Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Downtown Dallas

I had to go the Dallas County Tax office in downtown this morning because of my lapse in intelligence. Friday, the wife got pulled over because we didn't have a registration sticker on our CRV. Funny thing is I don't ever remember having two stickers on the left side of the front windshield.

I bought my CRV last February. I hadn't purchased a new vehicle for about ten years. Back then they didn't have the two-year inspection. So, when I got the registration paperwork in the mail back in January of this year, I was like, "Why the hell are they sending me registration papers when it's good for two years?" Yep, that was my lapse in judgment. It's not the registration that's two years but the inspection. Again, I've only had one sticker on the CRV because I haven't had to get it inspected since I'm going on my second year. So there would have been no accidental removal of the registration sticker instead of the inspection sticker by the inspection station since there has been no inspection.

I just happened to get my registration papers on Saturday for the Grand Caravan which will be out at the end of October. Since I was already going to be there for the CRV, I took both registrations to the tax office. They did let me get my registration for the Grand Caravan and I had to pay penalty of like $12 on the CRV. Hopefully, those bitch cops in University Park will let me take my proof of registration to the city clerk window and pay just the city court costs instead of the $300+ it costs for no registration and no proof of insurance (yeah, she didn't have her insurance cards with her because I don't like to keep them in the vehicle as someone could break into the vehicle and get this information and now they know where you live and it becomes like a movie I've seen a million times). Anyway, I drive through this area all the time and these piss ant "rich-area" cops have nothing else better to do than bust my wife for something so trivial (it's not like we drive some shit car) instead of busting the real violators that run stop signs or speed in school zones. Fuck sticks!

So, tomorrow or Thursday, we'll see how the snooty rich pigs let me pay for this "violation."

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