Friday, October 02, 2009

More P90X info

I just wanted to mention that I weighed myself last night and this morning. I am weighing in at 215 lbs. I think the time of day affects this, maybe because of what I ate hasn't digested from my stomach and been removed through...well, you know...but I have steadily weighed between 215-216 lbs the past few days.

Again, for me, it's not so much about the weight to start as it is about getting "fit." I think the weight loss will come as I exercise and continue to build more muscle, lean or otherwise. I'm sure if I was more strict with my diet the pounds would fall off more quickly. I'm just lazy and I know I probably won't buy or cook the foods they recommend. However, I may give in to their nutrition plan since I've been thinking about it more. I just can't decide.

Also, I haven't told anyone about my attempt at P90X except for the wife. I told her not to tell anyone either. I mainly do this because I didn't want to start, let everyone know, and then quit like I'm prone to doing. So far, I haven't quit. I have had to push a day back here or there like my days right now are a day or two 1 was day 2, day 2 was day 4, day 3 will be today (day 5), day 4 will be day 6, and day 6 will be day 7, then I should be back on track for Day 1 Week 4 on Monday since day 7 is actually rest or stretch. (fingers crossed to stay on track)

Anyway, the wife thinks the love handles have dwindled a bit and she was quite into the "new feel" of my sides during a "session" Wednesday night. I told her I didn't think or see it but she was emphatic. I just know that I continue to do the routine in the best of form possible and keep going. Hopefully, I will have the body I've never had before. I've been skinny-fit but not fit-fit. Know what I mean?

I feel better and I really like Plyometrics. Tonight will be Shoulders & Arms which is also nice (the shoulder parts anyway). I just think about what I could look like in ninety days and I get excited. Even if it's not "Master Tony ripped," it should still be better than where I was three weeks ago or even now.

I keep up the hope!

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