Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Two black guys do something very stupid...separately

Catchy title, huh? Okay, maybe not so catchy. I have nothing against black people. It just happens that I have watched or read recent occurrences that included two black people.

Why am I explaining myself!? Anyway...

First, I just got around to watching last week's episode of the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins on my TiVo. It's a comedic and sometimes frustrating show to watch. I get agitated, aggravated, or some "-ated" when I see how ignorant, cowardly, egotistical, retarded, retardedly inebriated, and whatever other demeaning adjectives some these people are. I would be embarrassed if I was a friend or family member to most of these people.

So, this episode contestant Brad gets shit-faced drunk. For some reason, he starts talking smack at Darrell, not like my brother Darryl but like Duhrail, the only black dude in the house. I'm not sure if it was because he's black since no slangs or slurs were used in his drunken rant or that Darrell just happened to be holding the biggest pot of money ($33,000) and worked a guaranteed trip to the finals with his team.

Brad is so drunk that he can barely stand upright while he's ranting and flexing his muscles at Darrell. The other dudes are trying to keep things cool without redirecting Brad's ire towards them. Darrell is mocking Brad and Brad finally gets to a point where he touches/pushes Darrell on the shoulders from the front while Darrell is sitting on a bed.

Darrell finally gets off the bed and grabs Brad's shoulders and it becomes a sort of wrestling grapple shoving match. It gets a little more out of hand where Brad, already unstable and unbalanced, loses footing and stumbles backwards all the while Darrell is shoving. Brad topples kind of backwards/sidewards to his right and hits hard the wooden floor. While on the ground, Darrell stands over him and swings away with his right arm/fist to the back left-side of Brad's head. The other guys pull him away to see that Brad is gushing blood from his brow.
Interjection: Most would think this injury is from Darrell but I am sure it was from when Brad "falls" over and hits the floor without being able brace for the fall with his hands. Add to this the hitting from behind the head on the left-side by girly Darrell and now Brad's brain was probably bouncing continuously on the floor.
Now, finally, here's the mistake...There is one major rule: no fighting. If someone hits you, protect yourself without hitting back and only the "hitter" goes home. So, Darrell, you dumb ass. You royally f-ed up! You had $33,000. You were secured in going to the finals. Your team would have at least had 3 guys and 1 girl if not 4 guys while the other team was definitely only 1 guy and maybe 3 girls. The odds were 99.9% in your favor of taking home at least $33,000 with whatever the final bounty portioned out would be. I'd have to say that constitutes you being labeled as Senor Dipshit!

Second, and less elaborately describe, Tiger Woods. I haven't followed closely the whole "cheating" story but if any part is true, dude, WTF were you thinking? You NEVER, EVER leave texts or messages from traceable numbers or addresses. If you cheat, especially as a celebrity athlete, you keep it so buried and secretive that it's almost like you aren't having an affair at all!

I don't point fingers at Tiger. We are all human and I sometimes believe that as humans maybe we are not supposed to be "tied" to one person. Procreation would have suffered if we were. Just my opinion but I think it's a testament for us as humans to remain faithful and not stray compared to seeing it as a failure if we do. It's not that things are better on the other side of the fence. It's that there are a lot of "other sides of the fence."

Anyway, I don't fault Tiger for being a celebrity that was found to have cheated on his wife. He's not a role model of life and those that make him as such are foolish. He's not Mrs. C. What he is is an athlete, a very famous and skilled athlete. A role model on how to play golf? Sure! Does that directly correlate to a role model on life? Not just no, but HELL NO!

Anyway, I'm done ranting now. It's time to move on to more productive things like getting ready to go home for the day.

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