Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I hate telemarketing calls

I'm wondering how they got my cell phone number. There was no list of cell numbers given out like the spam email suggests. You can check to be sure at Snopes.

Anyway, here is the number that called my cell number today: 228-209-9560. I didn't answer but they did leave a recorded voice mail. I guess luckily for me it didn't record the whole message. I just got "Press 1 otherwise press 2 to be removed from this list." What list? I don't know. I don't even know what they wanted since I just got the end of the recording.

After a quick Google (see my search here), it seems it truly is a scammer/telemarketer. I just don't know how they got my cell phone number. I don't get a lot of sales calls to my cell number. Mainly I get repeated sales (badgering) calls from Sprint, which is my provider, asking me if I want something new or some b.s. like that.

Don't any of these fuckers know that if I wanted something, I'd fucking call THEM!? I wish I could find each and everyone of them and place a few 9MMs in them: one in their dialing hand and the other square in the center of the forehead! Bitches!

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