Monday, October 19, 2009

Beretta Elite II CO2 Airgun Pistol

As the post title states, this is the Beretta Elite II CO2 Airgun Pistol. You can find it here at Sports Authority. If the link expires, go to the Sports Authority web site and either search this item number (3257517) or CO2 air pistol and select the Beretta brand link.

I purchased this about a week ago at the brick and mortar store down the street. I actually paid $54.99 + tax. I picked up a box of sixteen CO2 canisters. I thought I had a box of or quite a few BBs at home but I was mistaken. I just had about thirty inside the chamber of my Daisy BB/Pellet rifle. I'll be making another run soon to get the BBs for more fun.

I mainly purchased this for tagging the gosh darn squirrels in my backyard. The little bastards keep dropping pecans, leaves and just all kinds of shit upon my back driveway and occasionally on my vehicles when I park them back there. I've had a few opportunities to tag the little bastards but I'm not sure if it's my inaccuracy or the gun isn't powerful enough to penetrate the hide. I think I'm hitting them and they just have a tough hide. I sort of know this when I have hit them in the past in previous yards with my ten-pump rifle. The BBs are very penetrating but the pellets (in the rifle) usually did a good job.

I guess I don't really care to kill them (or do I). I'm just hoping that if I at least keep hitting them it will scare them away. If not, I will look into reloading the rifle and making the bastards bleed.

The cool, and dangerous, thing about this gun is that it looks EXACTLY like a real 9mm real 9mm Beretta. There are some subtle and obvious differences upon closer inspection but I wouldn't recommend pulling this out in front of anybody, especially a cop. You may not live to tell about it!

Anyway, next thing to purchase/refill, is my paintball gun...well, my nephew's paintball gun but since we no longer talk and I have it in my possession still, I guess it IS my paintball gun. I got to get some air put into the CO2 canister I have and get some paintballs. I bet that will make the squirrels think about coming around these here parts again! That is as soon as I find out which freaking rubber maid bin it is stored in in my garage.

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