Monday, September 14, 2009

Domino's bread bowl pastas

Okay, as mentioned in the immediate previous post, I ordered a bread bowl pasta dish from Domino's today for lunch. I was interested in seeing what it tasted like and the dessert as well...a Chocolate Lave Crunch Cake. I picked the Chicken Carbonara which I believe I highlighted in the picture but not totally sure.

I put my order in around 11:20am. The estimated delivery time said to be 50-60 minutes. While watching the Domino's Tracker, it was ready and out for delivery by 11:49am. I received it about 12pm. So, the order placed to delivery time was pretty impressive. The local Domino's is only about 7-10 minutes down the street so transit time wasn't an issue.

Anyway, once I got delivery, I delved into the dessert first. I had a 2-piece order of the crunch cake. The box that contained them told me that they weren't as big as they looked on TV or a 2-piece order is really 1 piece split into two. I opened the LITTLE box...which almost looks like a bread sticks find some of the smallest desserts known. I would think that a pizza place would know that something the size of a Ding Dong Cake (which after Googling for a picture I found there is a Ding Dong,TX) would not be a dessert from the likes of this restaurant.

So, the taste of the crunch cake was pretty decent. It's not spectacular like something you'd get at a 4/5-star restaurant but more like something you can pour out of a Betty Crocker box and have your 6-yr old do the rest. The cake was nice and warm. The chocolate filling was just as warm and it oozed out of the hole I cut into the cake. On a scale from 1 to 10, it was probably a 4-5. It could have been a 5 to 5 1/2 if they brought be a Blue Bell ice cream cup to put on top or beside it. Other than that, it would have been better if I made a run to TCBY and got me a small cup of mint chocolate chip yogurt.

The pasta bowl itself was below the taste of a Healthy Choice Chicken Alfredo meal. The alfredo sauce was runny. The bottom of the bowl gets a little too soggy from having this watery sauce on top of it. There wasn't a lot of pasta mixed in with everything else in the bread bowl. There were probably like ten half/quarter chunks of mushrooms and about as much for the pieces of bacon, at least it wasn't bacon bits!

The coupon allowed me to get the above plus a 1-topping large pizza. I got bacon. In all honesty, the bacon pizza slice was better than the pasta bowl.

I guess that does it for my first experience with the pasta bread bowls and lava cakes at Dominos. I will probably try another type of the pasta bread bowl in the future but I'm not going to rush out to get it. I'd much rather get the Tuscani Pasta from Pizza Hut as it is way better than this pasta bowl although no way gormet-like as they potray it in the commercials (those people are dumb asses for not knowing higher-quality restaurant over Pizza Hut pasta).

My suggestion: go to or order from Chili's the chicken alfredo pasta and the Molten Chocolate Cake as I think you'll probably pay just as much but you definitely will get better food!

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