Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Random picture taking while driving...don't try this at home

Took some pictures on my way to tennis Saturday morning. It's probably less safe to do this than texting while driving.

I thought I'd be a good samaritan and let other drivers know a particularly popular place for a speed trap. This is the overpass of Hurstview Drive over Hwy 183 right before the Precinct Line Road exit. The cop with the radar gun tends to stand on either side of the big green sign. If I recall correctly, they usually have a good showing near the end of the month. While radar cop is up top, there are a few boys in blue in cars just after the overpass or just after the Precinct Line Road exit. Mainly stupid people still get pulled over during these times. I'm warning you now so don't be stupid.

This is a TxDPS information sign. I've always wondered how these are okay but the ones that used to be in DFW Airport have been removed because of the stupid drivers that would slam their breaks on to read the signs to find out about their flight arrivals and/or departures. I guess they cause a lot of rear-end collisions. Lawsuits ensued. Signs were turned off. I haven't been through DFW Airport in a long time so I don't know if they are still standing or if they have been removed due to the revamping of the airport. Anyway, apparently there is a Denver or Denver City, Texas (I did not know that but I'm not some freaking geography or topologist) and some child was kidnapped that day.

I was on Mockingbird Lane just off of Hwy 183/I35. I was driving along and saw this cool looking bus. Reminded me of one of those London-type buses. The closer I got, the more I realized what it actually was. It's like one of those mobile billboards but, to me, it wasn't as well thought out as the other types. I didn't get a good look as driving, taking pictures AND asking questions to other drivers is REALLY not a good idea but I wonder if this is used as a regular transportation bus. It looked like it had all the windows and at least some of the seats. All I really saw in clear view though was the driver because he was driving on the right side of the vehicle while I was on the left. Therefore, we passed each other very closely. Anyway, thought it was cool and interesting to see.

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