and I think I got it down with the second attempt. There were a few other exercises that were mothers but I’m not too motivated at this time to provide much detail. Just know, they suck, they hurt but they are also fun. My soreness was in my mind the whole time during the workout but it did not hinder me like I expected it too. I did get shaky on a few moves but I maintained.

  • Day 4, Yoga
    Still a bit sore in the tricep/bicep area, I was looking forward to yoga as a more relaxing time. Was I ever fucking wrong! I have a new appreciation for those people that do yoga. I ignorantly assumed it was like an old-person’s exercise like maybe Tai Chi or something where it’s about stretching and movement and balance. Yoga is all these and much more. I don’t think my body was built to bend or just move in the manner Master Tony requires. There were some movements like bringing my knee up to my chest after the downward dog I was like, “WTF ever!” I think part of the difficulty was my spare tire but the other part is I just am not that flexible! Like I said, I have a lot more respect for those people that do yoga and can move/bend like it requires. I’m also thoroughly impressed with Master Tony being able to do these moves (which I’m sure there wouldn’t be a DVD for it if he couldn’t) while looking to be so muscular and physically “big.” It’s truly impressive. Maybe with time, I too will be able to bend like Master Tony.

    Because of my limited flexibility, yoga was somewhat more difficult than the weight exercises. The transitions from one pose to the other are inconceivable without more flexibility. I had to modify the graceful movements of Master Tony and crew to choppy-but-I-got-there movements. Again, with time, hopefully I will be a graceful eagle soaring from one position to another.

    I appreciated yoga for the extra stretching of the muscles…all muscles, mind you…to help get more of the soreness out.

  • Day 5, Legs and Back
    Master Tony may say that Plyometrics is the mother of all P90X workouts but legs and back is no slacker! There is one move where you lean against a wall with your back straight. You start out with the thighs at a 45 degree angle for like 15 seconds or so. Then you lower to a 90 degree angle for about the same amount of time. I believe this went on for a minute maybe longer because it hurt so gosh darn much I can’t remember the time correctly but the pain and burn I will never forget.

    There are some other exercise done but you can tell which one I remember. Again, I fell that I already have somewhat strong legs but this exercise was a total different way to work them.

  • Day 6, Kenpo X
    Day 6 for me falls on a Saturday. Saturday mornings I play tennis from about 8:30am to 12pm. I hadn’t played tennis in two weeks because of all the rain we’ve had in Dallas. I was still a little sore in the upper body and my lower body was a little drained and loosy-goosy from the previous Day 5 Legs and Back. Granted the exercise movements may not be the same but I made an executive decision to pass on Kenpo X. After such a long layoff from tennis my back gets sore from my service motion and I guess overall ground strokes. My body was sore to begin with and now it was even more sore and weaker. I justified passing by saying the tennis workout was four hours versus 30mins to an hour or Kenpo.

  • Day 7, Rest or Stretch X
    I played tennis again on Day 7 from about 8am to 2pm. It wasn’t high-intensity tennis as on Saturday but it was hot and I did get good exercise. Besides, I’m not sure I know where to find Stretch X. I don’t think it’s a DVD. If it is, it didn’t come in my package or maybe I haven’t look well enough for it. I will try again. I like a day of rest, especially after all the tennis, but I think I prefer to keep the P90X going if I’m not doing long hours of playing tennis. I also won’t skip an exercise that isn’t like Yoga, Kenpo or Stretch even if I have already played tennis. I think I like and require the other exercises for now.

  • Day 8, Chest and Back
    I’ve repeated Day 1. It wasn’t as painful as the first time around. My muscles are still pretty tired and drained from the work out but I’m more prepared for what to do and my muscles know what to expect as well.

  • Day 9, Plyometrics
    Once again the mother of all P90X workouts, was just that. I enjoy this one more than others. I think it’s because most if not all of the moves are easier for me as they are my lower body muscles versus the upper body ones.

  • Day 10, Shoulders and Arms
    Shoulders and arms must be the second mother of all work outs. As with the other work outs, I feel better now that I’ve done it once. I know what to expect. I know to use better form. And my muscles have experience it once so it’s not as vicious the second time around.

  • Day 11, Yoga
    Unfortunately, this time I had to miss yoga. I have a sick child and had to “baby” them because it could be a relapse of the flu of swine. I do what I need to do to make sure the kids feel safe in all ways and at all times. I did take a short walk. Not too long or too far because the rain interrupted it.

  • I think that brings me up to speed with the whole P90X-perience thus far. Hopefully all will continue to go well and I will get better at doing the exercises. I don’t expect at this time to look like Master Tony or his minions in the video. I would be happy with dropping about 30-40lbs and have better strength and stamina.

    On that note, I had weighed myself about a week or so before starting P90X. I was 226 lbs. I weighed myself the morning of Day 8 and I registered at 217 lbs. Out of curiosity if I really lost any weight, I weighed again the night of Day 9 and I registered at 219 lbs. Between the night of Day 9 and the night of Day 10, I weighed a couple of more times and I seem to have stabilized at 219 lbs. Now how much this had to do with P90X or steps I had sort of taken a few days before, I’m not sure. I’m not complaining.

    I will continue with the regimen. I am not completely following the nutritional requirements but I am also not eating as big as portions as I used to. I also make choices like instead of bacon cheeseburger I have a Healthy Choice steamer or instead of a barbecue bacon burger I will have a hamburger.

    Next week is week 4 and it starts a new routine for the week. I’m excited but also nervous as I don’t know if I fully excelled at weeks 1-3. Although Master Tony says, “Do what you can do, just keep good form,” I feel like maybe I should have been able to complete more push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups or whatever than I have. I definitely can do more than before and they aren't quite as painful compared to when I started but it almost seems like I’m unfulfilled at this point. The workouts are intense and I feel drained but good afterward. It’s just a feeling. I guess maybe I should wait to see what week 4 has in store before I start complaining.

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