Saturday, September 19, 2009

Serena Williams lost her temper but so did Roger Federer

So, there was all this news about Serena Williams' melt down in the U.S.Open's Women's Championship match last Sunday.

She verbally abused a line judge. So what. When has that never happened? She apparently threatened the little line judge with physical violence. So what. When has that never happened. She summarily was given a code violation which resulted in a point penalty (she lost automatically lost a point) which just happened to be on match point. She lost the game, match, and was later fined something like $10,000--probably the amount she spends on weaves and hair care.

Anyway, people have blown this WAY out of proportion including the "journalists" at All these stupid bastards and bitches are wanting Serena's head. Give me an effing break! She's done nothing different many before her and many that will come after her. Maybe the little line judge felt more threatened (for her life?) because Serena is black. Hell, I'd be scared just because Serena is built like a brick house...who cares what color her skin is?!

Granted, as many other articles have stated, we haven't had this kind of "bad" behavior in tennis since the times of Ilie Nastase and John McEnroe but what exactly does that mean? Should it NOT be tolerated to an extent just because it hasn't really been a part of the game in so long?

I do believe Serena deserved some sort of reprimand. She got it on the court according to the rules. Do the rules state that she should be further investigate and fined after the fact? I'd like to see those rules, if so. I think the tennis gods didn't exactly know what to do after the match. I think they were influence by the public, the press, and who the knows who else. She got her punishment. She lost the match. She didn't get to go to the finals and she didn't get to win the big paycheck for winning it all or the semi-big paycheck for runner-up. Now, if she even had won the semifinal match and moved on to the finals then now there would be a controversy that a lot of people would not have been happy with. If the altercation with the line judge had come on another point like 15-15 or 15-30 instead of 15-40, how would it have panned out? She could HAVE won the match and more people would be pissed. It's never ending.

I don't particularly like the Williams sisters. I don't like how when they came on tour doing well but when they lost, they would whine and cry about shit like I lost because there was a moth that flew onto the court during my serve so I double-faulted or some really lame excuse like that. They are really, really good players but they always used to point the finger instead of taking the complete and overall blame for losing a match. What did/can we expect from young girls thrust into the tennis spotlight at such a young age and fame that came along with winning. The main reason that I don't like them is because they are noisy ass bitches that I wish the WTA/USTA would do something about, along with Maria Sharapova and others. This screaming, yes that's what it is, while swinging the racket is ridiculous. Watching the S.Williams/K.Clijster match I was very surprised to hear or not hear Serena during a lot of points in that third set. I was shocked. I had to check my TV to make sure it wasn't on mute...which was obvious since I could here the ball hits and game point calls from the umpire.

My point is that what's done is done. Code violation. Point Penalty. Loss of match. And (I think) later fined...which I still think was ridiculous.

As I briefly mentioned there are "journalists" at that think Serena should be suspended for the year. The man with a woman's name, Mary Carillo, thinks her punishment was too light and deserves suspension--this coming from a NOBODY in the sport of tennis. Carillo is a broadcaster and not a very good one at that. She should keep her penis in her mouth and refrain from commenting, ever, on anything! These people likened it to that college football game a couple of weeks or so ago that had some dude sucker punch one of the members of the opponent's football team and how that guy who threw the punch will never play college ball again and maybe not even professionally. He felt Serena should get some similar discipline. I say this guy is a complete and utter fuckstick! They are two different things. Serena threatened. This other guy actually did something. Even in a court of law, these two different things (conspiracy or threatening to commit and committing) get different sentences.

So, you be the judge as long as you agree with me. Serena won't be around for more than a couple of years anyway. There are too many new up-and-comers that are catching on to the Williams' power game and they are getting the advantage. It's just the way the sport is...out with the old, in with the new.

I guess that concludes my rant on the Serena Williams debacle. Let's hope it has completely ended within the WTA/USTA. We'll see. I've heard they are having hearings on it or something. Those fuckers don't have shit else to do.

I did want to mention that Roger Federer had a sort of over-the-top (for him) verbal exchange during the men's final. It was funny because NBC (I think) picked up his profanity during the live broadcast. Of course, who would have thought Roger would have showed such emotion and temperment. I found it amusing. You had to see it because typing the situation just won't do it justice. Roger was completely in the right as he usually is. I think he got fined $1,500 a day or so later afterward for saying the words, "I don't give a shit!" and I think he did drop an f-bomb a few lines later. Again, very justified but the sensitive titties of the tennis referees felt like they have to do something to keep the mongrel players in line or before they know it, everyone is abusing the referees!

I say, "FUCKING GROW A PAIR!" and let the feelings flow...through the Force...and tell those bitchass people how you feel. Asshole tournament people! LOL!

I made a screen capture of the articles in case they don't last at as links are known to do: Serena Williams article, Roger Federer article.

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