Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In the news 09/16/2009

Read an article over on about this weekend's Cowboys home game. Apparently there is a chance that TV viewers will not get to see the game locally in Dallas if the game doesn't sell out by Thursday evening. That blows for those Cowboys fans that watch and support via the tellie.

This is also big business taking care of the customer, many who are long-term. It's like my rant about my "Thank You" from Sprint or how Comcast is going to screw me on the Versus hockey games on DirecTV.

Anyway, I guess Jerry Jones is trying to take care of the possible issue by opening up formerly reserved seats. The article quotes those that had to pay a PSL (private seat license, WTF?) of $5,000 are a little miffed. I guess I would be too but if these PSL people can afford to pay $5,000 a seat on top of the season ticket price, what the fuck are they complaining about? It's a one-time deal for these lucky Joes that want and get to go to the game. Move on! Are they going to bitch about those people that win a seat upgrade too, if and when that happens! Fucking bitchy people.

I'm bitchy just because people can afford that kind of expenditures and I can't. But then I'm over it in about 30 seconds because I really don't care. One time to a game and stadium (maybe two or three times) is fun but for me nothing beats the comfort of my own home, couch, toilet, food and TiVo to pause for restroom breaks, drink refills or additional food needs. Especially if the seats I do get at the stadium are the kind where I have to compress my shoulders together for the entire game to keep from rubbing arms, elbows or whatever with the people sitting next to me. That's just not my definition of FUN.

Anyway, I just thought it was funny how people bitch about some of the dumbest things.

Click for link to article for as long as it lasts.

UPDATE: Found this over at Yahoo Sports. Quite amusing. I bet the seat comes with a half-price PSL but then again, knowing Jerry Jones, probably not.

Goodbye and Good Riddance!

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