Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lie To Me

This is Brian Grazer, Executive Producer of the television show, Lie To Me. Not a lot to say, just that he's got some funny ass hair like Kramer from Seinfeld.

Just some quips on the show...I have only seen season one. My coworker saw a few episodes on TV, thought the show was pretty good and then found that the show already had season one on DVD. She watched it and shared it with me.

I just finished season one myself. It is actually a pretty decent show. A little far fetched on some of the facial recognitions and shit but still pretty neat. I believe the study of facial "ticks" is true but I don't think a person can be so exact in all of his observations.

The main character guy, Dr. Lightman...played by Tim Roth, is pretty smart. He kind of seems stressed all the time but I guess there is reason and they'll let us know more as the show continues. The funny thing about Tim Roth playing this character is that I recall always seeing him as the bad guy, villain. He's actually playing a good guy in this TV series.

The 2nd 'main' character, Dr. Foster...played by Kelli Williams, is pretty hot. She's worth a view. I don't know for sure what else she's been in but I feel like I have seen her before.

One final note...I just saw the 2nd or 3rd to the last episode (Season 1 Disk 4). I saw one of the doctor dudes from ER. It is Mekhi Phifer. Seen him before in movies like Dawn of the Dead and Soul Food. Anyway, I guess he found himself a new day job since leaving ER.

I haven't started watching season two though I believe it is the current season. I just don't know what day it is on, I haven't looked to find out and I wasn't so sure that I would like the show when I started watching it. I'll wait until the second season comes on DVD or I can watch for free online (which I'm sure it already is on the network website or Hulu).

Oh yeah, one more thing. The ex-wife of Dr. Lightman is played by Jennifer Beals...yes, that Jennifer Beals, what a feeling!

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