Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stupid girl at work gets more stupid

I've mentioned this bright star before here. She still hasn't gotten it.

A couple of Fridays ago we had a "team" meeting about 3:00pm. She came sounding all congested and runny-nosed. She said she felt miserable but she was getting upset because she might miss a weekend retreat for which she had already paid something like $150. She didn't know if she would get better in time, I think she was leaving Saturday morning, but didn't want to waste the dough, which I can understand. Our boss says, "We'll try to make this [meeting] short and maybe you can go home early and rest." Stupid girl says, "I might do that."

Meeting ends about 3:45pm. We leave the boss's office and each go to our own. About 5 minutes later, stupid girl returns to the boss's office door and says, "I think I will go home early." Stupid girl goes home early.

Sunday evening rolls around and I see a status update on her Facebook page that says, "Had a great time at the retreat."

Also Sunday evening, my youngest starts to blow chunks. Blows chunks for most of the night. Goes to bed about 10:00pm feeling okay after having some ice chips (all day) and sips of Pedialyte. I make a sleep pallet on the couch as we put the sick child on a twin air mattress as to keep the bed safe from possible spewing. Sick child sleeps until about 4:00am and chucks again. At this time, I wake and call the boss's office number to say what has transpired and that I won't make it into work because I have to watch the kid and take to the doctor (the oldest just got over swine flu although it wasn't the bad-symptom kind) as the wife has to go into work (she's a professor and couldn't miss). I state that I can work from home and be available if needed via email or cell phone (unfortunatley they have that #). I return to my make-shift bed and we go back to sleep after about 15-20 minutes.

We try to sleep in and I finally get out of bed around 9:00am. I check my email, personal and work, to see that stupid girl is out of the office sick. I begin to think, "What a dumb ass!"

In my eyes and ANY boss's eyes, it's not good to call in sick on a Friday or Monday. I did it but I wasn't sick AND I offered to "work from home." Besides, they like me. I mean they really, really like me (think Sally Fields acceptance speech). Not only that, though, she posted what she did on her FB status which our boss is a FB friend for both of us. Just like last time she gave hourly updates about her chest pains.

Anyway, flash forward to Wednesday and back in the office. The boss and the boss's boss invite stupid girl into boss's boss's office. While they are in there my cubicle mate and I discuss what we think is going on. I mentioned the FB status and such but tell cube mate that I'm really just speculating. About ten minutes later, stupid girl emerges sniffling. Now, I'm not sure if this is because of her continued "illness" or allergies or whatever. I didn't pay that much attention at the time.

On Thursday afternoon, my cube mate tells me that stupid girl said they took her into the office to talk about how she "handled" Monday. They didn't think she handled it properly. DUH! Her, our, boss brought up her FB status that stupid girl posted and then she didn't show on Monday. That was a big NO NO and because she's so stupid they had to point out the obvious to her. Little do they know that stupid girl is still not going to get it! While talking with cube mate, stupid girl comes over and was like, "Yeah, can you believe that!? So, now I've changed [boss's] viewing access because unfriending her would be too obvious." DUH! Did stupid girl really think she was friends with her boss!? Golly gee willickers stupid girl, get serious!

Needless to say, I don't feel sorry for stupid girl. She's effing stupid! She does many things wrong. She doesn't work but says she's busy all the time. I don't think perusing Facebook and uploading photos to your Google Photos at work is technically work work. The list goes on and on but I'm not the snitching type unless it REALLY affects me and my time. Which sometimes it does but not long enough for me to really complain about it...yet.

So, I'm sure I'll have more to post on stupid girl's stupidity in the near future.

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