Monday, October 12, 2009

College (The Movie)

I watched a movie last night called, "College," starring Drake Bell and some others. And yes, that is Drake from Drake & Josh and anyone who has young children should know who he is or at least heard of him in some form or fashion.

Anyway, the movie was funny in spots, very funny in others, but never worthy of spending money to watch it. I don't even know if this movie was put to theaters or straight to DVD. I do know that Drake Bell is probably no longer a "spokesperson" for Disney. I'm not sure if his show was canceled before or after this movie was made but the movie was dated as of 2007. I'm sure a quick Google could solve the mystery but right now it's not important enough for me to do so.

The movie had its very gross and funny parts like when Drake's character and his two sidekicks are visiting a college and end up unknowingly becoming pledges in a fraternity. Some of the things they showed were just way too funny and gross...even if they weren't real, the thought and image they provoked was quite surreal.

The movie was basically like Revenge of the Nerds and they didn't disappoint on the gratuitous boob flashing or hot, bikini-clad sorority babes!

I probably wouldn't rent this movie if I had to pay too much for it. I think Blockbuster has a 1-day rental fee of $.99 or $1.99. The latter may even be too much but if you have some spare change you found in between the car or couch seats, then maybe you could splurge. Otherwise, find a sucker friend to pay if he/she hasn't already rented it...if they did, then you could use the spare change for Taco Bell.

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